Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 5

The Education of Jaime Sommers

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • Still not pushing the envelope

    I think that its beginning to come clear why this show was cancelled. It just doesnt hold together as well as other shows in its class. Qualitywise its still missing something even if Michelle Ryan is actually better than I expected. The storyline in this episode is good enough, but putting it on a campus? The setting just doesnt excite and even though the final scene is worth the watch, the setup isnt that original and it certainly may not get you in the mood to sit and watch it to that point.

    Overall I think that current version of this show leads a lot to be desired but I will continue watching unless they have an episode not worthy of my time.
  • I loved it!

    Jaime poses as a British student at a college in order to investigate illegal activity from the professor. She ends up falling for his assistant, who is also suspected. Nathan seems jealous of their relationship. There is a chip that controls people and they need to stop the rotation of the chip. It turns out that the assistant actually works for the CIA and is also trying to find out who has it. Pope helps out on the mission. Jaime and them successfully achieve the mission. Her and the assistant guy kiss.

    This episode was great! I liked all the action at the crime scene! Jaime's accent was cool and was also Michelle's real accent! This episode gets a 9.0 from me!
  • Jamine get an Education in butt kicking!

    Michelle Ryan is the real reason why I'm watching "The Bionic Woman." I love both her and the show. this episode is one reason why I'll watch. Jamine goes to college undercover to investigate the illegal activities of the professor and falls for the assassiant. I like her roommate. i hoe she can come back someday. I think the series is inproving due to part with the relationshikp between her and her sister. It's improving from week to week. this past weekend, I took part in the voting for the People's choice Awards. I almost voted for "the Bionic Woman" for best new series, but I like "Pushing daises" better, so my vote went to them. But "Bionic woman " came in a close second to my heart.
  • I'm done w/ this show!

    Evil muslims killing US soldiers... that's original...NOT.
    So TIRED of that plotline.
    Obviously the horrific writing isn't going to improve.
    Plotlines like this super fake college showdown isn't advancing the plot of what the company is or what's wrong with the bionics.
    All we find out is that Jaime is now working for the equivalent of BLACKWATER and as the homophobe Isiah Washington's character tells her "there's no rules no beaurocracy". Gee, she must be so proud to work for an organization that thinks it's above the law. Maybe Cheney or Rove is secretly running it...

    I just can't take anymore... there's better things I can do with my time (or at least better scifi shows).
  • The first episode where it finally feels like we're getting somewhere.

    The series finally seems to be getting a footing. While it was a pretty simple story that really wouldn't have been out of place on any other spy show, they did it well and kept focus while building on what they've already done. They really didn't do anything with her domestic situation, but that's probably for the best until the writers figure that mess out. Sure, some questions remain, like why they spend all that money to see and hear everything she does and didn't bother implanting something where they communicate without using a cell phone. Or that she can bend steel but can't seem to win a fight with a mere mortal without quite a struggle. At least here everything seemed organic and they've developed a cute little romantic interest (because Antonio sure wasn't going to fill that role) that they can play with down the line to bring in a female audience. As for Antonio, he really seems to be finding a good spot on the show. He's doing that whole "tough and ready" thing and still bringing a certain humanity to it. I really didn't think that Isiah Washington would work out on this show but I've been pleasantly surprised in the recent episodes. Hopefully they can keep moving forward and keep building to something instead of going in every direction at once.
  • Bionic and... British?

    Bionic Woman is like a rollercoaster. One week an episode is good, another week it's a complete mess. The Education of Jaime Sommers fell into the former category, with some decent meta humor, and an interesting mission for our Bionic lady.

    I was hoping Jaime would get bumped on the head and discover she is now permanently British, since Michelle Ryan is clearly a better actress and more at ease with the material when she's speaking with her natural accent. The whole "British student" thing felt shoehorned in, but I'm not complaining when it results in a series-best performance from the show's leading lady.

    The case Jaime was investigating was by far the most interesting case so far. A Manchurian Candidate-like mystery all about evil scientists controlling people's minds, I liked that the writers seemed to put some thought into this, instead of just throwing any old mission together like almost every episode so far. The love interest character was also pretty great, and he had genuine chemistry with Jaime. Hopefully he'll come back.

    I can see the producers trying to turn Bionic Woman into more of an Alias-type show, with Jaime being sent on wacky undercover missions every week. This could work, but if the showrunners keep changing and it becomes more obvious that they don't really have a handle on any of the characters, expect audiences to dwindle and NBC to drop Bionic Woman off the schedules soon after.

    Director: Jonas Pate
    Writer: Elizabeth Heldens
    Rating: B+
  • Michelle uses her real British accent!

    We get to see series star Michelle Ryan use her real British accent. As her character Jamie goes undercover at an unversity. Who's professor is accused of illegal nukes and other things. But the problem is that she falls for his assistant. Who ironically happens to be a suspect as well. That could compromise the whole entire investigation. His name is Tom. But she finds out that isn't his name. As he finds out that the name she has been using Clarissa isn't her real name. She seems to have found the man, despite losing her fiance in the pilot. As she tells him her real name!
  • This series is improving

    The Education of Jamie Sommers is the first episode of The Bionic Woman that I've enjoyed in its own right, rather than merely thinking "this show has potential, but isn't quite there yet". Previous episodes have felt a bit like an extended pilot, with endless training scenes preparing us for her eventual release into the field, until I've started to think "are we there yet?". In this episode, we finally are there, with a tight, self-contained plot, that also moves on the main series arc by introducing a new love interest for Jamie. Nothing in the episode was exactly original, in fact the dialogue even referred to The Manchurian Candidate, from which the basic idea was "borrowed", but it provided a good, solid suspenser nonetheless.

    My only beef was with Michelle Ryan getting to use her real accent. When she was asked "how's your British accent?" in the pre-credit sequence, I chuckled and thought "nice meta reference". But when they actually went through with it, it created something of a plausibility problem. We are expected to believe that an American character with no formal dramatic training can suddenly slip into a flawless British accent at the drop of a hat? Still, it seems churlish to criticize the Bionic Woman for silliness. I mean, this is a show that originally featured a robotic Sasquatch, for crying out loud! If an in-joke that doesn't quite know when to stop is the silliest thing that happens in the updated version, I'd say it's doing pretty well.
  • great episode

    Jaime is assigned to go to college to observe a terrorist sympathizer who is selling mind control chips to international terrorists. She goes undercover as a visiting foreign student from england. She meets a guy who she finds interesting but he turns out to be something that she didn't expect. This is an interesting episode, the undercover story was exciting to watch. I hope she does more undercover in the future. The action was awesome, i love the high jump effects, it takes my breath away every time i see it. The final stand off was brilliant, it's so awesome watching jaime getting into a serious street fight.
  • A typical episode of the series this time sending Jamie to college to catch a brain altering microchip dealer. Some funny scenes in which Jamie is forced to use an over the top

    A typical episode of the series this time sending Jamie to college to catch a brain altering microchip dealer. Some funny scenes in which Jamie is forced to use an over the top British accent. To my dismay other agencies have been brought in guess it was unavoidable but the stale CIA I didn't want to see. Pope didn't do anything crazy he is a good supporting character but showed up to claim he's Jamie's uncle and on a sadder note for me looks like Jamie has a love interest. Good episode didn't do much but at least it didn't rely on Sara and was descent to watch.
  • *Solder goes off, and kills a tent full of injured solder's and doctors. *Jamie goes undercover and back to college. *Jamie falls for a fellow student with more to him that meets the eye. *An implant, mind control, and a case to be so

    I'm really beginning to like this show quite a bit as the weeks go by not only because of the star character, but the supporting characters as well. Jamie goes to college under cover to investigate a Professor's involvement with implants meant to help depression and such that have caused recent solders assigned overseas in Iraq to kill their comrades. These implants are discovered to be able to be used as a mind manipulation device giving control of the person over to others. In such case solders having been held by Al-Qaeda and released would go on to attack fellow solders as if a timed preprogrammed bomb were going off. Jamie goes undercover as a college student, and is made to use a British accent which is no problem as our American character is played by a British actress. Jamie then befriends a male student named Tom, played by (Jordan Bridges). Soon while undercover she breaks into a lab to find info on the Professor's work when she is caught by the Professor who believes she is from a pharmaceutical company trying to steal his research. Her cover is kept intact after she is saved by Tom who is the Professor's assistant. He helps to verify her excuse of being in the lab by fabricating a lie that she was sent to clean the lab animal's cages to get in the good graces of the Professor. Tom goes on to further lie by stating he left the door unlocked by accident, and showed up to lock it up after he realized his mistake. He also lied by confessing that he'd sent Jamie on this extracurricular activity as a prank which she fell for. Jamie begins to fall for Tom, and the two go on a date. Tom comes under scrutiny by Jamie's handler Antonio Pope, played by (Isaiah Washington), when Tom gives Jamie false info on a program at Stanford University he claimed to have attended that didn't exist. After further investigation the Professor was cleared, and Tom ends up actually being a CIA agent investigating as well. The two Jamie and Tom seek out the bad guys, along with Antonio Pope, and in the end everyone is caught. Jamie ends up hooking up with Tom again after being advised by Antonio that it wasn't a good idea. This looks to be a story arc they are going to revisit in the next episode, and it'll be interesting to see if this is one they'll play on, and off with, or will it be a short one time story arc? Either way it adds a mix to the character that gives her more depth and allows for another aspect of her personal life to play out in the upcoming stories. Overall the show plays well with a mix of action, good story plots, and overall good cast. The only area of Jamie's character that tends to annoy me is her inability to listen to those over her when given advice to be cautious of people. It seems that every single time she is told to be careful of a particular person she is always ready to argue and disagree over it as if she can't take any supervision. The episode played out well giving us another great installment. I'm looking forward to future episodes, and hope things continue to progress on the right track as it has thus far. Take care.

    Peace To All.
  • Some improvements, but too much Michael Bay

    This episode of "Bionic Woman" is another confluence of contradictions. On the one hand, there is a definite rate of improvement in the overall presentation of the series. The quality is steadily improving on a few key fronts. On the other hand, some of the creative choices in this episode are annoying and derivative.

    As I mentioned in the review for the previous episode, this show would benefit from a stable structure similar to the one used by "Alias", especially if the Berkut group is working to advance and control the use of bioengineering around the world. This particular episode follows the "Alias" format very closely, and the episode is very straightforward and understandable as a result.

    Part of that is the characterization, which is beginning to gel. Jaime is still the naïve new agent, armed with skills beyond her full control and comprehension. Antonio is the hard-edged agent with certain compassionate qualities, until it's time to get the job done with extreme prejudice. Nathan is the ubiquitous tech geek with a semi-crush on the new girl. Tom, as presented in this episode, is the handsome fellow agent from a rival group, an element that could help to replace Will's role and provide something to compare Berkut against.

    There were some good advances for Jaime in this episode. The undercover assignment as the student provided an opportunity to explore some of Jaime's established regrets, for example. The college setting underscores her youth and lack of life experience, which helps to temper her naivety. Personally, I prefer the British accent for the character, since it seems more fitting and natural (given its Ryan's true voice), but I understand how the executives must have balked at the idea.

    This still leaves Becca as a character with generic attributes beyond "annoying little sister", and Jonas continues to be a work in progress. His role in this episode is easier to reconcile, but the inconsistencies in earlier episodes, particularly his permissive nature with Jaime, need to be addressed.

    Unfortunately, this particular episode seemed to be written and directed by fans of Michael Bay films. Middle Eastern terrorists are something of a crutch these days, and it would have been a lot more interesting if the racial profiling had been proven ineffective. Instead, Antonio (thus far the most nuanced field agent) must eat crow, as if teaching him (and thus the audience a lesson).

    There's also the incredibly annoying chatter from Nathan, who was constantly trying to channel his inner Steve Buscemi and failing miserably. Tom was bland as the fellow undercover agent; for that matter, Jaime had more chemistry with Sarah Corvus. To mention a specific plot annoyance, I found it hard to reconcile how Tom could save Jaime with the professor by backing her story so precisely when he wasn't in the room to hear that story in the first place.

    The series is still a work in progress, but it seems to be settling into an effective structure. Building around that structure will be the key to survival. Playing up Berkut as dangerous and irresponsible is a nice touch, as is the focus on bioengineering abuses. Strengthening up the characterization and dropping the stereotypes should be the next area of focus. Perhaps the latest showrunner can point the writing staff in the right direction.
  • Bajó la calidad

    Este episodio bajó un poco la calidad y el ritmo que llevaba, y si los productores piensan hacer que cada episodio sea una aventura diferente, sin una historia que nos deje pendientes del ¿qué pasara la siguiente semana?, olvídense de que será un éxito. Claro, no les niego que es entretenida hasta cierto punto, pero es peligroso porque pueden perder rating si no utilizan una buena estrategia. Para no ser muy negativo, ahora sí, lo que me gusto, me gusto escuchar a Jaime con ese acento inglés, demasiado sexy, al igual que fue agradable verla en un papel de seductora con el tipo de la universidad, con el cual aunque le querían dar un twist a la historia, ya se sabía que él no era el tipo malo. En cuanto a la peleas, más de lo mismo, solo me gusto la forma en que derribo a uno de los malos lanzándole un melón.
  • I love this episode to pieces but when ever their is a fight scene going on they play this Acid Rock music that I never like and it sounds like a screeching noise when two iron walls are rubbed together. So they are going to have to get rid of that music.

    Maby something like a very light light rock kind of music like Billy Joel or something like that just get rid of the heavy Acid Rock. I think that Jammie Somers is a terrible liar it's not that I don't like this episode but I'm just saying for a fact. I thought everything was great the storyline and the storyboard and the characters everything. So I loved the fight scene the best in the courtyard that was my favorite scene. And it wasn't clear what that guy that Jamie was dating what he was with, Cia, Fbi, Ect. So I rate this episode 4 1/2 of 5 stars and that half strike for the acid rock music.