Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 6

The List

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

BIONIC WOMAN 1.06 – THE LIST: TEASER Two men are about to make a sale. The one opens the case and shows the seller the money (two hundred fifty thousand dollars) and five million dollars in barer bonds. Meanwhile Bledsoe and Jae are watching the exchange from surveillance equipment. The buyer asks where the list is. Instead of a list, the seller pulls out a gun and shoots the buyer, takes the bonds, leaving the money, and then takes off. The Berkut team moves in. One of the men is still alive. Bledsoe tells Jae to get the chopper – he wants to bring him in alive. ACT ONE Becca is talking on the phone to a friend about a guy she likes. She's having some friends over to watch a movie. She wants to call the boy, Brennan, but Jaime talks her out of it, quoting The Rules. She says that you don't call the guy even if you thought you spent an incredible night with someone and they follow that up with eight days of silence. Becca questions what she is talking about, but she just continues to quote them. She tells her to have fun, but no smoking, drinking, or driving. The man wakes up at Berkut hooked up to machines. Ruth tries to get him to talk, saying that he worked for Victor Booth, and that he has a wife and kids that he doesn't want anything to happen to them. Ruth tells Bledsoe that the sale is set up at the embassy in Paris. They will put a team together. Bledsoe shows Jaime the last known photograph of Victor Booth, who was an arms dealer. He's had multiple reconstructive surgeries – no one knows what he looks like. The photo is eight years old; the only good thing about it is that they can see his eyes. He tells her that Booth killed their operative who was set up as the buyer for a list they really need – somehow he found out he was Berkut and killed him and left the cash, which was smart since it was traceable. They learned from the CIA that he set up another buyer. The CIA and Berkut are going to work together, as they both need the list. It's a list of identities of Berkut and CIA operatives. Jaime will be sent with one of them to Paris. She asks Bledsoe if she can pick who. She uses the excuse that she won't have to take time to get to know him. He agrees and tells her to call Tom, but she tells him to call – she doesn't call guys (per The Rules). Jaime practices fighting with Jae. She wins, but he tells her that she needs to be able to neutralize someone in public without being seen. She knocks him over. Tom walks in and helps him up. It has been nine days since everything happened with them. Tom asks her if she is ready for Paris. He thanks her for calling him for the job, and she lets him know that she was not the one who called for him, but that Jonas was. On the way to Paris, Nathan complains about the city. Jaime has never been there. Tom tells her it's romantic. Nathan disagrees. Ruth tells him to concentrate on the case. She says that she and Jae will take Nathan to the safe house and meet up with the CIA team. Tom and Jaime will assume their cover and check into the hotel. Tom asks about Victor, and Jae says that he has sold names before. Three operatives on the last list were all dead forty-eight hours after it was sold. Ruth says that according to their intel there are over one hundred names on the list which means that they are not only talking about American security, but the safety of over one hundred men and women and their families. If they can get the names they can protect those people. The deal is happening tonight and they need a positive ID on Victor from among two to three hundred guests. Nathan tells Jaime and Tom that they will need to make eye contact with as many people as possible and they will take care of the rest at the safe house. Ruth says that they will bring Victor into custody and keep the list from enemy hands. NATHAN: And let's keep it professional you two, huh? They check into the hotel. Jaime starts to say they need two rooms, but Tom tells the woman, in French, that his wife doesn't speak French, but that he is madly in love with her. He kisses Jaime on side of the head. They get in the elevator. They both start to talk at once. He tells her that he was out of the country which is why he didn't call. She sarcastically questions that he had bad service and asks who his carrier is. He tells her that he knows it sounds lame, but that it was important, but she should understand - saving lives and national security. She says she gets it, but it's obvious she is upset he didn't call. He gives her a ring. They go to room 33 and look at the spectacular view of Paris. Jaime says that they should do what other married couples do; they should watch television and not have sex. He wants to watch Deal or No Deal. She tells him to say it in French. They almost kiss, but he stops. He tells her that she doesn't have to worry. He will sleep on the couch. Nathan comes in with his equipment. He says hello to the CIA agents, but they don't answer him, and he says that they are not very friendly. He tells Ruth that he installed the iris recognition software, and makes a joke about not telling her where he got it from or he would have to kill her. She tells him that they just need to know that he will be able to identity Booth. In detail, he tells her that Jaime just needs to lock in on the people's eyes and when it is Booth, the program will confirm it. RUTH: You realize that spies don't really talk that way. NATHAN: I know; it blows. I'm just trying to bring back the cool. He tells her that even if Victor is a Victoria, it will work. The program makes Photoshop look like Pong. The CIA handler, Alexis, walks up and looks at Jaime's file. She is sarcastic and surprised that Jaime is so young and asks Ruth where she found her. Ruth says it was a happy accident. The woman says to Nathan that she doubts that Jaime can get two hundred captures during the cocktail party. He tells her that their girl is pretty good. Tom and Jaime scope out the embassy from the roof. Tom uses binoculars, while unbeknownst to him, she uses her bionic eye. Jaime makes a joke about the party being for environmentalists to try to lighten the mood. He tells her that he has to go out in field with clear head and if he loses focus, he's dead. He can handle the responsibility for himself, but he can't think about screwing up and endangering her, so no relationship, even though he really likes her. She agrees that they should just be friends. She says they are just partners executing a job, but she is obviously not happy about it. He's not either. Some girls have arrived at Becca's party. She says that she thought they said that Brendan was going to call. Her friend reassures her that it will be fine and that she will hook up with him during Reservoir Dogs. Then Brennan is at the door – with a date. He comes in and other people follow. Back at the hotel room, Tom says that hopefully the receiving line is still happening, that way they can split up and cover more ground. Jaime comes out dressed up, and asks him if he will zip her up. She is obviously trying to have an effect on him, and it is working. At the embassy, Jaime tells Tom that they need to find Booth before 9:45. Jaime looks around and sees cameras near the clock and flowers. He questions how she is getting her information. She asks him what they really teach him at Langley. Jaime listens in on a couple's conversation and knows that it is not them. Meanwhile, Nathan is on his laptop checking out the irises of the people she sees. So far he has not found a match. He says that it is a great party, and questions why he is not there. They look at another possibility, but Tom comments on his hands being in a defensive position, and says that Booth is cool and confident. Jaime stops a man, calling him Fernando. After she has scanned his eyes she apologizes and says she mistook him for someone else. He calls her Señorita, and Tom tells him that it's Señora. They see a man that it could be. Ruth says that they are running out of time. On the monitor Nathan sees Tom and Jaime get a drink. NATHAN: Drinking, why not? Let's drink now. This is what we do at work. Do you know you're at work? They find another suspicious man. They talk to him, but he won't look her in the eye. Tom pretends to be an art historian. NATHAN: Come on, Casino Royal, I'm shaking and I'm stirred. They talk about Picasso. Tom doesn't really know what do say. The man tells Tom that there is this Picasso but he can't tell if it's an original. Jaime convinces him to just "go with it," because she has a hunch. They follow him a flight down to the room. Nathan finally gets a scan and knows that it is him. Once Jaime and Tom are inside the room, he locks them in. ACT TWO Jaime is on the phone, saying that they lost him. Meanwhile, Tom is trying to open door without success. Ruth asks if she needs to remind her that she is bionic. She hangs up and tells Tom to let her help. They argue for awhile about what happened, blaming each other. Knowing they are running out of time, Jaime convinces him to let them try it together. He doesn't think she can help. They kick it together, and because of Jaime's strength, it opens, falling off its hinges and sending Tom to the floor. He says he loosened it. They step over the door. It's in bad shape, but he doesn't seem to notice. They head back. Jaime uses her eye to scan the security footage on the monitor ahead where she sees Booth. The security guard sees them, so Tom pulls her to him and they make out. The guard comes over and tells them to go. Tom complains that they couldn't find a private place and asks him how much it would take for him to look the other way. He doesn't take the bribe. Jaime knocks him out, which Tom says he was going to do. She apologizes, and he says that she has a nice technique. She thanks him. When they get to the desk they kiss again, this time just for the sake of kissing each other. Back at her party, Becca is angry that Brennan is talking to the other girl. There are a lot of people at the party now. She gets the car keys and says that she is going to go. Her friend tells her not to, but she doesn't listen and says that she is fine. She gets in the car and starts to go, obviously intoxicated. She almost hits another car. She then runs over the curb. A police car pulls up. He walks over to her and asks her for her license and registration. Jaime and Tom go upstairs. She hears people and follows the voices. Tom wants to leave her behind because he thinks that it is too dangerous. She tells him that they both knew it would be dangerous and nothing has changed. He tells her that it has, and she sarcastically questions that she is now his trophy spy. She tells him that it is condescending and insists that they both go in. They move into the room and Jaime picks a guy and tells him to go after the other. The men shoot at them and they both fight. The one guy pulls a gun on Tom, and Jaime jumps at him. Tom yells to her to stop, but before he can do anything about it another man stops him. Jaime falls out the window with the man. The team pulls up and takes her and the man into the van. When they pull away she realizes it is not Victor, but just looked like him. She demands that they go back for Tom. The CIA handler tells her that there is no time. ACT THREE Jaime wants to find Tom. The handler says that the tracking says that he is still at the embassy, but the GPS could have been knocked off. Jaime says they need to go back, but the handler tells her that it is sovereign territory, and that going in is not an option. Booth tells Tom that he cost him money. He asks Tom who he works for, and he responds that he works for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He knows he is lying and punches him. BOOTH: The only reason you're not dead yet is…I forgot. Booth pulls his gun on Tom when his cell phone rings. Booth answers and Jaime asks if she can talk to Tom. She asks him if he is all right. He tells her he is fine and hanging out with the guys. Booth pulls the phone away and talks to her. He tells her that he guesses she wants her husband back, and says that it's going to cost her quite a lot. She tells him that she does want him back and that she also wants the list. He's surprised. He tells her it is six million dollars for the list and two million for her husband. He gives her one hour. He tells her where to take the money and bonds, and that if he sees anyone else he will cut her fake husband into real pieces. Jaime tells them what has going on, and that they can get Tom and the list. The CIA handler tells her that she is not authorized give her the funds. She reluctantly says to give her a minute, and calls someone. Jaime turns to Ruth, who says that she knows someone who can do it, and makes the call. JAIME: Can you get me eight million dollars in say forty-five minutes? BLEDSOE: Okay. JAIME: Okay? BLEDSOE: Well, it's for the mission, right? JAIME: No, I found this great pair of shoes. She explains to him that it is to buy the list. He tells her that he will authorize a wire transfer; Nathan knows the account. Bledsoe has come to bail Becca out of jail. She questions that he is Jaime's boss, and apologizes and tells him that her sister told her to call him if there was an emergency. He says that driving underage without a license while intoxicated qualifies. She tries to leave without him and call a friend, but he tells her that he is responsible to get her home. They will chat on the way there. The handler tells Jaime that they can't go after Tom. Jaime doesn't understand because their agent's life is on the line. She tells Jaime that he is accountable for himself and wouldn't want them to put others in jeopardy. Jaime asks her what she would say if she told her that she was going in. She just says "good for you," and walks away. Jae reassures Jaime that he will be with her every step of the way. ACT FOUR Nathan tells Jaime that they will be able to talk to her and she will be able to talk to them. Ruth yells at Jaime for playing with the ring Tom gave her and tells her that they are there because of the list, not her boyfriend. Jaime tells them where to drop her off. Becca talks to Bledsoe on the way home. She questions that she is supposed to believe that her sister is really selling timeshares. He confirms it. Probably trying to trip him up, she asks what the most popular ones are, and he tells her he would say Arizona. She seems to buy it, and asks him what her sister is doing selling them. He says that she is probably trying to earn a living and take care of her. She tells him that now she knows why Jaime told her to call him – it's like a guilt trip once removed. He apologizes and says that he has a daughter who says he does that and he doesn't mean to. She tells him that she is upset because she is not in Jaime's list of secrets. She says that some things Jaime puts on a repeat loop and others she clams up about, like her fiancé. Jaime never talks about him and he died. Becca thinks that's weird and tells him that family should be able talk to each other about that stuff. He agrees with her. She questions that he didn't tell her that maybe her sister has her reasons. He says that maybe she does. Jaime goes into the restaurant for the trade. Tom sees her and calls her over. She sits down. He asks her how much their second date cost. She tells him that it isn't a cheap one – eight million. JAIME: I don't mind saying, I expect you to put out. TOM: Now that's very forward of you, you must be American. Tom notices the ring on her finger and says that it looks nice on her. He tells her not to worry, it's a cubic zirconium. She calls him on it, and he admits that it's not – he does have an expense account. She questions then that it's a right off. He says that she is making it sound like he's not romantic. He tells her that he didn't mean what he said on the roof, and she tells him that she didn't mean what she said at the embassy. He says that she can kick some ass and that she is beautiful. He questions that she realizes that the minute she puts the money on the table they're dead, and that if she didn't bring any money, they're also dead. He tells her that he read the comic book Freedom Fighters as a kid, and there was a human bomb. He pulls back his jacket to show her that he has a bomb strapped to him. Booth comes over to the table, dressed as a waiter. He shows her the menu which is the list of names. She scans it with her eye, so now they have the list. She tells him that she's not that hungry. He says that she can't sit at a table if she's not paying. She tells him that she can pay, and puts the bag of money on the table. She then proceeds to whack him in the face with it. Money flies everywhere. A sniper from another building starts shooting. Jaime wants to deactivate the bomb on Tom. He is scared and tells her not to do anything. If she pulls the wrong wire it will go off. Nathan looks at it and tells her it's the black wire. She goes to disarm it and Tom yells to wait. Meanwhile Nathan yells at her just to yank it. She pulls the black wire out and nothing happens, so it worked. She says it was a lucky guess. He thanks her. Meanwhile, Booth runs out. They chase after him, both going different ways. She listens with her bionic ear. She runs and jumps from roof to roof and then drops down onto Booth. Just as she drops onto him, Tom shows up and asks where she came from, and how she got there. She just tells him that she is a really fast runner. ACT FIVE Bledsoe tells Jaime that they recovered about four million dollars. She thinks they did all right because she got the list for half price. He tells her not to just call for money, to call for backup – they could have done better. She tells him that she was thinking about Tom. He responds that he was thinking about her. She questions that the CIA abandoned Tom, but Bledsoe tells her that he is a lot better off with them. She asks if her sister called him since she gave her his number. He tells her she didn't. Tom walks in and asks her again how she got to Victor before he did, and how she figured out the explosive device. He tells her not to say she guessed. She tells him that she doesn't know how to tell him she did it. He tells her that the whole time she was working on it, he should have been scared for his life, but actually he was thinking about how nice her hair smells. She tells him that she won't wait eight days again for him to call her – he has one more shot at it. Two strikes and he's out – rule twenty seven. He asks her to dinner since they are in Paris, and she tells him that she would love to, but that she has to get back to her sister. He questions that there is a rule against having dinner with someone the day you save their life. She tells him there isn't. She just needs to see her sister. He says he will call her. Jaime arrives home. Becca says that she thought that she wasn't coming back until seven. Jaime asks her what she is doing that she shouldn't be, and to tell her first before she finds out. Becca says that she hasn't done anything and tells Jaime to follow her. Jaime questions that it isn't a diversion to get Brennan out the window. She tells her that Brennan is yesterday's drama. Becca leads her to the bathroom. She has fixed Jaime a bath to be nice. Jaime apologizes for assuming that she did something bad. She worries so much and about if she is doing the right thing. Becca hugs her. She tells Jaime that she knows what she's giving up for her. Jaime tells her that she is exactly where she wants to be right now. Becca tells her to go take her bath and then walks out and shuts the door. Becca smiles. Meanwhile, inside the bathroom, Jaime undresses and takes off the diamond ring. She gets in the tub and relaxes in her bubble bath.