Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 6

The List

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on NBC

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  • A good outing

    The basic plotline here is a recovery mission of a list of Berkut and CIA operatives and to get the man selling them. Having Jaime and Tom (the CIA op from the last mission) team up with their personal issues rated one notch above normal heart rate in the interest stakes. You can predict the romantic awkwardness they will feel in the mission. Yet both actors do pull it off without it being too cheesy.

    The interagency dislike from both groups is palatable enough, if a little obvious too. But each little thing adds to the overall conflict that you will experience as Jaime tries to fulfill her mission. Dialogue still needs a lot to be desired. I dont find it as enjoyable as say an episode of House or CSI. It just feels laboured.

    The setting is mainly in Paris, and Im afraid that the apparent use of picture boards and strategic locations is as bad as some of the fake french accents! Truly awful.

    Jaime's bionic powers are getting worse if anything or at least the onscreen representations of them are. For instance, the running and jumping are just poor. They really needed to use cgi and not wire tech to get the job done. More so I cant believe for a second that her bionic limbs wouldnt snap bones if you even used just 1% of their capabilities. Her encounters with the baddies just dont work for me.

    So the only real good thing in this episode is the drama behind the plotline, because the rest of the show is below par. The only reason this episode scores more than an 8 is because it was a times dramatic and a little exciting.

    No wonder the show was dropped, Im afraid to say.
  • I liked it!

    Jaime and Tom have an assignment in Paris. There is a guy with a list that the CIA and Jaime's company needs to get. It is hard for Jaime and Tom to balnce their mission and flirting. Becca gets arrested after throwing a party and then trying to drive without a license. Jonas must bail her out of jail. Nathan seems jealous of Tom and Jaime. Becca prepares a nice home welcoming for Jaime.

    This was a pretty good episode! It wasn't as good as others, but I still liked it! This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me!
  • Things continue to fall apart

    This episode of "Bionic Woman" follows in the footsteps of the previous episode by re-directing Jaime's character even further from the supposed feminist roots of the original premise. Instead of taking charge of her life and challenging the Berkut Group in an intelligent, self-interest manner, Jaime spends most of her time mooning over a CIA agent. If the latest round of producers thought this romantic subplot would help the series, they were sorely mistaken.

    The usual problems remain in place: the poor Michael Bay-esque dialogue and directorial style, the choppy editing, and the paper-thin character development. I honestly have no idea why the characters are doing what they're doing most of the time. They just act according to plot requirements, and when the plot is sketchy and ill-conceived, that makes for a poor foundation.

    This series is just devolving into a disappointment. Sarah Corvus was a major part of the first few episodes, along with the issues of nanotechnology and its short-term viability. That could have been utilized in some creative ways, especially if the Berkut Group had been shown as mildly competent and organized. Or, for that matter, if Becca had remained a former hacker with the ability to do amazing things with operating systems. (Whatever happened to keeping her away from computers, by the way?)

    Now the series has shifted to push Jaime into a relationship within weeks of the death of her fiancé, a man who was apparently betraying her on every possible level. Her interaction with Tom is beyond painful (especially the ridiculous dialogue), and it makes her look even more unprofessional and naïve. Granted, Jaime is supposed to be young and inexperienced, but she was acting like a teenager, not a woman who was forced to grow up quickly to take care of her sister.

    This series was probably the best-positioned new series on the schedule before the season began. It certainly was given better odds than shows like "Moonlight", which had overhauled most of its cast. Right now, creatively speaking, "Moonlight" is taking "Bionic Woman" to school. It's shocking to consider that so many high profile producers and showrunners could take this series into such a downward spiral.
  • An American Agent in Paris!

    Jamime and tom are off to Paris to get some guy with the list of people of the CIA and Berkut Group. They had to or else the list of all the agent will be exposed. Sounds like an epiosde of "Alias?" You bet. It could've been written to look an episode of "Alias." Back home, Jamine little sister Becca gets drunk to impress a boy and get arrested. I like to say it again, but I think the relationship between Jamime and Becca is inproving and that is the key to survival of the show. Let's hope it last until the scripts run dry.
  • This is one of the best episodes in this season up until now.

    This episode was great as it is building the story a bit further now. This episode was very interesting when it comes to the relationships on the characters in this series.

    It looks like Jaime got herself a boyfriend..maybe not exactly a boyfriend as of yet as they are still going for another date.. Tom is cute as well and a great character in this series.

    Her sister got a bit depressed when that guy came to her party with another girl..that sucks! She got arrested when she left her house and went out with the car..she did not go far as the policeman immediately saw her..and then she got arrested for driving without a license. Jonas was really great in this episode.. we can see that he showed a bit of emotion when he went to bail Becca from jail. It was really nice to hear him say a lot of interesting things about Jaime and that made Becca appreciate her sister more and we can see that a bit further at the end of the episode.

    The part that bothered me the most was when the CIA left Tom behind after his cover got revealed... but it was nice how Jaime went to his rescue. A lot of mysterious things happened that Jaime found difficult to explain as she is Bionic!
  • great episode

    The Berkut group and the CIA find themselves needing to work on a mission together. They team up to find a man who is selling a list of names of covert operatives. The names could be used to hunt down agents from both agencies. Jaime selects Tom to work with her undercover. Jaime flirts with Tom on the job. Becca gets charged with DUI and gets herself locked up in a cell. Jonas comes to bail her out. It's a really cool episode. Jaime gets to use her superpowers in this episode. It's a real treat seeing her jump high and kick down doors. It's a really cool episode.
  • Jaime's got a boyfriend.

    I thought the aspect of the "list" was not original but believable. The concept of the Jaime & Tom "teaming" together to retrieve the list was interesting considering their chemistry. I loved how Jonas has entered Becca's life. This could be an interesting development for both of them. The whole slipping Jaime's abilities around Tom was a nice twist. I thought it was great that the CIA couldn't release 8 million to save Tom, but a simple request from Jaime to Jonas got an immediate response. Nathan is just classic. In his own way he brings so much to the show. He is hysterical.
  • Don't really know what they were trying to do with this one so i'll consider it filler. In this episode Jamie gets to work with the potential boyfriend from last episode and by episodes end it's agreed that despite they're jobs they will

    Don't really know what they were trying to do with this one so i'll consider it filler. In this episode Jamie gets to work with the potential boyfriend from last episode and by episodes end it's agreed that despite they're jobs they will try to be together. Really the only thing I found interesting about this one was Jamie is better at using her bionics and a cute scene with Jonas and Jamie's sister. Jonas picked her up after a tipsy fender bender. She was upset that a boy she licked was hooking up with some other girl. Other than that nothing of real importance to the storyline or the show.
  • After some promise we take a step back.

    Coming off of the heels of it's best showing to date, I was hoping for a little more out of this episode than I got. While I was hoping that they were beginning to find their own voice and developing, I fear that we have now settled into a formula. If going back to the well was a springboard to further the Jaime & Tom relationship and not a sign of what's to come, then everything can be forgiven. However, I'm not a fan of the spy-in-a-new-locale format and if this ends up being the direction they go, then they'll have to go on without me.
  • OK but could be better!

    What is the Bionic Woman thinking of? Are they thinking of Alias or something. When they pair Jaime with some CIA guy to get a list or something. I think the show needs to separate itself from Alias as it is the Bionic Woman as Jaime shouldn't have a romance just yet. Because I think she needs to focus on her new job as well as taking care of her sister Becca. Who is still causing trouble behind her back as Jonas has no other choice but to bail her out. As she is caught with another older man. Gosh, and if Jaime doesn't have enough problems as of lately.
  • Jamie goes with cia guy to paris to get a precious list.

    This was not such a bad episode and it reminded me a bit of the style and settings of the good old Alias missions. Unfortunately, it came a bit short of capturing the magic that we used to see between Sydney Bristow and her CIA handler Michael Vaughn in the good old days of Alias. They did get the geeky gadget man part right, although he would probably get smoked by Marshall... hehe I am a bit biased here but I am willing to give this serie a try. I am still curious about the real involvement of Jamie's ex's father...
  • New characters, no new plots

    I have to rate this about average maybe slightly better than. It's still a young show and season but at this point some of the other shows have stepped it up a notch. This episode started to fizzle about the whole Paris adventure till she got back home. That whole sexual tension between Jamie and Tom might work if it were later in but heck we're still getting used to the whole spy gig. On a bonus I think we are seeing the Somers sisters both develop individually and as a whole. It's weird that she has a sister and you catch tiny glimpses here and there, it was nice to have an element of her in this one. Starting to like the spy life and think she's starting to fit in and that's key. Again though the whole love storyline is much too early and way too boring...taking it out and I think things will pick back up.
  • How is this show still on the air.

    Is it just me or is this the most underwritten show on television? It is sloppy to say the least. The dialogue between Tom and Jaime is just forced and unpleasant. And please kill off the sister already. She is holding back this show so much it is unbelievable. Maybe if they kill her off and make that part of Jamie's development into a true operative and then we can watch her spiral into revenge while using Burkitt for her own agenda. Now that, I would watch. But, no, we get this mamby-pamby crap with her sister and the CIA guy and "Oh jeez, I want a normal life even though I have 50 million dollars worth of bionics in me."
    I hate to say it, but I am ready to give up on this one.
  • So I liked the mission but this show is too much like my #1 favorite action show "Alias". Their is to many Similarities between this show and "Alias" so if this show is going to survive they are going to have to work on getting a different storyline.

    So I noticed they hardly played any Acid Rock music the more they don't play Acid Rock music in the episodes the more I'll like this show. And Jamie Sommers hair is the same kind of hair do that Sidney Bristow in "Alias" wore her hair and they are going to have to tweak that in my opinion. So their was this episode in "Alias" that in the episode was the very same mission and I don't get why they are copycatting everything that has to do about "Alias" so I think they better start revising before this show gets canceled A.K.A Axed.