Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 7

Trust Issues

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on NBC
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Jaime and Antonio are sent to stop an assassination plot of a head of state on U.S. soil. Jaime runs into a problem though when she overhears a conversation between the assassin and Antonio, leading her to question whether or not she can trust Antonio anymore. Also, Jaime invites Tom over for dinner so he can meet Becca.moreless

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  • As good as it gets (so far)

    *SPOILERS* Action packed, but not full of drama. At least not the type that builds up with tension. For me, this is an episode that promised so much and failed - again.

    The "effects" demonstrating Jaime's bionic attributes have become pitiful. The running and jumping don't ring true in their motions. Thats the smallest of concerns though.

    The plot just never has the chance to ferment and draw the viewer into the storylines. Dialogue is at times better than usual, but I still have no real connection to Jaime or any other character on the show. The only real occurance: Antonio's death is about the only redeeming aspect of this episode. The penultimate scenes are probably the best this show has had to date.

    If you enjoy presidential assignment story line dont be fooled by it. There only purpose it serves is to setup the Antonio suspect/death plot. For that reason it never gets going as we chop between the primary locations where the president is threatened and Jaime going back to her flat. That really doesnt make sense - why are they on-duty then off-duty in a matter of minutes?!

    The encounter with CIA agents was a bright spot. Jaimes friction with the agency could well have grown in one of the promising storylines of this show (if it had continued beyond 8).

    However, all aspects: locations, scenes and dialogue just dont gel and appear bity!

    A good attempt but not well made. Still worth a watch though.moreless
  • I loved it!

    Jaime and Antonio work together to stop an assassination of a president from out of the country. Jaime suspects that Antonio may be working with the assassin. Becca wants Jaime and Tom to stay together as they have their date. Antonio has not been working with the assassin. The assassin knows Antonio. She also shoots him, which causes his death. Jaime receieves comfort from Tom after Antonio's death and she tells him that she can't do it anymore.

    This was a great episode! Living Jaime's life would be pretty hard. I can't believe that Antonio is dead! I liked him! Nathan is so funny! This episode receives a 9.5 out of 10!moreless
  • Another foolish mistake

    "Bionic Woman" has always been a series in crisis. Every episode or so brings with it a new showrunner, and the show has suffered wild tonal shifts as a result. A show that once seemed ready to explore new ground has fallen back on questionable tropes that have been done to death. Even the concept has slowly but surely lost its novelty. Jaime Sommers and her bionics seem rather ordinary and underutilized, especially given that her limitations are never truly explored.

    The writers' strike has shut down production for the show, and there's already talk that the final episode produced could serve as a series finale. If so, that's probably not any contingency built into the episode on the production side; it's spin after the fact. The show has undergone too many changes and setbacks for an early-season episode to bring things to a satisfactory conclusion.

    There's also the statement from Katee Sackhoff to consider. Sarah Corvus was a fixture of the first few episodes, and without a doubt, that guest character made Jaime Sommers look like a chump. More to the point, Sackhoff makes Michelle Ryan look like a rank amateur. The show has been suffering from her absence, and Sackhoff has made it clear that she has no intention of returning to the show if it manages to survive past the strike.

    I cannot overstate the effect this would have on the show. The early episodes brought a necessary level of complication to the series. Corvus was a window into the kind of transformation that Jaime might endure, and saving Corvus gave Jaime a means of saving herself. There were also a number of long-term plot elements connected to Corvus. Without that mythology to draw upon, the series has been faltering, grasping at any chance to become a Michael Bay knockoff on the small screen.

    One might wonder what all of this has to do with this specific episode. It's actually quite simple. With the lack of creative focus and the loss of Sarah Corvus from the narrative, the show needed someone with gravitas to make up for the lack of strong characterization. Miguel Ferrer could do the job, but Jonas is toothless. Jae has been completely sidelined, it seems, and Jaime's CIA boyfriend is about as bland as it gets. The only remaining option was Antonio, played as well as could be expected by Isaiah Washington.

    The actor was only hired for a limited number of episodes, but the show will suffer tremendously from the lack of a solid supporting cast. His final appearance is actually one of the better episodes of late, particularly when the Jaime/Tom material is forgotten and Antonio's machinations are front and center. If anything, the story underscores the utility of such a character, reminding the audience of everything that will be lost now that he's gone.moreless
  • Getting better.

    I loved that the script kept us guessing. Althought I didn't think Antonio betrayed the team, you weren't really ever sure until he was confronted at the race tracks. Then the whole thing with Tom having Jaime tailed. I wasn't sure if it was personal or professional, again until Jaime confronted him. The script as a whole was pretty interesting. The concept of protecting, essentially a bad guy. The whole idea of needing to do a job they have a hard time swallowing. However, Jaime losing Antonio the way she did will change how she does her job. I thought that her turning to Tom was piviotal. I also like the I idean of Jaime making some changes at the office. This should be interesting.moreless
  • Antonio and Jamie are sent on a mission together. She has to, however, evaluate her relationship with Tom.

    It was not a bad episode, but hardly that fabulous. The main points were the death of Antonio and a little insight into his character before that happened. His death validates his point about relationship for people like himself and Jamie. Therefore I am definitely waiting to see where Jamie's relationship with Tom is going. Especially since I do not trust Tom at all. I am convinced he's a spy for the CIA or something. As for the other relationships in the episode. Jamie's sister finally meets Tom, but it was very uninteresting. Overall the episode was just VERY slow, so kind of disappointing. There was no Sarah, which might be a cause for it. Sarah mystery seem to have been placed on the shelf.moreless
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Jordan Bridges

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: In the second establishing shot of the racetrack location, just before the horse and its rider make it to the center of frame, a Bell ExpressVu slogan can be seen in the background. Bell ExpressVu, now known as Bell TV, is the division of Bell Canada Enterprises that provides satellite TV service across Canada. In addition, beside the slogan can be seen the logo for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics (Bell is one of the sponsors of the event). The Berkut Group, however, is located in California.

    • The apartment of the hitman is also the same apartment that "Starbuck" lived in with a Cylon in "New Caprica" on Battlestar Galactica Season 3.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Nathan: What are you wearing?
      Jaime: Focus, Nathan!

    • Jaime: (seeing something on the ground) I spy with my little eye.

    • Nathan: (on the phone with Jaime) Now would be the-the part where you-you say wow, Nathan, really really great work, you're so smart, and hot, and- (Jaime hangs up)

    • Becca: (to Jaime, about Tom) He's smart, funny, kind...crazy about you. Oh he's so much better than those loser guys you usually date. Sorry, I know it's just how I feel. I know you have a wild, self-destructive streak. Just...just keep that under control, okay?

  • NOTES (4)


    • Jaime: Is that why James Bond never had a steady girlfriend?

      James Bond is a fictional British agent, created in 1952 by Ian Fleming.

    • Jaime: Wow, I think I just won Mystery Date.

      Mystery Date is a board game created by Milton Bradley in the 70s. Its tagline is "Open the Door to Reveal Your Perfect Match...or Mismatch." It has since been updated into an electronic version.