Birdman and the Galaxy Trio

NBC (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Birdman and the Galaxy Trio.
  • Season 2
    • Plateaus the Pirate Planet
      The villain Plastron theatens to freeze Planet Z-11 by blocking out the sun and only the Galaxy Trio can stop him.
    • Gralik of Gravitas
      Gralik of Gravitas
      Episode 19
      Gravity Girl's father asks her and her friends for help against the villain Gralik, who possesses a weapon capable of destruction from thousand of miles away.
    • Invasion of the Sporoids
      The Trio attempt to rescue a ranger from outpost A-15 from a giant spore monster that is seemingly indestructible.
    • Return to Aqueous
      Return to Aqueous
      Episode 17
      The Galaxy Trio receive a SOS from the planet Aqueous and race to stop a monster on the rampage.
    • Galaxy Trio Versus Growliath
      The Galaxy Trio take on the insects of the planet Nova, which have mysteriously grown to the size of buildings.
    • Space Slaves
      Space Slaves
      Episode 15
      Gravity Girl suddenly disappears and the other members of the Galaxy Trio trace her to the Crimson Zone that lies on the edge of unexplored space.
    • Space Fugitives
      Space Fugitives
      Episode 14
      Individuals disguise themselves as the Galasxy Trio and rob planets of their meals with the intent of building themselves an army. Can the real Galaxy Trio stop them?
    • The Rock Men
      The Rock Men
      Episode 13
      Rock formations on an uncharted planet turn out to be a lot more than the scientist Ekon expected. He is kidnapped by the Rockmen for use in their nefarious plans, and the Galaxy Trio have to save him. The Rockmen, however, are immune to their special powers, leaving Gravity Girl, Meteor Man and Vapor Man nearly defenseless.moreless
    • The Demon Raiders
      The Demon Raiders
      Episode 12
      The Galaxy Trio try to stop a gang of crooks led by Zakor from looting the treasury planet Centauri Three of its wealth.
    • Galaxy Trio and the Cave Men of Primevia
      The Galaxy Trio disguise themselves as people from the planet Primevia to blend in with the enslaved populace. The heroes hope to defeat aliens from Vaporus, Vapor Man's home planet , who have conquered Primevia and are forcing the people to mine the planet for all of its valuable ores and metals.moreless
    • The Eye of Time
      The Eye of Time
      Episode 10
      When passing through turbulence in space en route to an Earth visit, the three heroes find themselves unable to communicate with their headquarters and it soon becomes apparent that they have somehow been transferred back through the past to an encounter with some unwelcoming Vikings a and an angry Roman army.moreless
    • Computron Lives
      Computron Lives
      Episode 9
      The Galaxy Trio travel to the abandoned planet Z-10 where they plan to take on the renegade Computron and return it to its normal routine.
    • The Duplitrons
      The Duplitrons
      Episode 8
      When leaders of the three most powerful nations appear to be on the verge of outright war the Galaxy Trio are asked to help only to discover that they have been lured into a trap. When it becomes clear why the Earth's leaders are behaving so recklessly, the heroes fear they may not be able to take action in time.moreless
    • Titan, the Titanium Man
      The Galaxy Trio try to capture Titan, the Titanium Man, who wants to rule the galaxy with his army of super cybernoids.
    • Drackmore the Despot
      The Galaxy Trio head to the largely unexplored Tranquility belt to find explorers that have gone missing in that region of space.
    • Galaxy Trio And The Peril Of The Prison Planet
      The Galaxy Trio are on a well deserved vacation when they are summoned to a prison planet that has been taken over by the inmates.
    • Galaxy Trio and the Sleeping Planet
      The Gaaxy Trio investigates a planet whose entire population hsa fallen asleep for unknown reasons.
    • Galaxy Trio Vs the Moltens of Meteorus
      The inhabitants of Meterorus, Meteor Man's home planet, are being driven off the planet by undergound explosions and molten lava. Can the Galaxy Trio find out who or what is behind the disturbances before it's too late?
    • The Battle of the Aquatrons
      The villain Lotar is directing powerful heat rays at the planet Earth that are capable of meltng the ice caps and turning the planet into a water world for his use. The Galaxzy Trio race t stop Lotar's evil plan and save Earth.
    • Revolt of the Robots
      The Galaxy Trio head to the planet Orbus 4, where the servant robots have rebelled against the general populace.
  • Season 1