Birdman and the Galaxy Trio - Season 1

NBC (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Morto Rides Again!
    Morto Rides Again!
    Episode 40
    Morto escapes jail and tries to destroy birdman.
  • Murro The Marauder
    Episode 39
    When a secret military formula is stolen from the safety of a vault by a mysterious black shadow, Birdman soon discovers that Murko the Marauder is behind it. Gaining supernatural powers from the shadows of others, Murko realizes that he has found the perfect way of defeating Birdman who gets his strength from the sun. How will Birdman find a way to lose his own shadow?moreless
  • Skon of Space
    Skon of Space
    Episode 38
    The Bird Lair is threatened by a scout plane from the planet Omnos. Skon, the lone occupant of the plane, decides to put an end to Birdman. Since Skon is a shape shifter that can assume many different forms, Birdman will have to work extra hard to save the day.
  • The Pirate Plot
    Episode 37
    After being frozen for countless years, the evil pirate ship of the dastardly Captain Kidd takes to terrorizing the oceans once more. With an arsenal that includes freeze and paralyzer rays and with the help of Doctor Demon and some viscous sharks, have Birdman and Avenger finally met their match?
  • The Wild Weird West
    The Wild Weird West
    Episode 36
    Evil outlaw Jesse Johns is given special powers and futuristic weaponry which includes paralyzer laser beam guns and a speedy robotic horse. All looks lost for Birdman when he finds himself imprisoned behind titanium bars. With his strength rapidly depleting, the Johns gang plan to kidnap the governor and hold him hostage.moreless
  • 1/20/68
    Evil criminal, Luther Demoniac, once caged by Birdman manages to break free from prison by means of a dramatic explosion using a chemical mixture which also enables him to move at superhuman speed. Too fast and powerful he may be for most, until that is, Birdman arrives on the scene.
  • The Ant Ape
    The Ant Ape
    Episode 34
    Birdman's old foe, Dr. Claw, is coming back for revenge. Forced into exile by the superhero, he now returns with his Ant Ape- a creation of his that becomes virtually unstoppable if injected with a special Ant serum. To capture Birdman's attention, Dr. Claw sets the Ant Ape to rob museums. Birdman must now stop the evil doctor and his creation before they do more damage.moreless
  • 8.0
    Birdman is sent to china.
  • The Return Of Vuturo
    Vuturo, Birdman's sworn enemy, lures Birdboy to his lair in hopes of a showdown with Birdman. When Birdman shows up to save Birdboy, Vuturo causes clouds to block the sun's rays, disabling Birdman. After tossing the hero, along with Birdboy, on a conveyor belt destined for the bottomless pit Vuturo thinks he has won. But has he?moreless
  • Birdman And The Monster Of The Mountains is episode 46 of the first season of the classic cartoon series Birdman and the Galaxy Trio. This episode originally aired on December 23, 1967. A Himalayan village is terrorized by a monster and Birdman is called for help. Birdboy, Birdman's sidekick is kidnapped by the beast and adventure ensues.moreless
  • Meets Moray of the Deep
    Nuclear scientists have been kidnapped and are being forced to work on a secret nuclear reactor. Birdman disguises himself as a scientist to get into the secret lair and save the workers. It is up to Birdman to save the scientists and deliver the Moray of the Deep to the Navy.moreless
  • Train Trek
    Episode 29
    Evil Spiro concocts a dastardly plot to steal a spaceship. The plan is to swap a supply train with one of his own. This will transport not only him, but his agents and equipment straight to the spaceship he wishes to hijack. Birdman learns of Spiro's wicked intentions and flies to intercept him before it's too late, but will the villains impressive arsenal be too much for the solar-powered super hero?moreless
  • Professor Nightshade
    Professor Nightshade has stolen a device that can make people and places disappear. After making an entire city disappear, Nightshade threatens the government with future disappearnaces unless they do his bidding. When Birdman attmepts to foil Nightshade's plans, the evil Professor makes him disappear and reappear in a greenhouse filled with man-eating plants.moreless
  • 7.5
    A number of important officials in the military have put the entire nation at risk by drastically reversing their decisions regarding the country's defense plans. Working together to uncover the mystery, Birdman and Falcon 7 learn that FEAR is behind the mysterious duplication of military officers. They must now find a way to stop FEAR's evil scheme from happening.moreless
  • Versus Dr. Freezoids
    An agent of F.E.A.R, the terrifying Dr Freezoid is capable of turning anything to ice, including Avenger and Falcon 7. After saving the city from freezing to death, Birdman heads to Dr Freezoid's North Pole lair where he soon learns that the sub zero temperatures are the least of his worries.moreless
  • 9/9/67
    Birdman battles with the undead army of Dr. Millenium, who plans to use the army to steal the plans for a top secret missile. Can Birdman stop him?
  • Meets Birdboy
    Meets Birdboy
    Episode 24
    Birdman rescues a boy who is adrift on a raft in the middle of the ocean. When he nurses the kid back to health, he transfers some of his power to the kid and his sidekick, Birdboy, is born. Birdboy directs Birdman to an island where a bad guy is about to begin an invasion, can the duo stop the evil deed in time?moreless
  • The Wings Of Fear
    Episode 23
    In an attempt to scare the world leaders and put an end to hopes of universal peace, agents of F.E.A.R agents kidnap three peace ambassadors using the cover of night when Birdman cannot use solar power to recharge his wings. Avenger also finds himself held hostage as the bad-guys attempt to broker a deal with our hero for their own evil ends.moreless
  • The Empress Of Evil
    The Empress Of Evil
    Episode 22
    The son of the Maharaja of Rampur has been kidnapped by the sorceress Medusa-also known as the dreaded "Empress of Evil." Birdman comes to the Maharaja's aid and sets off to rescue his son from the clutches of the evil Empress. As the hero steps into Medusa's lair, he must face the dangers that she has prepared for him.moreless
  • Hannibal The Hunter
    Episode 21
    Professor Demetrius, one of Birdman's closest friends, is kidnapped by the ruthless hunter Hannibal from the university where he teaches. Hungry to add the Birdman's head to his growing trophy collection, Hannibal uses the Professor to lure the stalwart superhero into the traps he set out for him. Birdman must now rescue the professor and overcome the Hannibal's tricks at the same time.moreless
  • The Incredible Magnatroid
    Tired of Birdman's continuing success in clearing the universe of wrong doers, a mad scientist creates an abominable robot named The Incredible Magnatroid in order to kill him. An epic battle ensues between the robot and our winged Galactic hero who is, as always, aided by his two loyal superhero friends.moreless
  • The Chameleon
    Episode 19
    The Chameleon has a serum that will allow him to change into anything - people, animals, plants even inanimate objects and he uses his disguises to steal from people. When Birdman gets involved, the Chameleon quickly changes from one person to another in an effort to escape, leading our hero down the wrong road.moreless
  • Vulturo, Prince Of Darkness
    FEAR hires Vulturo to take out Birdman for $1,000,000
  • Meets Reducto
    Episode 17
    Reducto (John Stephenson) is a mad scientist with an evil plan and the technology to match. Using his machine, Reducto can make anything on the planet shrink at a rapid pace. When Birdman (Keith Andes) tries to face off against the villain, he finds himself as small as an insect and struggling to return to normal size.moreless
  • Meets Birdgirl
    Meets Birdgirl
    Episode 16
    Birdgirl is suddenly on the scene claiming responsibility for all of Birdman's good deeds, leaving him bewildered. With his reputation challenged, Birdman must get to the bottom of this mystery and expose Birdgirl for the fake he knows she is, before she completes the mission given to her by the evil Mentaur.moreless
  • Number One
    Episode 15
    Number One plots to steal Birdmans energy.
  • Versus The Constrictor
    The Constrictor looks to lure Birdman to his jungle headquarters with the idea of destroying him.
  • The Brain Thief
    Episode 13
    A number of scientists have disappeared under mysterious circumstances and Birdman suspects Dr. Shado is the evil genius behind the incidents.
  • The Deadly Trio
    The Deadly Trio
    Episode 12
    Three evil scientists come together in a joint effort to destroy Birdman.
  • The Purple Moss
    Episode 11
    Aliens are using a ray beam from their ship to spread a strange purple moss over everything and only Birdman can stop them.
  • Mentor, The Mind Taker
    Mentok looks to defeat Birdman once and for all by using Avenger as bait for a trap.
  • 9/23/67
    Nitron, a villain with explosive powers at his fingertips, is given missions by FEAR and only Birdman can stop him.
  • Serpents Of The Deep
    Birdman looks to recover gold from a criminal that bases his operations in a submarine.
  • Birdman looks to stop Cumulus, a weather controlling villain who is threatening Central City and beyond with his abilities.
  • Avenger For Ransom
    Avenger For Ransom
    Episode 6
    Avenger is kidnapped by the criminal Zardo, who demands Birdman hand over military secrets in exchange for Avenger's safe return.
  • The Quake Threat
    Episode 5
    Birdman tries to find out who or what is causing earthquakes that are causing major damage to cities around the world.
  • Birdman Versus The Mummer
    Birdman looks to capture the Mummer, a master of disguise, whose criminal actions could lead to war between rival countries.
  • 7.8
    Birdman looks to capture the nefarious Ringmaster, an agent of FEAR who has stolen several military weapons.
  • Morto The Marauder
    Morto The Marauder
    Episode 2
    The evil genius Morto escapes from prison and vows to destroy Birdman, who was responsible for putting him in prison.
  • X The Eliminator
    Episode 1
    The organization known as FEAR looks to destroy Birdman by hiring X the Eliminator for the sum of one million dollars. X vows to prove he has succeeded by bringing Birdman's crest as proof.