Birds of a Feather

BBC (ended 1998)



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Episode Guide

  • Season 11
    • Spa Wars
      Spa Wars
      Episode 8
      While Tracey awaits the results of her scan, she and Sharon talk home truths in the comfort of a spa. Dorien prepares to say a long goodbye to her to her daughter Naomi.
    • Without a Trace
      Without a Trace
      Episode 7
      Sharon makes plans to take Tracey and Dorien on a madcap 70s weekender, but there is no dressing up the news that Tracey is about to receive.
    • The Chief, The Cook, His Mum and Her Lodger
      Sharon welcomes Tracey home from prison with a job offer in the school kitchen she is now managing. Dorien's gambling debts are mounting up and now she cannot pay the rent, so Sharon arranges employment for her too - at a frock exchange.
    • Tracey's Choice
      Tracey's Choice
      Episode 5
      Dorien's book group is coming round to discuss Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment - which title turns out to be surprisingly appropriate when Tracey warns Garth not to lead his younger brother astray.
    • The Girls with the Pearl Buttons
      When Tracey is nominated by Auntie Vera to succeed her as Pearly Queen of Thornton Heath and Sharon finds out, the gloves are off and it is war. Things are not much better when Dorien reluctantly agrees to a family reunion with Naomi.
    • Guess Who's Coming to Essex?
      When Sharon and Tracey discover that Dorien has been keeping a secret for over fifty years, they decide to get involved, but Dorien is reluctant to confront her past. Meanwhile, Tracey finds motherhood is not all that it's cracked up to be.
    • There's Something About Sharon
      Essex-based sitcom about sisters Tracey and Sharon and their larger-than-life friend Dorien. Sharon amazes the others when it turns out that she has a high IQ, and Dorien, under pressure to find a heroine for her next book, decides to push her towards a surprising career. Tracey however, has got her hands full with a despondent Garth, but the household joins forces to put Sharon through her paces and make sure she is the man for the job.moreless
    • Birds on a Plane
      Birds on a Plane
      Episode 1
      Dorien is treating Sharon and Tracey to a Christmas trip to the Canaries, but with Tracey's fear of flying, Sharon's hopes for adventure, and Dorien's eagerness for anything in trousers, will it be plane sailing?
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