Birds of Prey

Season 1 Episode 14

Devil's Eyes

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2003 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • During the fight between Barbara and Helena, when Helena says "Sorry. I gotta kill you now" a tongue stud or barbell is clearly, if briefly, visible. It's also very visible when Helena is being interrogated by Harley in the clocktower.

    • Trivia: At the end of the episode when Reese and Alfred are sweeping up, a Batgirl figure is seen lying on the ground and sweeped away.

    • After Oracle figures out what happened to Helena, she only tells Dinah that Helena is "compromised." Dinah somehow immediately knows and mentions she is hypnotized.

    • Dinah's hair is curled in the episode, but when you see her fighting from the side/back in the fight scene at the end, her hair is no longer curled. In other words, Rachel's stunt double didn't have the same hairstyle.

    • In the fight scene between Helena and Harley, Harley flips to kick Helena and Helena stops her. Then after they cut to Dinah and back to Helena and Harley, the same scene is shown again.

    • Gibson and Helena didn't remember anything that had happened while they were hypnotized, so how did Alfred know to say "butle this" in relation to Harley's "butle me," in which she said when he was hypnotized?

    • In the conclusion of the fight between Helena and Harley, Barbara turns her head towards the two. A moment later, the exact same scene is repeated, just from further away.

    • This is the series finale and all, but everyone seems pretty chipper considering that Harley knows all their secret identities (as well as Batman's) as well as the location of their HQ, and is still alive to tell anyone she wants. Doesn't that pretty much end their careers as crimefighters?

    • Helena has metahuman powers and Barbara is using special technology, but how did Harley manage to jump to the top part of the clocktower?

    • Reese tells Helena the doctor's name was "Rominic" but when she passes it on to Barbara, Helena pronounces it "Rownick."

    • Barbara directs Helena to No Man's Land Collectibles because the police reported a riot that trashed the store. When Helena gets there, there is no police, the place isn't trashed (until two guys fall through a window), and the riot is still in progress.

    • Reese says the hypnotic metahuman's eyes were burned out, but earlier when Rominic yanked off his hood, his eyes were fine.

  • Quotes

    • Helena: I don't need help. You better not come any closer.
      Barbara: Why not?
      Helena: Then I'll have to hurt you.
      Barbara: I don't think you'd do that.
      Helena: Just goes to show, the all-knowning Oracle isn't right all the time.

    • Dinah: Helena, this isn't you. You're hypnotized, you can beat it.
      Helena: Right. (punches through wooden gate)
      Reese: I don't think you're getting through to her.

    • (Jesse sees the Birds' lair)
      Jesse: Nice crib.
      Dinah: We like to call it home.

    • Helena: Maybe I'm not Batman's little girl any more. Sometimes I feel like he's watching, looking over my shoulder, looking down on all of us.
      Dinah: Kinda like a big guardian bat.

    • Barbara: Stay back, Helena.
      Helena: Barbara, listen to me.
      Barbara: There's nothing left to say.
      Helena: Yes there is. You have saved me so many times it's my turn. When my mom died you told me something I didn't understand until right now. You told me revenge might dull the pain, but the less we felt the less we were.
      Barbara: It was a lie.
      Helena: No it wasn't. Barbara, this is my last chance to get forgiveness for what I did. If I could give my life to have Wade back, you know I would. But I can't... Barbara, we don't kill. No matter what. I can't let you do this. It makes us less... It makes us less.

    • Harley: Tell me something Helena; why didn't just kill Barbara?
      Helena: Kill her? ...I don't know.
      Gibson: Superheroes don't kill, no matter how hard they hit their Barbara. Shhpow! Incoming headless best friend!
      Helena: Maybe it's because you didn't tell me to.
      Harley: An oversight on my part, which we'll soon remedy.

    • Helena: Barbara knows.
      Harley: What happened?
      Helena: I hit her. Hard.
      Harley: That would tend to give it away.

    • Jesse: So Alfred, you worked for this Bat Guy?
      Alfred: Batman. Yes, Detective, for many years.
      Jesse: And he lived in a cave?
      Alfred: Well no, Master Bruce lived in the Manor. The BatCave was his operational headquarters, as it were.
      Jesse: Right. Well, what was up with this Robin character? What was his story?

    • Harley: We could do this all night.
      Helena: That's always been one of my two favorite sentences.

    • Gibson: Ninety newton-pounds per square inch angled at the jawline renders 50% of the female population unconscious, as defined by the obliteration of a friendship!

    • (last line of the series, to Batman on the phone)
      Alfred: Your daughter's doing rather well. You'd be most proud – most proud indeed.

    • Alfred: Oh, Mistress Harley – butle this!

    • Helena: I feel like I've been born again – only without the diapers and the crying.

  • Notes

    • German title: "Harley Quinn"

    • The jacket that Dina Meyer (Barbara Gordon) wears is the same one that Ashley Scott (Helena Kyle) wore in "Primal Scream."

    • The metahuman who is fried by psycho doctor with his machine, is played by the Co-Executive Producer and Writer, Hans Tobeason.

    • This episode (series finale) ends with Alfred speaking to 'Master Bruce' on the telephone, letting the audience know that Batman checks in on his only daughter.

    • The song playing at the end of the episode's fight scene is titled "All The Things She Said" by t.A.T.u. However, it is replaced on the DVD by another song.

    • This episode originally aired as a 2-hour "movie" along with "Feat of Clay". This episode and "Feat of Clay" were billed as a "season finale" although the WB cancelled it in December.

    • The song that plays at the end of the episode/series is "A Sorta Fairy Tale" by Tori Amos.

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