Birds of Prey

Season 1 Episode 13

Feat of Clay

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2003 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • The notion of Clayface having a son, with his own clay-like powers, is a concept drawn from the comics. In that medium the child's name is Cassius 'Clay' Payne, while in the Birds of Prey continuity it is Chris Cassius.

    • When Barbara is looking at the invitation to the fashion show on the computer screen, it says it starts at 7:00. Yet, when Barbara looks at the invitation she got in the mail, she says that it starts at 9.

    • Barbara manages to make four different cameras twist and move in different directions, just by moving one joystick. Later the cameras move around in different directions even when Barbara isn't controlling them as she talks with Wade.

    • Why does Cassius wear make-up? And later, when Helena comments about it, he isn't wearing any.

    • Why does Kroner call Reese and give him Cassius' address, then go to see Cassius without any protection or back-up? And why does Reese let Kroner go give Cassius the new and improved serum?

    • Alfred implies in the narration in the first episode was that the Joker had Catwoman killed to get revenge. So...was Clayface working for the Joker, or what? This isn't really made clear.

    • What kind of connection does Helena have at Arkham? The guard lets her in and out, and she bangs and screams on the glass when she confronts Clayface. But the guard never responds except to politely let her out when she's done.

    • Helena says she saw the face of her mother's killer, and she recognizes Clayface when he takes on that face, but in the flashback neither we or she can see the killer's face.

    • Why does the second guard wear his uniform to a covert meeting to get his payment from Cassius?

    • So Helena declines to pose for Clayface when he may have information on how to save the guard? She kinda needs to work on that whole "hero" thing.

    • In "Primal Scream," Wade was in Barbara's bedroom in the Clocktower (well, it sure looked that way) so why is Alfred bringing him there in this episode such a big thing?

  • Quotes

    • Barbara: You see anything unusual backstage?
      Helena: Aside from my outfit? No.

    • Dinah: (To Barbara) So I guess this means you're canceling your vacation.
      Helena: What vacation?
      Barbara: With Wade.
      Dinah: To the Bahamas.
      Helena: You were just gonna disappear without telling me?
      Barbara: No, I just figured something would come up and I'd have to...
      Helena: Sacrifice any potential happiness and your personal life.

    • Helena: I bet under all that make-up you're just a shard off the old pot.
      Cassius: Clay humor. How original.

  • Notes

    • The series was cancelled in January 2003, with 11 episodes aired. The producers were, however, allowed to film the final two episodes of their 13-episode commitment, and these episodes aired in February 2003, with the final episode retooled in order to close off the various storylines in the series, an unusual privilege for a cancelled series.

    • German title: "Clayface"

    • In Batman: The Animated Series an episode is called "Feat of Clay" and is also about Clayface.

    • This episode originally aired as a 2-hour "movie" along with "Devil's Eyes." The double episode was billed as a "season finale" although the WB cancelled it in December.

  • Allusions

    • Title
      "Feet of Clay" is a phrase that refers to a person's weakness. It's origin is found in the Old Testament (in Daniel), "...his legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay."

    • Alfred: Bringing Wade to Barbara
      At least Alfred is consistent - his bringing Wade into the Clocktower parallels his bringing Vicki Vale in to the Batcave in the first Batman movie.

    • Helena: last name of Clayface
      The last name of Helena's nemesis, Clayface, is revealed to be Cassius - a play on words to the name Cassius Clay, the birth name of boxing champion Muhammed Ali.