Birds of Prey

Season 1 Episode 10

Nature of the Beast

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2002 on The WB
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Episode Summary

When a hit is put out on the life of legendary mob boss, Al Hawke, the only person he trusts to protect him is his son, Detective Reese. Reese turns to Helena for help, but when she learns that Reese's father is the same man who killed Dinah's mother, Black Canary, her loyalties are tested. (TV-14,L,V)moreless

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  • Mobsters including Al Hawk are ambushed at a meeting. Hawk escapes but is targeted by a meta-human hit man who can walk thru walls and is single minded about finishing the job. Reese and The Birds race to try to protect him to turn states evidence.moreless

    Another great meta-human villain in this episode. A man who's molecular makeup allows him to flow thru solid objects. Reese who is Hawk's son and Huntress are working together to keep Hawk safe as he is willing to turn states evidence now that his organization and Frankie Spitz has turned on him.

    The problem is that Hawk is the man who got Black Canary killed and Dinah wants revenge. It turns out that she is quite a dangerous meta-human when angry and must learn to control her temper. Huntress stops her from killing him and they have an altercation.

    In the end the Birds band together to defeat the wall walker by using a combination of Dinah's, Huntress, and Oracle's powers. Reese takes Hawk to jail after he decides now that there is no danger he wants to just retire and not turn states evidence. Huntress and Dinah are bonding even more. At the end of the episode there is a cute exchange between them with Dinah saying she looks better in the com than Huntress at least everybody says so "Everyone but your boyfriend!" Huntress reply's, "He's not my boyfriend!" It's a running joke now.

    An enjoyable episode that flies by. One of the better overall episodes. In a way this episode is a turning point with all of the teams powers starting to come to the fore. Thanks for reading...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Helena approaches Reese as he's getting into his car, he hits the remote unlock button. However, the driver's side window is all the way down, making it pointless to lock the car in the first place, and unnecessary to unlock it either.

    • Barbara says that she's looking for Al Hawke by running the composite photo against "surveillance pictures" from "points of entry" via the computer, but earlier when Dinah entered and we saw the computer doing its job, it was just bringing up police mugshots.

    • Also, Hawke that we hear here sounds nothing like Hawke in "Sins of the Mother." His voice is deeper, and he doesn't speak in the Zen-like dialogue either. And yet everyone is sure the "new" Hawke really is Hawke.

    • The physical builds of Mitch Pileggi and Stephen McHattie are substantially different - Pileggi is much larger. Plastic surgery wouldn't account for the extra height and weight that Al magically acquired after his burn damage.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Barbara: It looks like our wall-walker's neuroelectrical pulse activates some kind of molecular dispersion. That's what enables him to pass through inanimate objects.
      Helena: And here I just thought he was really skinny.

    • Helena: It's just hard for me to picture you and Hawke being from the same family.
      Reese: Yeah, well, my mother's black.
      Helena: Yeah, obviously. What I mean is, there you are being brought up in well, you know, "the family", and somehow you find your way to being a cop.
      Reese: I guess I got seduced by the high pay and community respect.
      Helena: Or maybe Dad pissed you off real good.

    • Barbara: You got your new comm set?
      Dinah: Are you kidding me? I slept in this thing.
      Helena: I know you did, heard the snoring. Might want to turn the mic off next time.

    • Helena: What's the matter? Hospitals make you nervous? Or are you just allergic to the lead-lined walls?
      Barbara: Actually, it's not an allergy. You see, the molecular structure of the lead will impede his molecular dispersion and...
      Helena: Do you mind?
      Barbara: Right, sorry.

    • Helena: Guess I finally found the right wall to throw someone into.

    • Reese: (to Helena) Does it always have to end with you throwing a guy into a wall?

    • Helena: Frankie, have you considered you might actually be too stupid to run a major crime family?

    • Frankie: What is this, some sort of crime-fighting date?

    • Helena: (Dinah's) dangerous when she's pissed, huh?

  • NOTES (3)