Birds of Prey

Season 1 Episode 4

Prey for the Hunter

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2002 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Helena and Detective Reese clash again when they both try to track down a serial killer who destroys metahumans by taking on their powers. Meanwhile, Dinah ditches school when she learns from Helena there is a metahuman-only bar, and Barbara meets Wade's parents who think she is not normal enough for their son. (TV-14,L,V)moreless

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  • Huntress and Detective Reese are separately tracking a killer that is killing meta-humans. Reese has a new parter named Morton that seems to have interesting insider knowledge of meta-humans. We learn that there are under ground meta-human hangouts.moreless

    This episode had another good meta-human villain. This time he takes the powers of the meta-human he's with and uses it against them. It was pretty obvious from the start that the villain was Morton. There were a number of things you had to overlook.

    When Huntress beats up the first meta-human who is killed (shoots acid) he comes back over the trash barrel with a big hole in his chest. First problem is why would someone who shoots acid not be immune to it. Seems like it would cause some major problems all of the time. The second problem is if Huntress was their why was Morton not having the same problem he had when a second meta-human showed up later. It should have shut him down at least for a few minutes.

    The headaches gave him away and his attitude in general. Not a very like able character versus Reese who is trying to serve Justice. The solution they come up with in the end was the logical choice. Overrun his mental capabilities. It is questionable whether he would ever really been able to overcome Huntress powers though as they are both offensive and defensive. Many of the meta-humans are offensive in nature only and if you got the first shot you would kill them easily with their own powers. Surprise being the key.

    I still enjoyed this episode and think it was still pretty good even with the story quirks.

    Thanks for reading...moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Morton uses a metahuman's powers against him, but if a person is able to spit acid, for example, shouldn't he have a built-in immunity to the effects of his acid? If not, his powers would have consumed him long before Morton ever met the metahuman.

    • At the end, Dinah saves Huntress because Morton gets a crippling headache in the presents of two metahumans. However at the start of the episode, Morton (presumable) kills "acid spitting guy" in the proximity of Huntress. Why didn't Morton get a crippling headache then?

    • When they show the "No Mans Land" outside, it said "Metahuman Bar Only." Apparently they don't take their own rules seriously, because later Barbara Gordon, who is not a metahuman, decides to show up.

    • Why does Helena leave Reese with Morton, who just shot and tried to kill him when he refused to shoot Helena? All she does is tell Barbara to call an ambulance and then she runs off. Of course, Morton doesn't finish up killing Reese for some unknown reason or another that isn't explained.

    • Good thing the roof that Helena and Morton are fighting on is handicap-accessible so Barbara can show up for the last scene.

    • When they grapple on the edge of the roof, Morton says they'll fall together and die together. But...we've seen repeatedly that Helena can throw herself off high buildings and survive...ummm, somehow, with some metahuman power or another. And Morton seems to have a full understanding of the powers he mimics. So why would he think they're going to die at all?

    • Gibson says that he'll get the word out for the metahuman community to lie low. Then the next time we see him, with Dinah in the bar, the place is packed with metahumans. Not only that, but the place doesn't seem to have much security since Dinah just walked in earlier.

    • So was the dinner scene with Wade's parents deleted from the final cut? That might explain the short screen-time (see Notes), and it sure seems awkward that we the audience never see the scene but only hear about it via Barbara. (The remainder of the scene was in part moved to the episode "Reunion.")

    • Who the heck is in the red car with flashing lights that runs over Morton? Normally such a car, which is visually different than the typical New Gotham police car, would be a fire marshal's car. So why the heck was a fire marshal driving along with his lights flashing toward the fight scene?

    • So how does Morton get Helena's martial arts training along with her "powers"? She may be strong, heal fast, and have good reflexes, but she's also using martial arts stuff which he mimics as well. Or is that just how his power works?

    • Dinah's dress changes to a different style and color when she goes from science to the cafeteria, then again when she goes back to the bar.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Morton: You'll die too!
      Helena: I can live with that.

    • Morton: Now, my chief says this guy doesn't exist, that no serial killer would use such a wide variety of methods.
      Reese: And what do you say?
      Morton: I say this one does. That's the problem with only looking for things you've already seen... it makes you blind to the stuff that's right in front of your face.
      Reese: Ha. Yeah, well, I hear you on that one, but you might just want to keep that opinion to yourself if you want to be taken seriously around these parts.
      Morton: Ask me if I care.

    • Wade: Hello. Hi. Um, listen, about Tuesday night, I was wondering. I, I know it's really short notice, but my folks are coming through town, and...
      Barbara: Oh, oh, no, no. I, I totally understand. You need to cancel. That's fine.
      Wade: Actually, I was hoping you'd come to dinner with us.
      (Barbara stares in shock)
      Wade: Nice deer in the headlights impression. Very subtle.

    • Carl: What do you want?
      Morton: I want you.
      Carl: Hey, man, I did nothing to you.
      Morton: It's not about what you did. It's about what you are.

    • Helena: Why is school so terrible? Did something happen?
      Dinah: Not exactly. I just thought it was going to be different here, you know? But people still stare at me, and they won't talk to me. I can see it coming. It's going to be just like home.
      Helena: News flash: it's high school. The closest thing our society has to institutionalized torture. They're staring at you because every new kid's a freak.
      Dinah: I just don't see the point of going to high school. I mean, I already know what I wanna be. A superhero. You don't need Algebra for that.
      Helena: You need it to have a normal life.
      Dinah: I don't want a normal life. I want my life. I spent the last 15 years hating myself because I was different. I'm done with that. I am what I am, and I'm never gonna be ashamed of it again.
      Helena: Not to interrupt the meta-pride parade, but you do know you can be a regular person, go to school and still be who you are.
      Dinah: Yeah, I guess so. I just wanted to see what it would be like to be a regular meta, too.
      Helena: Let me tell you somethin'. It's not all that it's cracked up to be.

    • Helena: If you want to know if I killed him... I didn't. He jumped. You look terrible.
      Reese: And you don't.
      Helena: Another perk of the meta lifestyle. I heal quick...on the outside, anyway...I can't decide if I should thank you for not shooting me or beat you senseless for drawing a gun on me, 'cause, you know, "things" like me are dangerous and violent.
      Reese: Are you saying that you aren't dangerous and violent?
      Helena: Absolutely, I am. But not 'cause I'm meta.
      Reese: Look, I'm just, I'm not used to...
      Helena: No, it's time for you to listen. Meta-humans are just people. Not all metas are bad, just like not all cops are good. There's a lot of meta-human criminals in new Gotham, because there's a lot of criminals here, period. And as for me, I'm half-meta, and I'm half-human, and I am proud of both.
      Reese: I never thought you killed him. But... beat him to a bloody pulp, that one crossed my mind a few times. Hey, why won't you just tell me your name?
      Helena: Because the first time we met, you asked me who I was. But last night, you asked me "what" I was. I won't tell you my name. You haven't earned it.

    • Dinah: What do you think it was like for Morton, you know, to hate yourself so much?
      Helena: He didn't understand. It's not what you are. It's who.

    • Helena: You're killing your own kind. Why?
      Morton: I'm not your kind. You're a monster. And as long as even one of you exists, I'm a freak. This pain in my head comes from you. Every time I get near one of you, I change into something I don't want to be... into something I hate! So I... am going to destroy all of you. And when the last one of you dies, I'll be normal. I'll be free.
      Helena: And I'm the one in therapy.

    • Helena: (looking at her damaged jacket) Look at this! Hmmph! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find clothes that look sexy?

    • Helena: How am I supposed to meet a regular guy when I spend all of my evenings body-slamming scumbags?

    • Dinah: There's a metahuman street?
      Helena: Yeah, just west of the Magic Kingdom.

    • Helena: Normally the bad guys don't bounce.

    • Reese: Are you saying you're not dangerous and violent?
      Helena: Absolutely I am.

    • Helena: Maybe death is too easy. Maybe you should stay alive, locked in a cell to rot, your head splitting, thinking of what you've done.
      Morton: (whispers) There's a difference between staying alive, and living.
      (Morton steps off the building and falls)

    • Morton: You're going to die just like all the others.
      Helena: Maybe but I'm going to make you work for it.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Dinah: Barbara, you're channeling June Cleaver.
      June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver, the wife of Ward Cleaver and the mother of two sons, is a fictional dramatic character on the American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

    • Helena: Fine, I'll go to No Man's Land.
      In the Batman comics, this was a story arc that took place over about a year's time. Gotham was hit by an earthquake in an arc called "Cataclysm" which was followed by "Aftermath." "No Man's Land" was the story-arc that began the restructuring of Gotham after the earthquake in "Cataclysm."

    • Det. Morton: I've seen perps who can shoot lightning from their fingertips, drop from ten stories, or turn into bugs.
      The first two villain-of-the-weeks on Smallville could...shoot lightning from their fingertips and turn into bugs.

    • Bludhaven
      Morton said he was transfered from Bludhaven. Bludhaven is the home city of Nightwing (who in reality is Dick Grayson, formerly Batman's sidekick Robin).

    • Morton: I guess he thinks I'm Mulder Jr.
      Nod to the X-Files and David Duchovny's character - apparently the X-Files show exists in the DC universe.

    • Gibson's name William Gibson wrote various s.f. books such as Neuromancer which featured people who could "store" memories - the movie Johnny Mnemonic with Keanu Reeves and Birds of Prey star Dina Meyer is probably the best-known example. The metahuman Gibson can do basically the same thing.

    • Gibson Turning the Shakespeare head
      To get into the metahuman bar Gibson uses a Shakespeare bust, which looks a whole lot like the one that Batman and Robin accessed the Batpoles in the 60's Batman series.