Birds of Prey

Season 1 Episode 7

Primal Scream

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2002 on The WB
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At the request of Det. Reese, Helena goes undercover to help bring down a gang of thieves terrorizing New Gotham and quickly discovers that the gang is part of a larger infrastructure. Helena goes after the big boss until her cover is blown, putting her in grave danger. Meanwhile, Barbara has to deal with her fear of intimacy when her relationship with Wade takes a serious turn. (TV-14,D,L,S,V)moreless

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  • Huntress is involved with a gang of thieves as part of a scheme by Reese to capture them in the act. Reese and Huntress don't agree about the job and how to do it. Dinah is going thru the different levels of grief over the loss of her mother.moreless

    I had split feelings about this episode. In some ways it was great and in others it was a step backwards. Reese and Huntress are finally getting some trust with each other but then Huntress throws it all away by lying to him. Not only that but Reese' partner almost gets killed because of Huntress later in the episode.

    The gang is a bunch of motorcycle riders that basically take money and jewels from patrons at different city hot spots. It turns out it is a front for Harley and just another of her money making schemes. Harley tells the leader that she is happy with the money but why no murders?

    Barbara and Wade get together in a well done bedroom scene that was rather tastefully done. She tells Helena later how great it was.

    Dinah is still emotional but we see her in action again in support of Huntress. Reese gets upset with Huntress and gets captured trying to do things his way. Huntress then gets captured as well when she shows up and they know she is in cahoots with Reese. They taser her and tie her to a ring in the ceiling. Dinah shows up and Huntress gets loose and then they take the gang down.

    Reese and Huntress make up and she disappears on him again. The ending on this episode was a little strange and a little hard to take in general except for Dinah's part. The rest did not quite fit together for me.moreless
Ian Abercrombie

Ian Abercrombie

Alfred Pennyworth

Dina Meyer

Dina Meyer

Barbara Gordon/ Oracle

Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore

Jesse Reese

Mia Sara

Mia Sara

Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn

Rachel Skarsten

Rachel Skarsten

Dinah Lance

Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott

Helena Kyle/ Huntress

Shane Johnson

Shane Johnson

Mick Winters

Guest Star

Brent Sexton

Brent Sexton

Detective McNally

Guest Star

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown


Guest Star

Shawn Christian

Shawn Christian

Wade Brixton

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • The cards used during the strip poker scene appear to be Canadian/French as Helena's hand is 9, 10, V(alet), D(ame), R(oi) (9, 10, J(ack), Q(ueen), K(ing))

    • Second absurdly improbable survival of someone in a massive explosion in two weeks - how the heck did McNally survive?

    • For a guy who hates people who "punch the clock", Mick sure seems to be into precision timing and all, as well as working for a boss who tells him what to do.

    • The robbery at Gobu doesn't make much sense. Helena told Reese the time the previous day (10 p.m.). Reese is in contact with McNally at 10 p.m. and they say they have lots of tac officers surrounding the place. So the Animals show up and . . . nothing happens. Apparently because Reese's phone gets jammed they can't independently move in on the motorcycle gang raiding the place and capture them.

    • Odd transition time: Barbara and Wade are kissing in the classrom. Then the camera zooms in on the Clocktower. Then it cuts to Barbara and Wade in bed. So does that mean they're in the Clocktower? Which Barbara described as a "secret lair" in the past. So now Wade knows she lives in a Clocktower - shouldn't he find this a bit odd?

    • When Helena in her cat mask grabs the patron's drink at the first bar and drinks it, how does she do that with what is clearly a non-functional mask mouth?

    • Couldn't Mick and Wolf provide a fairly accurate description of Helena? Talk to a sketch artist? Something? It's not like they're dead, and if I were Harleen, I'd like to have a picture of the woman who keeps messing up my operations.

    • It's kinda odd that Helena doesn't wear a mask or hide her identity, but for the second week in a row Dinah is close to Jesse and there's some chance he could get a look at her face. Shouldn't she wear a mask or something?

    • Helena calls the ring a "Bat Ring". But it has a picture of a bird on it as we see later in closeup. Jesse doesn't seem to wonder about this.

    • Why didn't Helena know about the explosion? It occurred near the gang's warehouse HQ and the gang apparently always goes back there after a heist. So how'd she miss the burning car, fire trucks, etc.?

    • At the beginning of the episode when the ambulance drives by Reese, it doesn't have the "Ambulance" wording reversed as is legally required of all American ambulances.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (Holding a handful of diamonds)
      Harleen: I could buy such pretty things with these. Guns, bombs, shoes. Planning the fashionable overthrow of a city is so expensive.

    • Barbara: What happened to you this morning?
      Helena: Tequila happened. Guess what? I'm in. They gave me my own bike.
      Barbara: I hope you weren't drinking and driving.
      Helena: No. The drinking came after the driving... and armed robbery. But before the dancing and strip poker.

    • Barbara: (talking about Dinah) I think we've definitely moved on to the anger stage of grief.
      Helena: You mean there's another one?

    • Helena: Hey, metaphysical discussion later. I have a party to rest up for.

    • Harleen: All this money. Not one death. Seems like such a waste.

    • Dinah: Are you worried about me?
      Barbara: Worried? Because you're attacking me like a rabid Rottweiler? Why would I be worried?
      Dinah: Not sure I like that visual image.

    • Mick: Remember, people don't intimidate people. Guns do.

    • Helena: You had sex with Wade!?
      Barbara: Don't say the word 'sex' in front of Alfred.
      Helena: Oh please. He's heard it. (pause) Or at least heard of it, anyway.

    • Helena: Do you think these pants make me look hippy?
      Jesse: Why is everything such a joke to you?
      Helena: It's not a joke. Fashion in combat is a very serious issue.

    • Jesse: That was quick.
      Helena: You trigger the Bat Ring, I show up. That's the deal.

  • NOTES (5)