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  • "Birds of Prey" Cast Reunion April 25, 2015

    "Birds Of Prey" Tv Show 2002 stars who are part DC Comics legacy will have their first ever cast reunion at the "Hollywood Show" on Saturday April 25th, 2015.

    Ashley Scott aka 'The Huntress', Dina Meyer aka 'Oracle', Rachel Skarsten aka 'Dinah Lance' daughter of Black Canary.

    All will be at the LAX Westin for the event among other stars there.

  • Saddest Adaptation Ever

    I allow a LOT when it comes to comics-to-TV. This show actually lowered the bar to me lower than I even could have imagined.

    It made no damn sense at all, as even THEY didn't know the full story and it was evident from day one. NO questions held accessible answers ever. Who is Dinah's dad? Who raised her? How did Selina hide a kid from the World's Greatest Detective for over a decade? Where did she grow up? How did Babs find her? If Alfred was like 80 in the movies and this was all that time later is he 100 now? Why does he call the child he raised "The Batman"? How do people not know Harley's secret ID? Or Batgirl's, since she got shot in full costume and someone had to take her to the hospital? This show had no fucking idea what it was doing. Undoubtedly they thought they could ape the success of Buffy and Smallville in one fell swoop, but as anyone with any knowledge of that topic has, Buffy was clearly mapped out for about 5 seasons with the plan working backwards from day one and this shit-fest was staggering forward and homeless.

    The writers had no vision, and were telling three different and contradicting versions of it's own history. Smallville and Gotham are two different universes even in the non-comic reading ethos. This isn't a place where something secret happened that will one day blow up. It's a place where crazy shit happens and people wear masks. Execs were terrified of losing any one demo so they sucked with all of them and it's clear from the word go. Harley was not herself. Why, if the Joker tried to blow up the city and Batman stopped him, would 1) she put her real name on her damn office and business card 2) would anyone call "The Batman" an urban legend- especially a cop who worked in a building that housed a Bat-signal??? STUPID X 20000. Helena was a detestable *** from ep one. Nothing likable about her at all. Just a pissy asshole with a bad attitude all the time, except for the (gag) General Foods In'tl Coffee moment at the end of each episode. A neutered Black Canary (sort of) with a mama who was the real deal in black denim and not a trace of a camisole or fishnets?? This show died from it's own overwhelming self-loathing.

    Who is responsible for this train-wreck? I can tell you. Her name is a long Greek one and I have no desire to look her up, but she was the Exec Prod of Tomb Raider. Yes, a movie about the hottest action heroine of that time, with the hottest shoe-in actress of the time that was not 1) phenomenal 2) ground-breaking 3) sequel-worthy 4) franchise-establishing or 5) even gets thought about now or discussed in women's action films. There ya go. Shitfest exponential.

  • The Flight of the Birds of Prey

    Though it's a little cheesy, Birds of Prey is an impressive superhero series that was caged too soon. The show follows Batman's daughter, Huntress, as she teams up with Barbara Gordon (formerly Batgirl) and Diana Lance (Black Canary's daughter) to fight crime in New Gotham; meanwhile Harley Quinn attempts to rebuild the Joker's criminal empire and cause chaos. Unfortunately, the special effects and sets look a little cheap, and show the budget limitations of the series. And, the writing is inconsistent; being exciting and original in one episode, and cliched and trite in the next. However, the casting is rather good, featuring Ashley Scott, Dina Meyer, and Mia Sara; who all bring a lot of charisma to their performances. Additionally, the soundtrack adds an extra amount of energy to the show. A fascinating series, Birds of Prey delivers an entertaining 13 episode adventure.
  • Why!!!

    I have to say WHY!!!

    This show was something i didn't know about until recently and thought i would watch it even though it was canceled and i must say what a waste, granted it had it's moments of predictability and so on, but it had a great story and the (without sounding like a common male) sexy women that played their parts exceptionally, the potential for this show was huge but as the last reviewer said "you're standards are WAY too high" i give this show a 10 and without regret, so on that i have 4 words to say... give it a reboot.
  • Another exceptional series given the ax by those hacks in TV Land.


    If you're looking for several vivacious females with the power to kick butt and protect the wayward streets of Gotham City then... you're standards are WAY too high; there are only few women in the entire world that fit that description. However, lucky for you you've come to the right place because you can find them all here inBirds of Prey. Equipped with all the black leather Gotham has to offer, Helena Kyle and newcomer Dinah Redmond, under the guidance of the wheelchair bound yet still highly capable Barbra Gordon, set out to keep Gotham safe from all the creepy-crawlies that come out at night.

    With it's amazing soundtrack, the dulcet tones of Shemar Moore (Detective Jesse Reese), the comedicstylingof Alfred Pennyworth and the incredible portrayal of thepsychoticHarleen Quinzel by Mia Sara, one must wonder why this series isn't still airing exciting adventures and interesting plot lines somewhere on TV today? Was it the obviously computer generated images of Gotham City by day (which could have only improved as time and technology advanced)? Was it the initially bad acting of Rachel Skarsten (Dinah Redmond) which did improve as the show advanced? Perhaps it was neither of these things, perhaps it was simply a testament to the age old adage that "all good things come to an (early) end".

  • the story tells of batman and catowman daughter helena who is known as huntress whos in gotham city.huntress fights evil and protects the innocent people in gotham city.

    this show is kinda a what if show.

    what if batman and catwoman had a daughter.that is what this show is about.

    huntress has powers she used to fight crime in gotham city and she also used them to stop evil.ashely scott plays huntress very well.

    huntress(ashley scott) isnt alone,she has oracle(dina meyer),dinah(rachel skargter) and a detective reese(shemar moore) on her side.

    oracle was batgirl she was caught in the war between joker and batman and she was left in a oracle uses her skills in technology.she lets huntress know where the bad guys are at,she makes equiment they use in fights,she is the brain of the group.

    dinah was scared of her powers so she ranned away after alot of horrible things happened to her.she joins huntress and oracle on their fight against evil and bad guys.she learns her mother is black canary(siren).dinah helps the group with who they need to protect and what may happened next.

    detective reese at first as know ideal whats going on until he meets huntress.they spark up a bond that you can tell they have some romantic feelings for their feeling grows reese covers up for huntress and lets her know when crimes are happening in the city.

    together they all form birds of prey.

    the show as action in it that i really love,it as alot of backstory to batman and catwoman,it even has this love story between huntress and the detective,and the show as good acting.

    this show had alot of potential to be better.its a shame another great show only lasted 1 season.
  • A live action series based in the world of DC Comics Earth 2. Batman has disappeared and New Gotham is now protected by the Birds of Prey, Oracle (formerly Batgirl), Huntress (Batman and Catwomans daughter), and Dinah (Black Canary's daughter).

    An enjoyable series that ended too soon. This show had some of the pieces of the original Batman story. The Huntress/Helena Kyle played by Ashley Scott is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman so taking care of the Birds in their lair behind the clock tower is Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's long time confidant played by Ian Abercrombie.

    Oracle/Barbara Gordon played by Dinah Meyer of Star Trek fame is the former Batgirl. She was shot in the head by the Joker during the final days of the battle with Batman for supremacy of New Gotham. She does her work from a special wheelchair and has become the brains behind New Gotham's crime fighters. Huntress became the brawn as she is half meta-human who picked up some of her strength and agility from her mother Catwoman whom she witness murdered in the streets of New Gotham in the same battle with the Joker that Oracle lost the use of her legs.

    The final member of the team is the mysterious and young Dinah Lance who is a runaway meta-human with untold psychic powers that came to New Gotham to fulfill her destiny as a super hero crime fighter. We learn in the course of things that the famous crime fighter Black Canary was her mother and abandoned her when she was only five years old. During the last five episodes we were just beginning to see the power that Dinah had to possibly become the most powerful meta-human ever.

    Together these three are the Bird's of Prey. Defenders of New Gotham from the evil that is growing unbeknownst to them by Harley Quinn the paramour of the Joker who is bound and determined to bring New Gotham to its knees for what Batman did to the Joker. As her alias Dr. Harleen Quinzel a psychiatrist serving the city and running Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane she has a steady group of criminals to use and abuse in her quest. She is currently seeing Selena Kyle as a patient to help her in her grief over the loss of her mother.

    Rounding out the major players is Jesse Reese played by Shemar Moore. Detective Moore is to Huntress what Detective/Commissioner Gordon was to Batman. The Birds tie with the trustworthy police officers of New Gotham. Early on the acting and stories where a little weak but in the final five episodes this show really found its stride. It is a shame it was on the WB which basically could not support a show of this quality. Basically this is a good show that deserved a better fate than one season and out. You can get the complete series on DVD currently. Check it out. It includes the unaired pilot as well as the rest of the aired episodes seen on TV. Thanks for reading...
  • short and sweet, this show is amazing. it should never have been canceled

    I am just watching this show for the first time as i found it by accident on netflix. sometimes it has some cheese, but not nearly as much cheese as Buffy or Angel. this show is really awesome and i plan on finding it and purchasing this dvd set. someone, anyone fund this show and bring it back. the opening with alfred is not needed but some good theme music and a little bit of history, as well as some slightly better graphics and this show would easily make it big. the extreme geeks would not be the only people to watch it as this show has many elements of real life that anyone can relate to. bring it back.
  • An amazing show that was clearly under appreciated and ended long before its time. While it is a bit cheesy at times, overall the show is phenomenal.

    An amazing show that was clearly under appreciated and ended long before its time. While it is a bit cheesy at times, overall the show is phenomenal. The characters can feel familiar almost to the point of cliche but remain lovable none-the-less. In the beginning I did feel like they worked a bit too hard to make Huntress/Helena a "bad@$$" but once she began to open up she felt much more realistic. The romances throughout Birds of Prey were lovely. The episodes manage to contain their own story someone new to the show could enjoy while also each being a piece of a larger story. The finale was enjoyable with the exception of a character's death which felt like it was more for shock and drama than any meaningful purpose.
  • I really loved this show!

    Taking Batman & Catwoman's daughter and making her a superhero was brilliant! I just wish that the show had more time to develop Dinah, Black Canary's daughter. She really would've been an asset. With her psychic powers, she would probably been a force to be reckoned with. Oracle and Alfred were just the icing on the cake. I also enjoyed the relationship between Helena (Huntress) and Reese. They made a really good team and cute couple. I'm sorry that I was out of the country when this show aired. I know this would've been one that I would've watched.
  • I'm just watching this now, six years after they canceled it.

    As US shows go, it's not too bad. I like it a lot better than "Smallville", which I note was produced by the same people.

    I'm just halfway through the series at the moment, and just came to a major plot twist that I *really* didn't expect - kudos to them for being unpredictable.

    There are a few small "throw-aways" to watch out for; references to the meteor showers in "Smallville", for example, or tilted introductory shots of the "criminal's lair" that hark back to the 1960s high-camp "Batman". So far so good. It's a shame they canned this and not "Smallville". With Smallville's budget and a rewrite to play down the "meta-human" conceit this could have become unmissable.
  • The daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Huntress. She has taken up her father's mantle, fights to protect the innocent and helpless. Joining her in this struggle is Oracle and Dinah. Together, these three are the protectors of New Gotham - the Birds of Prey.

    Why did the Birds of Prey had to end? I mean it was a really good series to watch. I use to watch it every week it came on the television. It was full of action, emotions and so on. I was so sad to see it go but I guess their ratings were not good and as a result they had to end it. To anyone who have not seen this series ever to go and find it if you love action and special effects shows, movies and so on. Bird of Preys, thank you for being on when their was nothing else to watch.
  • I say give it another run after Smallville ends next season... it's really quite good.

    I agree, it was a sort of "other" smallville, but used batman as the hero...well his daughter and sidekicks (batgirl). I love Ashley Scott in Jericho too (sadly thats cancelled again though) i liked that alfred was in it and the last episode where you find out batman (bruce wayne) does know he has a daughter is amazing. As well as that Catwoman is Helena's mother and it features (for one episode) the joker, but interesting enough the main villan is Jokers sidekick, Harley Quinn! One episode features a cameo from the black canary as Dinah's mother. Oh and if you like criminal minds it features a young Shemar Moore too! What else do you want. the stories are actually okay. i remember this being on CNX on sky tv in the UK and actually getting excited for the next/new episode... then it got put on hiatus for a long time before finally getting cancelled.
  • The story focuses on Batman's love, Catwoman, their daughter, Huntress (half metahuman), Oracle, who was once Batman's protégé, and teen runaway, Dinah, a metahuman with powers, searching for an identity. Together, they are the protectors of New Gotham.

    When I first started to watch the show, I continued to ask myself "Why am I watching this show?" but as time went on, I really got into the story. The characters were growing and developing pretty well and there was plenty of action to go along with the story line, which is expected. This show is not a classic but should not have been cut so short. Right when it got really interesting, it was cancelled. So much more could have came out of this show and The WB should not have cancelled it as soon as they did. Watch it!!
  • It had its faults but the WB should of gave it a chance...

    Birds of Prey started in late 2002 and ended in early 2003. I think it was a bit stupid of the WB to cancel it, even if the first season had its downs they could of improved it by adding an extra season which was tonnes better. Yeah there were some pretty sick action moves and special effects but I think they slightly ruined it by adding the soapy moments and that they should of just sticked to an action series. When people start watching a series they expect something, but this wasn't really what they expected. The acting wasn't the best and the humor but it was decent.
  • It should've been alllowed to fly on its wings.

    I thought that Birds of Prey was a show that could've gone at least a couple of seasons. The management of it from the times it was on, and the general atmosphere when it was released for public consumption was entirely at a wrong time. The show itself was modelled closely from the comic book of the same name, which was the reason I liked it. Everyone involved with it respected the material and didn't give it a "campy" approach (there's nothing wrong with Camp, I also like Adam West's Batman) just like Smallville, which also appeared on the network. It had similarities to the early seasons of Smallville; Metas for Birds of Prey, Meteor Freaks for Smallville for example. They both dealt with the power corrupts absolutely maxim. The characters are more than cut-outs from their sources. All in all, Birds of Prey should have been given a chance, look at Smallville's success. The only thing I thought they could've improved on was to follow the formula from its source material. There should've been more Birds. Stories should've been dealing with conventional crimes as well as Metas. I did like the Harley Quinn subplot that ran throughout the series, as well as the guest-starring of Black Canary. More entrenchment with its source material would've cemented it in for at least a few more seasons. All in all, I wish they would have came out with a DVD set so that sales of it would've brought it back just like other shows.
  • It was a great show. I don't know why it didn't have another season. It's a mystery...

    Many things that happens in the history of television, I just don't get it. Many good series last for just one or two seasons and some bad shows can last forever. I liked Birds of Prey and I knew that could have had more than one season. When the series ended, I kept asking myself: "Why? What was wrong with this series?" I didn't have my answer yet, but I'm still looking for it. "Birds of Prey" was a great show and the history was amazing. The battles, the action, the music... All the things that I like in a show and I'm pretty sure that many people like to see these attributes in a show too. So, I wish Birds of Prey will come back one day. Bring Batman's little girl back!
  • The show follows the crime fighting daughter of Batman and Catwoman in Gotham with help from Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl and Oracle and Dinah Lance aka Black Canary II.

    This show was amazing and at the time I believe it had the highest viewer ratings of all the other shows on the WB at the time. The story line took the best parts of the DC Comics. Before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Helena Wayne was the daughter of Earth Two Batman and Catwoman. During Crisis on Infinite Earths the character of Helena Wayne was killed. Later the character of Helena Bertinelli was introduced to Earth One and here she was the daughter of a mobster. Helena Bertinelli eventually became the Huntress and teamed up with the Birds of Prey alongside Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl and Oracle, and Dinah Lance aka Black Canary II. That is what is so amazing about the show. They brought in the best of the two story lines. Dr. Harley Quinn was the main enemy throughout but classic Gotham enemies made their appearances. It was a good show that should have had a longer run.
  • Click on continue for the full review =]

    Birds of Prey is many things but not a horrible show. The acting and fighting in the show may have beenm dreadful but the storyline was pretty good. Some people couldn'y come to terms with the fact that Barbara Gordon was in a wheel chair and that Batman was gone. This show only followed the storyline of the Comic Book Series Birds of Prey just like every other Batman. In the origonal comic books, Barabara is show and becomes Oracle just like it the series. The difference is that Oracle moves to a new city and Batman continues to fight crime in Gotham. Maybe the show wasn't perfect but I believe that adding Harley Quinn was anb excellent twist to the show.
  • why did i watch that

    this show was pointless didn't make scence i mean who makes sucha pointless show for no reason just to get money thats why But it was stupid many many stupid shows die early and you don't care about it no you worry about it
    never ever never bring it back ever ever ever ever ever ever ever again please dont
    dont dont dont dont dont dnot dont bring this stupid show back dont bring this stupid show stupid stupid stupid stupid show back ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever again ever ever never ever never never ever nver again
  • The Birds of Prey was an awesome series, that was undeserving of it's early ending...

    I remember watching this series for the first time, and thinking to myself, "Holy Smokes, this is the coolest show ever!" I loved the characters, and it had all the elements that a good show should have; suspense, mystery, fighting, the works! It had an excelent story line, and an amazing cast of characters! Huntress is my hero! She had the cunning of her father, and the good looks of her mother! Oracle was very smart, and Dinah wasn't afraid to follow her feelings! I wish they would bring this show back!! It was soooo cool! Sure, they keep on terrible shows like Smallville, and they get rid of great shows like Birds Of Prey! It's not fair! But none the less, this will remain always, my favorite show. Long live Birds Of Prey!!!
  • A silly portray of the characters

    I watched this one day because i was excited to see how they had developed and expressed the story line. What on earth was that? A complete waste of time in my opinion. The episode i watched moved slow, the aspects were completely unrealistic, and the acting dreadful. I wouldn't watch this show again even if i had to. Funny thing this show is still being broadcasted in stations around the world. Birds of prey. The title itself is appalling. Nothing about this show is worth watching. Even the fighting is horrible. A disappointing act, and a good end to a bad show.
  • A show dealing with supposed extraordinary potential introducing the bloodline of Marvel Comics most explosive characters, Batman and Catwoman.

    Well we all knew that Batman and Catwoman wanted to be with each other, but their enemies and second lives prevented that. So the creators figured why not introduce a bloodline between Catwoman and Batman, fighting their old enemies croonies. Ashley Scott did a wonderful job as Huntress. She was a spitting image of Catwoman. Those dark features, the power and passion of Catwoman's character to do anything she wanted. The Oracle's character was different. No one expected her to be permanently in a wheel chair and to never call herself Batgirl again, but her smart saavy gave good edge in capturing criminals. Since this was an all female hero show, Dinah was put in as a back-up because there were no more female heroes in the tales of Batman. Overall, the show never got enough credit. It had good potential to become a female oriented show, like Charmed. With all the enemies Batman had, the creators could have come up with other villains, instead of the series lasting only one season.
  • It had a potential...

    This series really had a lot going for it. Too bad they couldn't hire better writers. If you saw the first episode then that's all you needed to see because every episode after it was exactly the same. They basically kept recycling the same script over and over again. Introduce lame villain-of-the-week (trust me, they were lame), one of the three girls develops a personal vendetta against the villain, against everyone's wishes she sets out to kill villain on her own, other girls swoop in and save the day, girl with personal vendetta learns her lesson (teamwork and justice not revenge and blah, blah, blah). Lesson learned until the next episode when the exact same thing happens all over again but with a new bad guy. It all got very tiring, very fast. Nothing new ever happened and character development was practically non-existent. Another flaw was that due to pressure from the teen-friendly WB network, the producers were forced to replace one of the characters from the comics with a new teenage character who was so full of angst that you wanted to smack her. She was also worthless. Think Dawn from "Buffy" only more annoying. Based on the premise alone, I really wanted to like this show but I was never given a good enough reason to like it. A wasted effort.
  • Batman is gone, and has a love child via Catwoman that turns out to be a metahuman (DC's version of mutants) who is being trained and facilitated by a Batgirl that has lost the ability to walk are joined by yet another metahuman girl who is psychic.

    I really enjoy Smallville so I eargly anticipated this show. But man,........ This show really didn't have it. I mean I had to force myself to watch each and every episode. The production quality of this show is probably equal to the Spiderman live action series of the 70s. The plot seemed to be right out of the worst kind of B movie out there. I honestly don't see how this show even made it to air. I had high hopes for this show, I have two daughters and TV is seriously lacking in shows where they can see strong female presences. This show was a flop from the get go and should have never made it past the pilot. Maybe if it had better writers and if they had concentrated on another hook. ARGH... just angers me that this junk makes it and Aquaman gets turned down. Utterly ridiculous.
  • Well... not much for me to say im quite sure. Jsut watch the show and make your own opinions about it but i ahve to say... it was very good.

    The is the story of Helen Kyle. aka Huntress. The daughter of catwoman and batman. And a metahuman. She is the vigilanty of today's generation. The new protector of New Gothom. Who has her mother's powers. She has the powers of agility, flexibility, and much more. Her mother was kille din front of her eyes during her high school years and then found out about her father. What he did and who he was Bruce Wayne, who also did not know that she even existed. And she also found out about her mother really was. And in the process began to help those in need as well as partener up with Jesse Resse the son of a local mobster and a member of the police force as well as Oracle, Also know in her younger days as Batgirl.
  • This tv show from the start was looking interesting from the get go but somehow never made it. I can not figure out why. Im thinking maybe because there were not that many well known stars in the series. Hopefully this will make it to dvd someday.

    This tv show had some issues from the start. Not enough star power but It had like a Dark Angel feeling to it. The tv show itself was surrounded by total girl power. Which I thought was really cool from the start. The daughter of Batman and Catwoman the Huntress. Her and her girl power friend Oracle fought crime in Gotham City From a clock tower. Along the way they come across a telepath named Dinah in the beginning. Who has powers of her own and breaks afew gadgets by the way. This whole tv show would of made a better impact on the fans if Batman would of showed up for afew episodes and had some of his villians from his past.
  • A show with massive potential, but didn't have a hook.

    This show had a massive amount of potential, but didn't have the same draw as Smallville. The writing and graphics could've been much better. The character development was ridiculous, but it still had me tuning in week after week. Despite this, I liked the show quite a bit, but it didn't draw into any storyline. Very much due to its short run. The casting wasn't bad. I must say, Ashley Scott was perfect for the role of Huntress. Beautiful girl, with the right image for the character. All in all I think it was a decent show that deserves a second chance, but definitely needs some tuning up.
  • This show is fabulous!! Love the casting job!!

    This show will always be a personal favorite of mine!! This is the way that they should have done Batman the movies. It was superb!! Gotham to the max!! The Huntress will always be one of my favorite characters and actors forever!! I watch Jericho as well which she is in now and Jericho is a great show!! But she's still not as good in that show as she was in this one. This was back when the WB had great shows but the network didn't appreciate them and canceled them. Another one was Glory Days!! Phenomenal!! A bit like Supernatural is today, but back then the WB whenever it had an interesting show on would quickly cancel it and put the same old crud on. That's how they wound up with One Tree Hill. Now there is a waste of time. This on the other hand rocked!! I miss it!! Why isn't it on DVD yet?
  • This show was underappreciated by the WB.

    It's truly a shame this program was cancelled by the WB before it had a chance to shine. It had some fine performances. Ashley Scott and Dina Meyer especially were fantastic. Ian Abercrombie was also a pleasure to watch as Alfred Pennyworth. The scripts, while some may have been a bit silly, were fun. It had some great guest stars and truly did its best to pay homage to the Batman franchise as a whole; as much as a show could without having the Dark Knight himself involved. I hope that a Complete Series DVD is released one day soon.
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