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  • A live action series based in the world of DC Comics Earth 2. Batman has disappeared and New Gotham is now protected by the Birds of Prey, Oracle (formerly Batgirl), Huntress (Batman and Catwomans daughter), and Dinah (Black Canary's daughter).

    An enjoyable series that ended too soon. This show had some of the pieces of the original Batman story. The Huntress/Helena Kyle played by Ashley Scott is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman so taking care of the Birds in their lair behind the clock tower is Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's long time confidant played by Ian Abercrombie.

    Oracle/Barbara Gordon played by Dinah Meyer of Star Trek fame is the former Batgirl. She was shot in the head by the Joker during the final days of the battle with Batman for supremacy of New Gotham. She does her work from a special wheelchair and has become the brains behind New Gotham's crime fighters. Huntress became the brawn as she is half meta-human who picked up some of her strength and agility from her mother Catwoman whom she witness murdered in the streets of New Gotham in the same battle with the Joker that Oracle lost the use of her legs.

    The final member of the team is the mysterious and young Dinah Lance who is a runaway meta-human with untold psychic powers that came to New Gotham to fulfill her destiny as a super hero crime fighter. We learn in the course of things that the famous crime fighter Black Canary was her mother and abandoned her when she was only five years old. During the last five episodes we were just beginning to see the power that Dinah had to possibly become the most powerful meta-human ever.

    Together these three are the Bird's of Prey. Defenders of New Gotham from the evil that is growing unbeknownst to them by Harley Quinn the paramour of the Joker who is bound and determined to bring New Gotham to its knees for what Batman did to the Joker. As her alias Dr. Harleen Quinzel a psychiatrist serving the city and running Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane she has a steady group of criminals to use and abuse in her quest. She is currently seeing Selena Kyle as a patient to help her in her grief over the loss of her mother.

    Rounding out the major players is Jesse Reese played by Shemar Moore. Detective Moore is to Huntress what Detective/Commissioner Gordon was to Batman. The Birds tie with the trustworthy police officers of New Gotham. Early on the acting and stories where a little weak but in the final five episodes this show really found its stride. It is a shame it was on the WB which basically could not support a show of this quality. Basically this is a good show that deserved a better fate than one season and out. You can get the complete series on DVD currently. Check it out. It includes the unaired pilot as well as the rest of the aired episodes seen on TV. Thanks for reading...
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