Birds of Prey

The WB (ended 2003)





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  • the story tells of batman and catowman daughter helena who is known as huntress whos in gotham city.huntress fights evil and protects the innocent people in gotham city.

    this show is kinda a what if show.

    what if batman and catwoman had a daughter.that is what this show is about.

    huntress has powers she used to fight crime in gotham city and she also used them to stop evil.ashely scott plays huntress very well.

    huntress(ashley scott) isnt alone,she has oracle(dina meyer),dinah(rachel skargter) and a detective reese(shemar moore) on her side.

    oracle was batgirl she was caught in the war between joker and batman and she was left in a oracle uses her skills in technology.she lets huntress know where the bad guys are at,she makes equiment they use in fights,she is the brain of the group.

    dinah was scared of her powers so she ranned away after alot of horrible things happened to her.she joins huntress and oracle on their fight against evil and bad guys.she learns her mother is black canary(siren).dinah helps the group with who they need to protect and what may happened next.

    detective reese at first as know ideal whats going on until he meets huntress.they spark up a bond that you can tell they have some romantic feelings for their feeling grows reese covers up for huntress and lets her know when crimes are happening in the city.

    together they all form birds of prey.

    the show as action in it that i really love,it as alot of backstory to batman and catwoman,it even has this love story between huntress and the detective,and the show as good acting.

    this show had alot of potential to be better.its a shame another great show only lasted 1 season.