Birds of Prey

The WB (ended 2003)





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  • Another exceptional series given the ax by those hacks in TV Land.


    If you're looking for several vivacious females with the power to kick butt and protect the wayward streets of Gotham City then... you're standards are WAY too high; there are only few women in the entire world that fit that description. However, lucky for you you've come to the right place because you can find them all here inBirds of Prey. Equipped with all the black leather Gotham has to offer, Helena Kyle and newcomer Dinah Redmond, under the guidance of the wheelchair bound yet still highly capable Barbra Gordon, set out to keep Gotham safe from all the creepy-crawlies that come out at night.

    With it's amazing soundtrack, the dulcet tones of Shemar Moore (Detective Jesse Reese), the comedicstylingof Alfred Pennyworth and the incredible portrayal of thepsychoticHarleen Quinzel by Mia Sara, one must wonder why this series isn't still airing exciting adventures and interesting plot lines somewhere on TV today? Was it the obviously computer generated images of Gotham City by day (which could have only improved as time and technology advanced)? Was it the initially bad acting of Rachel Skarsten (Dinah Redmond) which did improve as the show advanced? Perhaps it was neither of these things, perhaps it was simply a testament to the age old adage that "all good things come to an (early) end".