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  • Season 1 Episode 13: Feat of Clay

  • Why does the second guard wear his uniform to a covert meeting to get his payment from Cassius?

  • So Helena declines to pose for Clayface when he may have information on how to save the guard? She kinda needs to work on that whole "hero" thing.

  • In "Primal Scream," Wade was in Barbara's bedroom in the Clocktower (well, it sure looked that way) so why is Alfred bringing him there in this episode such a big thing?

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Reunion

  • When Wade and Barbara go to dinner with Wade's parents, Barbara is called away from the table to come back and hear what Wade's mom thinks of her. This should have taken place in the episode "The Prey of the Hunter" where Wade asks Barbara on this date and she also mentions in that episode what she overheard Wade's mother say when talking to Huntress about being different.

  • When "klutzy Cam"'s bomb went off and gas leaked everywhere, surely it would have gone under the door, out the smashed window or through the hole in the wall.

  • Helena follows the bad guy down a school hallway and through a door only a second or two behind him...but when Helena gets to the double doors they are completely closed and motionless. They take several seconds to close, as we can see after Helena goes through them, so how'd they close so fast behind the bad guy?

  • Barbara and Helena send Dinah to watch Barrett at the bar so Reese won't spot Helena...but Reese knows what Dinah looks like too. You'd think Reese the sharp-eyed detective might notice her.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Gladiatrix

  • Huntress' necklace and earrings (communicators) are removed when she is abducted, yet Dinah is allowed to keep hers during the fight.

  • Except for levitating a pipe, Dinah does not use her mental abilities in her battle with Huntress. Instead she chooses to fight physically, despite the fact that Huntress' powers and experience give her a clear advantage.

  • Barbara mentions that no two metahumans have the same power yet in episode 3 a janitor has the same power as "Kayla the Destroyer" to throw fireballs.

  • The metahuman woman in the opening scene is supposedly knocked out by a drug but when Huntress moves her body from under the falling power lines the woman can clearly be seen holding onto Huntress and moving her feet.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Nature of the Beast

  • When Helena approaches Reese as he's getting into his car, he hits the remote unlock button. However, the driver's side window is all the way down, making it pointless to lock the car in the first place, and unnecessary to unlock it either.

  • Barbara says that she's looking for Al Hawke by running the composite photo against "surveillance pictures" from "points of entry" via the computer, but earlier when Dinah entered and we saw the computer doing its job, it was just bringing up police mugshots.

  • Also, Hawke that we hear here sounds nothing like Hawke in "Sins of the Mother." His voice is deeper, and he doesn't speak in the Zen-like dialogue either. And yet everyone is sure the "new" Hawke really is Hawke.

  • The physical builds of Mitch Pileggi and Stephen McHattie are substantially different - Pileggi is much larger. Plastic surgery wouldn't account for the extra height and weight that Al magically acquired after his burn damage.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Lady Shiva

  • If Dinah can read people by touching them. Shouldn't she have seen Sandy's life as Lady Shiva when she shook Sandy's hand when she was introduced to her in the club?

  • As the building explodes at the start of the episode, you can clearly see Batgirl's cowl slip off as she lands. In the next shot she is still wearing it.

  • When the building explodes in the flashback, you can clearly see the landing pad and the camouflage cover on top of it move when Batgirl lands on it.

  • When Reese and Helena talk about the murder, Reese says they found the star embedded in the skull between the eyes. However, there is no blood on the star and police wouldn't have cleaned it off.

  • Shiva lands on a car windshield and you hear a breaking glass noise, but a little later in the fight we see the same car and there's no sign of broken glass.

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