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  • Season 1 Episode 9: Lady Shiva

  • In the flashback, Batgirl's batarang has the Birds of Prey "logo" on it. This was before she was was crippled, became Oracle, "adopted" Helena and formed the Birds of Prey organization.

  • Barbara thinks Shiva couldn't have "lived through that blast." Okay, there was a body, but still...people on this show like Hawke and Det. McNally seem to do it all the time.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Split

  • Darkstrike visits Barbara, then goes to the crime scene and says he has disks at his computer room he wants Barbara to see. So...why didn't he give them to Barbara when he visited her originally?

  • When the computer flashes up "Delphi has information - Download?" Barbara goes over and immediately reads off the information without...well, downloading.

  • When Darkstrike forms into Crawler, the clothing not only changes sizes, but it changes colors too.

  • So Darkstrike does know there was a villainess named "Harley Quinn" and she worked for the Joker. So why can't Barbara and the others figure out who "Harleen Quinzel" is?

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Primal Scream

  • The cards used during the strip poker scene appear to be Canadian/French as Helena's hand is 9, 10, V(alet), D(ame), R(oi) (9, 10, J(ack), Q(ueen), K(ing))

  • Second absurdly improbable survival of someone in a massive explosion in two weeks - how the heck did McNally survive?

  • For a guy who hates people who "punch the clock", Mick sure seems to be into precision timing and all, as well as working for a boss who tells him what to do.

  • The robbery at Gobu doesn't make much sense. Helena told Reese the time the previous day (10 p.m.). Reese is in contact with McNally at 10 p.m. and they say they have lots of tac officers surrounding the place. So the Animals show up and . . . nothing happens. Apparently because Reese's phone gets jammed they can't independently move in on the motorcycle gang raiding the place and capture them.

  • Odd transition time: Barbara and Wade are kissing in the classrom. Then the camera zooms in on the Clocktower. Then it cuts to Barbara and Wade in bed. So does that mean they're in the Clocktower? Which Barbara described as a "secret lair" in the past. So now Wade knows she lives in a Clocktower - shouldn't he find this a bit odd?

  • When Helena in her cat mask grabs the patron's drink at the first bar and drinks it, how does she do that with what is clearly a non-functional mask mouth?

  • Couldn't Mick and Wolf provide a fairly accurate description of Helena? Talk to a sketch artist? Something? It's not like they're dead, and if I were Harleen, I'd like to have a picture of the woman who keeps messing up my operations.

  • It's kinda odd that Helena doesn't wear a mask or hide her identity, but for the second week in a row Dinah is close to Jesse and there's some chance he could get a look at her face. Shouldn't she wear a mask or something?

  • Helena calls the ring a "Bat Ring". But it has a picture of a bird on it as we see later in closeup. Jesse doesn't seem to wonder about this.

  • Why didn't Helena know about the explosion? It occurred near the gang's warehouse HQ and the gang apparently always goes back there after a heist. So how'd she miss the burning car, fire trucks, etc.?

  • At the beginning of the episode when the ambulance drives by Reese, it doesn't have the "Ambulance" wording reversed as is legally required of all American ambulances.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Sins of the Mother

  • In the scene when Dinah is walking into the "No Man's Land" bar, it is early evening, but still when Oracle contacts Huntress telling her that she found Dinah (after receiving an e-mail from Gibson, which was send barely 5 minutes after Dinah walked in), it is night time... how can this be?? Is Oracle's computer so slow that it took several hours for her to receive the e-mail????

  • Did they actually find Black Canary's remains at the warehouse after the explosion? This is never stated, but otherwise it seems odd they assume she was killed, particularly since non-metahuman Hawke somehow managed to survive.

  • When Helena visits Jesse at the police station squad room, absolutely no one is there. In a major crime-ridden city like New Gotham there are no other policemen around?

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