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  • Season 1 Episode 6: Sins of the Mother

  • So Gibson remembers everything he's ever seen and heard...except where he put down his autograph pen?

  • Why is Black Canary so insistent that Dinah pack up and leave town? Oracle couldn't figure out Dinah was BC's daughter despite knowing they had the same name and were both metahumans - how the heck is Hawke going to figure it out? (Maybe BC is just being overly protective, but it still seems odd...)

  • Barbara says she had no idea that Black Canary had a daughter, or that Dinah was that daughter. This doesn't make much sense - Dinah gave her name in the premiere as "Dinah Lance" and Barbara did a check under that name as well as Dinah's adopted parents' name. Barbara apparently knows, prior to this episode, that Black Canary's name is "Carolyn Lance." So Oracle didn't come up with the slightest clue that two metahumans with the last name "Lance" with blonde hair might be related?

  • Dinah knows who "Black Canary" is, but immediately after she says so, she asks, "What's a Canary Cry?", which is BC's distinctive trademark in this episode and everyone else knows about it. How can Dinah know everything else about the pioneering female hero but not know what her (very loud) metahuman power is?

  • The "New Gotham Station" that we see here as Black Canary arrives in town is not the same "New Gotham Station" that Dinah arrived at in the premiere.

  • It's not entirely clear - how does Helena recognize Carolyn Lance on sight as Black Canary? Didn't Black Canary wear a mask or something, or does she just wander around without a mask like Helena does? (In the comics, that is what Black Canary does and nobody recognizes her, but still...) Maybe Barbara showed her a picture...but then wouldn't she have shown Dinah the same picture during her Superhero 101 training and wouldn't Dinah have made the connection then? Just seems like an awkward scene.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Three Birds and a Baby

  • Trivia: The constellation they're looking at, at the end of the episode, is Orion also known as The Hunter.

  • At the end of the episode, Harley breaks the neck of the mercenary with one snap. Killing people is not usually her style. In all the comic incarnations of Harley, she's usually been squeamish about killing anybody, and leaves it up to "Mr. J." Most of the time the worst she'd do is knock someone unconscious with a huge mallet or drugs; since when did she become homicidal?

  • Why doesn't Dinah ever use her powers on Guy at any of his stages of growth to figure out something about him? Or does she try off-screen and just not find out anything?

  • It's pretty hard to believe that the baby's neck survives all those whiplash maneuvers Helena executes while fighting the bad guys, what with its totally unsupported head.

  • Watch the clock gears in the tower, particularly in the last scene when they're talking outside. The teeth of the two wheels don't mesh - they just rotate separately of each other.

  • The two times we actually see Guy age (in the car and at the playground) his clothes appear to grow with him. During the last fight scene at the playground, Guy's clothes are actually loose, despite the fact he's substantially larger as a 20 year old.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Prey for the Hunter

  • Morton uses a metahuman's powers against him, but if a person is able to spit acid, for example, shouldn't he have a built-in immunity to the effects of his acid? If not, his powers would have consumed him long before Morton ever met the metahuman.

  • At the end, Dinah saves Huntress because Morton gets a crippling headache in the presents of two metahumans. However at the start of the episode, Morton (presumable) kills "acid spitting guy" in the proximity of Huntress. Why didn't Morton get a crippling headache then?

  • When they show the "No Mans Land" outside, it said "Metahuman Bar Only." Apparently they don't take their own rules seriously, because later Barbara Gordon, who is not a metahuman, decides to show up.

  • Why does Helena leave Reese with Morton, who just shot and tried to kill him when he refused to shoot Helena? All she does is tell Barbara to call an ambulance and then she runs off. Of course, Morton doesn't finish up killing Reese for some unknown reason or another that isn't explained.

  • Good thing the roof that Helena and Morton are fighting on is handicap-accessible so Barbara can show up for the last scene.

  • When they grapple on the edge of the roof, Morton says they'll fall together and die together. But...we've seen repeatedly that Helena can throw herself off high buildings and survive...ummm, somehow, with some metahuman power or another. And Morton seems to have a full understanding of the powers he mimics. So why would he think they're going to die at all?

  • Gibson says that he'll get the word out for the metahuman community to lie low. Then the next time we see him, with Dinah in the bar, the place is packed with metahumans. Not only that, but the place doesn't seem to have much security since Dinah just walked in earlier.

  • So was the dinner scene with Wade's parents deleted from the final cut? That might explain the short screen-time (see Notes), and it sure seems awkward that we the audience never see the scene but only hear about it via Barbara. (The remainder of the scene was in part moved to the episode "Reunion.")

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