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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Prey for the Hunter

  • Who the heck is in the red car with flashing lights that runs over Morton? Normally such a car, which is visually different than the typical New Gotham police car, would be a fire marshal's car. So why the heck was a fire marshal driving along with his lights flashing toward the fight scene?

  • So how does Morton get Helena's martial arts training along with her "powers"? She may be strong, heal fast, and have good reflexes, but she's also using martial arts stuff which he mimics as well. Or is that just how his power works?

  • Dinah's dress changes to a different style and color when she goes from science to the cafeteria, then again when she goes back to the bar.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Slick

  • When Slick drowns Det Tanner, only ten seconds elapses, but it typically takes an adult two to three minutes to drown, and even then, the victim can be revived if oxygen can be returned to the lungs before the brain shuts down at six minutes.

  • Huntress has different clothes in the fight scene after the sauna scene but Jesse has the same clothes. How come Huntress had time to change her clothes after the sauna but Jesse didn't?

  • Despite being attacked by Slick and nearly drowned in the final battle, Jesse's shirt is completely dry afterwards. Guess that flame-thrower was hot enough to quick-dry him...

  • Jesse doesn't recognize Helena or appear to have made any effort to find out who she is since the last episode. She doesn't wear a mask and she's been arrested - that's why she's seeing the psychiatrist for court-ordered therapy. Ten minutes with a sketch artist and a half hour going through the mug shots they take of you when you get arrested and put on trial and stuff, and he should know who she is.

  • The coroner says the cop's death is "consistent with asphyxiation" and then goes on to list all the things that would indicate asphyxiation was not the cause of death (lack of "ligature marks" and "external abrasions or bruising"). So if there are no signs of asphyxiation why is the guy's death "consistent with asphyxiation"?

  • Several Huntress insert scenes were reused in this episode that were also used in "Pilot." Specifically the scenes with her eyes and where she is holding the transceiver in her ear.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Pilot

  • The newspaper article headline about the man who was killed while Dinah watched reads "Local Businessman Killed In Bus Accident." But when the man is run over, the vehicle is a black semi truck.

  • The WB thought Helena's costume was too revealing so after the pilot, you never see Helena wear that outfit again.

  • Brandy Ledford was considered for the role of Barbara Gordon.

  • If Helena has been going to therapy with Dr. Quinzel for three months, why are they just now discussing why Helena is there? The way it looks, this is the first time they really discussed the issue.

  • Maybe they'll answer this down the road but it would seem that Harleen had a public villainous persona as "Harlequin". So...neither Barbara or Helena are suspicious that there's a woman with the somewhat awkward name of "Harleen Quinzel"? Now, if Harleen was never an actual supervillain and public partner of the Joker this makes sense, and they haven't really clarified this yet. If we find out she was the Harlequin in "public" this makes the two women look really stupid.

  • Barbara maintains a public identity as a school teacher, as established here and in subsequent episodes. But "Mr. J" knows who she is - he went to his apartment and shot her. So...shouldn't Harleen know Barbara was Batgirl too? Couldn't he get the information to her (through a lawyer, doctor, something?) to have her finish his revenge?

  • Helena enters the grounds of Ketterly's manor, looks in one window, and announces that he's home alone. How does she know that? If it's heightened senses, they haven't been working well the rest of the episode: she all but lets a hanging suicide slap her in the face, lets Reese get the drop on her, and a minute or two later manages to lose Ketterly in the house.

  • In the mindscape, Helena is in her young uncostumed form. When Barbara confronts the yougner version and pulls out the knife, the blood oozes upward for whatever reason, but its a reverse of an earlier shot of older Helena in costume. In the next shot Helena is back to her young, uncostumed version again in the mindscape.

  • Between when Alfred wakes her up and she interrupts his conversation with Barbara, Dinah still showers incredibly fast (this problem was also in the unaired pilot).

  • Dr. Quinn says Bruce Wayne "is one" of the wealthiest men in the world - present tense. So he's still around? It's implied that Barbara Gordon has no way to find him since he disappeared/went into exile. Why not just call Bruce up?

  • When Helena first puts the knife to her chest, you can see the blood already dripping downwards. In the next scene, the blood is beginning to drip down, just like in the other scene. Shouldn't the blood be pretty much way down there?

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