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  • A computer games show that never tried hard to be cool. It just was, okay.

    Computer game shows are fickle things to get right. Try and get down with "the kids" and you look like a dork trying to hard for a target audience that doesn't really exist. Try to be conservative and you're just plain boring, appealing to no-one including outsiders dipping their toes into an alienating media so to speak.

    BITS didn't even try. It was just three women reviewing games without using words like "awesome", "rad" or "yeah!". Sure, there was weird, even wacky, theme running through each episode's review or preview and, yes, it was just silly but in no way was this an attempt to con the audience into watching. It was actually trying to be inventive with itself more than anything else; if anyone else liked it then it was a case of the more the merrier.

    It was very low budget, but I guess that was part of the charm and why they had to resort to inventive ways to make it exciting. Each girl had a distinct personality. There was Alexz (the quirky American), Emily (the cute "normal" one...Yes, obviously my fave!) and at first, Claudia (the blonde model). The jury was always out on this girl. To be honest, I don't think she knew much about games at all. She was later replaced by the ever popular Emily "Bouff" Booth. Though I never saw the attraction, she was hit and gave the show a much needed boost (and a better time slot). So there were women reviewing games, but that was about as far as the exploitation went. They dressed normally like every girl does and they weren't bubble-heads, nor were their personalities manufactured. They knew their stuff and still do! It was actually a relief to see three headstrong women on TV presenting a male dominated genre without having to resort to sexual nods and winks.

    There were problems with the show though. The half-hour running time meant that information whizzed by in a flash. The reviews, previews, news, features were done and dusted in minutes. So at times some features would be a tad more shallow than others. That's not to say they didn't manage to get in their views in or properly review games.

    In the end, if you really liked the show, you didn't mind the brief nature because so much entertainment happened on-screen and they were clearly having fun with the show. You couldn't help laugh along sometimes. Only Gamesmaster has ever came up to the same standard of presentation and respect for it's viewers (well, the early series did).

    There's been awful games shows (see: Gamesville and Bad Influence) in the past, but this was one of the few that got the formula just right by abiding to this one simple rule: DON'T PATRONISE YOUR VIEWERS. It wasn't perfect but I loved it. If it wasn't for the internet explosion, they would have easily brought this back. So it gets the full 10/10 for the effort.