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AIRED ON 4/25/2016

Season 3 : Episode 10

Show Summary

Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf in existence, runs from her past and the man who changed her life forever and attempts to forge a new life for herself as a photographer. But her Pack needs her help when bodies begin appearing at their ancestral home, dragging Elena back to the life she fears and the man she refuses to forgive. Based on the best selling series by Kelley Armstrong, the show is slated to run for 13 episodes in its inaugural season.


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    Syfy Will Import Bitten for Season 3

    Season 3 will air in 2016.


    Syfy Sets Premiere Dates for Lost Girl's Final Season, Bitten, and New Drama Olympus

    It's the beginning of the end for Bo and the world of the Fae.

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    • Season 1 was good, Season 2 was lousy.

      I liked Season 1, good acting, interesting characters, a show focused on adult werewolves and the humans that were in and around their lives. Season 2 became all about witches and black magic, which was boring to the extreme. There are already a plethora of shows out there about vampires, magic, witches, supernatural, etc. No need to add any more. But an adult werewolf show with a developed storyline and good character development was fun to watch. It reminded me of the potential that the Wolf Lake series had. Great story, mostly great characters, but a few that were lousy storyline aspects and sank the show. No loss on Bitten checking out at this point. Sad but true!!moreless
    • meh, it's ok

      Some times I really like this series and other times, it seemed like a cheap knockoff of true blood. I'm not sure what season 3 holds, but I hope they don't bring in vampires.
    • More Fur ? How about more Pack

      I started watching the series on Netflix, and LOVED IT! Then I started reading the books they were awesome. I would like to see the series last longer than just the outline of the books. In order for this to happen I wonder if the writers of the series would consider bringing in more of a generational factor.

      In the book Bitten, Logan is dies and does not have a son on the way. That is a start at not staying along the book plot. But in season two Logan Dies and Leaves the show, how does this play out in season three?

      The book series is great but if you want to make the TV series a long term hit you will need to get creative and make the twists irresistible to wait for. I am so excited and can not wait for season three!!!!!!!!

      I do not live in an area where cable is easy to get and rely on basic ABC, CBS, NBC and the CW along with my Netflix for entertainment. In order to see my shows on my computer lag time and constant "sorry something went wrong try again later" can get extremely frustrating. Bitten is a series I would like to see continue far into the years to come.

    • enough with the heavy breathing!

      Loved the books, like the show, but I am about to give up watching it because I can't stand listening to Elena's heavy breathing anymore!!! That's all she does anymore!
    • little more fur please

      I enjoy the show very much except for one thing, not enough wolf fur! By now I m sure everyone either by desire or by being dragged kicking and screaming has seen the Twilight series. I have to say they did do Justice to the wolves in that franchise. I just think the show would seem more like a wolf show if it actually had wolves in it, a bunch of people saying they are "wolves" but running around and protecting the pack as people is just lame. And I don't understand why the cloths have to come off to wolf out just transform on the fly. the whole link between the pack would be more plausible if they were in fur and not matching color coded clothing. There is so much the producers,director,and writing team could do with this show, it could really be amazing maybe even the next walking dead! come on guys take it all the way!moreless

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