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I really enjoyed this episode, but I guess I enjoy most of them now that they've started 'on a roll'. It was an episode filled with lots of interesting things going on; Clay and Philip meeting was tense, Logan returning to Stonehaven to tell Jeremy about the pregnancy also intense, the scene at the art show where Elena's and Clay's true selves were almost exposed.... all pretty intense and very interesting. I am, however, getting tired of Elena continuously denying the obvious fact that she and Clay are 'meant to be' . After all, doesn't she know that wolves mate for life?? Hmmm... how about getting her straightened out, dear Writers? hehehehe.... I will be anxiously awaiting next week's episode to see how things continue to unfold for our beloved pack.
I love this show! Clay bit Elena because he loves her and Jeremy was trying to tell her why. I can't wait to find out. Last night's episode was too torturous for me and I hope we don't see a lot of that.
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