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"Saving Private Clay"

The penultimate episode of Bitten's season 1 belonged to Elena. And let's be honest she was amazing. I wish she was always like this. I give "Caged" 8 out of 10. I really enjoyed it. IMO it was one of 4 best episodes of the series. Now I have high hopes for season's (series?) finale. Fingers crossed!


Last time I was disappointed Elena only bit off two of Victor's fingers. Fortunately, this week she fixed her error and made sure that pedophile won't ever hurt anyone again. I loved how Elena stuffed a rabbit's foot into his mouth, said "I lied" and left him to bleed out. IMO that was the best moment of the whole episode.

"Rescue mission"

I'm starting to think Wolfies fight best when they're alone. Last time Logan went all Jean Reno on Karl. This week Elena showed us she could play the main role in the prequel of Kill Bill. I wish someone gave her a katana - now that would be EPIC!

"Father and Daughter"

I can't help but wonder - how often Jeremy locked Elena in the cage since her first transformation? It has to be their thing, right? When your human child behaves badly you scream "Go to your room!". When your foster-werewolf-daughter tries to save her boo - you lock her in the cage.

So all Jeremy & Elena father - daughter relationship was based on a big fat lie. Clay bit Elena cause his father wanted to eat her. Jeremy broke Elena's heart - no wonder the following happened:

Let's be honest - Clay is still a creepy stalker and psycho. However, he's not the selfish bastard from episode 5 anymore. He saved Elena's life. Now I feel a bit better about Elena and Clay being together.

"Let's make babies!"

Seriously - just look at these two! They would be great together. Elena has angry issues and Santos is clearly a masochist. No wonder he wants to impregnate her. Speaking of babies...

Phillip is scared of Elena and he will not start a family with her, YAY! I have no idea why he came back. He didn't even grab his stuff. That's one weird guy. Also he told Diane that Elena is in Mafia. So I guess Diane is now Elena's ex-besty.

"A movie tribute"

So far in Bitten we had allusions to "Casino Royale" and "Léon: The Professional". This week we saw a memorable scene from the original "Lethal Weapon" (which is an awesome Christmas movie). I wish Clay was played by the 80's version of Mel Gibson. Now that would be EPIC. I guess having a crush on Riggs means I'm old - oh well I have to deal with it.

"Other news"

Rachel and Logan ran away. Does it mean we won't see them in finale?

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