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"Weird Clothes & Bunnies"

First of all - "Descent" was a filler episode. It was setting a stage for things to come and so it wasn't very exciting. To be honest it was a bit boring. Let's call it necessary evil. Still there were few scenese worth mentioning.

"The break up"

It took 10 episodes, but Philip and Elena finally broke up. Or rather he dumped her after she admitted to having feelings for Clay. If Philip wasn't so boring I would probably feel sorry for him. However, he is the worst part of Bitten. So the sooner he vanishes from the show the better. Also I suspect that after leaving the apartment Philip ran straight to Miss Sweden's arms and the two of them had sex all night. So I doubt he will be heartbroken for long.

"Dirty man"

Nick's friend, Joey showed up. I have to say I wasn't really interested in his story of pain and torture. (Fast forward) In the end he led Jeremy, Nick and Logan to the Mutts (ex) hideout so I guess he served his purpose and now someone will kill him.

Also we found out that the Mutts are after Elena.


"Photo Exhibition"

So Victor droped in to say hi. I'm disappointed. Now Elena knows he's in town and there will be no big surprise. Sure she feels threatened and we got a creepy bunny flashback (I really didn't need to see it) out of it. However, I expected something better from his reveal. At least Philip kicked Victor's ass.

Clay pulling Santos out of the car was definitley a high point of the episode. Like he didn't even bother to open the door. Classic Clay. So will Clay kill Santos in season's (series?) final?

"That's why I was avoiding you guys"

So Logan told everyone about the baby. And the wolfies were super happy. Even Jeremy was thrilled - one more wolf in his pack is a great news for him (since he's so crappy alpha). For once I support Logan (sorry Nick :( ) - he doesn't want to leave Rachel. I agree with him - every child should have a mother. I guess Logan will become a Mutt for breaking the Wolf Code.

Other Stuff:

- Philip's Sister, Diane - at some point she was wearing a crazy looking coat. And her dress from Photo Exhibition was horrible too. The writers have to really hate her character.

- So as many of you suspected - Philip's Boss, James Williams is also Santos' Chief and the New Big Bad. I'm not surprised at all.

- I give "Descent" 7 out of 10. It wasn't great, but it could have been worse. Did you like this episode? Share your thoughts!
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