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"Finger in a glass"

We begin with Wolfies bidding farewell to their fallen pack member. Everyone is devastated with Peter's death - and no wonder - he was a great guy (I miss him already). Elena is taking his demise especially hard. The wake is interrupted by wolf's howl. The Wolfies quickly come to conclusion that it has to be Peter's killer and try to catch him.

Unfortuantely, when Elena, Jeremy and Clay reach the site - the Mutt is already gone. They only find Peter's jacket. Jeremy decides that the next day they will hunt for the murderer.

In the Morning Elena talks with Logan. She wants to know why Peter was killed. Logan suspects that someone is challenging the pack's rule. Elena thinks she should stay in Stonehaven till they find Peter's murderer. Logan asks her if she talked with Philip - really Logan? Do you have to encourage her? The truth is Elena can't share her grief with Philip - cause he doesn't know she's a werewolf. Their relationship was doomed from the start - the sooner it ends the better for Elena.

Outside Elena joins Jeremy, who is scattering Peter's ashes. We learn that Elena has never bewailed a family member - she lost her parents when she was 5 years old and for a long time she believed they would return to her. Jeremy assures Elena that although the pack can't replace her birth family - they will always be there for her. Elena doesn't like that being a werewolf means living between death and love. She still wants "normal life"- nothing changed in that matter since last week. It turns out Jeremy loves Elena like a daughter he never had and would be heartbroken if she died. Elena demands that they avenge Peter's death. Jeremy tells her she should reject blood lust cause it's not in her nature.

In the town we meet our new Mutt (more about him later).

In the forest Elena takes it out on tree. Clay joins her. He comforts and hugs Elena. She doesn't want to talk about her feelings. Clay says they should go for a run - and starts to undress in front of her. Elena tries to discourage him, saying someone will see them - but it's clear she likes what she sees. And after a moment she starts to undress herself. Seems like grief overcomes her privacy issues.

The two of them run together and then Clay jumps on Elena. Elena looks cute even as a wolf.

Jeremy talks with the Lady Sheriff. The old Mutt is dead - but it's not over for her. She found out that the boy's body was moved - in other words - the crime scene was staged. She asks Jeremy if he has any enemies. Jeremy plays the dumb, innocent painter card. The Lady Sheriff doesn't buy his story. She's smart - someone should change her into a werewolf.

Elena and Clay changed back into humans. They're still naked. Elena is spooning Clay and touching him. He kisses Elena and she returns the kiss! Then Elena realizes it's not a dream and she runs away. Something tells me they had sex off-screen.

At the house Elena walks on Nick and Logan. She's half naked and she's covering her bosom with a blouse. Wouldn't it be easier to just put it on? Anyway Nick and Logan tell Elena that Jeremy wants to see everyone in the Great Room. Elena says she needs to change and goes upstairs. A moment later Clay walks into the house. He's totally naked. I think he might be an exhibitionist. Nick seems happy to see him and asks Clay how was his run. He wants to know if there was any nuzzling (so that's how werewolfs call it these days!) Clay claims nothing happened - but Nick and we know better - right?

And here comes the best line of the episode:

Nick: Hey listen, I don't mind when Elena runs around the house naked, but please put some clothes on!

Nick - I officially love you!

And then something terrible happens - Philip calls Elena - and judging by the look of her face she's not happy about it. They talk about cold beds and Estonian Vodka. Philip wants to come to Stonehaven for funeral but Elena fobs him off. Also Philip heard about Rave Party from last week. It turns out Philip's sister, Diane is getting married soon. Elena promises to come back for it - I guess we will have to see the wedding, right?

Antonio and Jeremy talk in the werewolf classroom about Mutt's infestation. Jeremy has a bit of a blood lust. He blames himself for Peter's death. Antonio says that the whole pack underestimated the threat. And then they hug.

Elena tells Clay that the run was fine, but everything else was a mistake. In other words she feels guilty for kissing Clay.

Jeremy orders Antonio to tie up Peter's loose ends and contact other werwolf packs.

The Lady Sheriff visits The Old Sheriff, Emerson. She asks him about Jeremy and Co. According to the rumors The Danvers are either: Mafia, Devil worshippers or sex cult. No wonder Jeremy wants to keep Elena in Stonehaven - he needs her for sex cult - I'm joking, of course. Anyway Emerson tells The Lady Sheriff about some telephone worker who vanished near Casa del Jeremy. They have never found his body. I guess someone ate the poor guy. The Lady Sheriff tells Emerson about the boy's body. Emerson coaxes her to take a closer look at the Danvers.

Jeremy orders Nick and Logan to wipe clean the old Mutt's house. Logan has other plans - he wants to go to some psychology conference - looser. Jeremy then sends Elena and Clay to the town to gather information and pick up the scent of a new killer. This time he really wants the murder alive.

Thanks to her great sense of smell Elena confirms that the wolf they were chasing a day before and Peter's killer are the same person. In the bar Elena eats an appetizing sandwich. Since she's a werewolf she doesn't need to worry it will go straight into her hips. One of the girls at the nearby table has hots for Clay. The other suspects his married to Elena. After a while one of the hunters from the last episode walks into the bar. It turns out the poor dog is still missing and now his owner vanished too. The remaining hunter asks Clay about his pal. He claims the dog's owner went to Casa del Jeremy to make things square. Clay says he didn't see the missing hunter. He and Elena are about to leave when the hunter attacks them. Elena blocks his fist with ease. She's clearly much stronger then humans. Then the two of them leave.

Antonio impersonates FBI agent and asks the band guy about Peter. He implies Peter has troubles and is a person of interest for FBI - meaning he won't be coming to work any time soon. A moment later Antonio crashes a smart phone with his bare hands! How strong are werwolfs exactly? Could they for example lift a car?

In Toronto Philip meets up with his sister, Diane - and girl what the hell are you wearing?! Your clothes are screaming: I'm emotionally unstable. Perhaps you should put the wedding off? Better idea - totally forget about it. The last thing Bitten needs is more scenes with Philip and his family. Philip discovers Diane (who is supposed to be Elena's BFF or something) has no idea Elena went for funeral or that she has a family. Also Philip has been sleeping with Elena for 6 months. And then Philip and Diane talk about Elena and her trust issues.

Back in Town (which is called Bear Valley - I'm not sure if I mentioned that) Elena picks up the scent of Peter's killer. She and Clay follow it to City Motor Hotel. Elena suggests they should split - she will search one floor and Clay will check the other. Clay plays the "we're a team" card (and let's be honest so far Elena and Clay are a terrible team) and Elena accuses him of thinking she can't hold her own. Clay replies that he needs her to cover his back - nice save, Clay!

Elena and Clay enters into a lair of Peter's killer. Clay finds a body spray (this IS important!) and Elena pulls out the new Mutt's scrapbook full of trophies from under a matrress. It turns out that Peter's murderer is both a serial killer and a serial rapist. And here plot thickens - Elena realizes that someone is turning psychotic murderers into werewolfs. At that moment our protagonists hear a car coming. They spot Zachary Kane (we talked about him briefly in episode two), the new Mutt and... Karl Marsten!

Karl Marsten is the new BIG BAD! How should we call our new enemies? I propose The evil Trio. Anyway Karl and Co pick up the scent of our protagonists. Elena quickly grabs the scrapbook, sparys a body spray around the Mutt's lair (to cover her and Clay scent) and hide with her ex in the second room.

The evil trio enter the Mutt's lair. Judging by Karl's face expression Elena has to smell deliciously. He calls her scent "intoxicating". Does he have hots for Elena? Elena and Clay escape from the motel.

At the old Mutt's house Nick found prison shoes (It happened off screen) It turns out the Mutts are escaped convicts. According to Jeremy a month earlier 3 men escaped from prison. One of them was the old Mutt (aka Scot Brenden). Surprise - he was a serial rapist and a murder who was serving a life sentence. I think we have a pattern here. Also if I understand correctly there should be one more Mutt somewhere. Jeremy fears that the Mutts will reveal werewolf's existence to humans which would be very bad. The pack can't let that happen. The wolfies have no choice but to kill all the bad guys. The normally pacifist Elena agrees to participate in mass murder along with her pack mates.

In Toronto Daniel Santos (we talked about him in second episode) pays Logan a visit. He came to talk about werewolf situation in Stonehaven. Daniel wants to join the forces with Wolfies. He's willing to look past the fact that Clay killed his brother.

Meanwhile, Elena, Clay, Jeremy and Nick arrive to the motel. Clay is about to enter to the Mutt's lair when Elena notices a trap and warns his ex in last moment (probably saving his life) The shotgun kills the door. Jeremy deduces that all town must have heard the shot and police is probably already on its way. So the Wolfies have to scram.

Suddenly Elena notices Peter's finger in a glass (EwwW!!!) and then she picks it up (Ewww Again!!!) Next she passes it to Jeremy. Seeing it Jeremy licks his lips - Dude seriously that's gross!!

And then we notice an inscription on wall: "I'm coming for my scrapbook bitch" - looks like it's personal now and Elena has just become the Mutt's new target. And since Elena is a badass she says: "Let them try!" (or "Let them dry" - I'm not sure) The end!

I liked "Grief". After last week's terrible episode it was a step in the right direction. We have new villains - and even a new BIG BAD. The plot thickens and I have to say I'm looking forward to next episode. I give "Grief" 7,5 out of 10. What did you think about "Grief"? Did you like it? Share your thoughts!

Ok, time for 4 episode test. So far we had one weak episode (the pilot aka "Summons"), one terrible episode ("Tresspass") and two good episodes ("Prodigal" and "Grief") My suggestion is - give Bitten a chance and keep watching. Laura Vandervoort is great as Elena and the story is interesting. My only wish is that Peter and all his family die in some horrible massacre (Diana's wedding reception?)


See you next week!


What is Daniel Santos' deal? Does he really want to help the Wolfies? Or is he trying to get to Stonehaven so he can avenege his brother's death?

Karl has hots for Elena, right? Does it mean they have history? Is Karl a creepy stalker?

What is it with all this violence against women? Do the Mutts have to be rapists? Can't they be bank robbers?

Are you glad to see Noah Danby? (he's playing Zachary Kane)

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