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"A like Amateurs"

When I finished watching "Stalking" my first thought was: "OMG This show is SO stupid! Why am I even watching it?!" Since then I calmed down a bit so I'll do my best to review this week's episode. Mind that I'm still angry.

"It's a trap!"

Oh Admiral Ackbar - where are you when we need you?! You would be valuable addition to Team Wolfies - cause our werewolfs are obviously plain stupid (Elena is probably an exception) First of all Daniel Santos suggests a meeting. That sounds like a trap to me. Then some guy unloads a big box wrapped in a familiar paper - looks suspicious, doesn't it? And finally Jeremy and Antonio spot a car accident on their way to Elena and Clay - that just screams: "It's a trap! Don't you touch that woman!!!" And yet Jeremy walks straight into it. Is it me or is he a terrible Alpha? Someone should fire him. Also from what I understand Wolfies supposed to have years of martial arts training and super strenght. And yet when it comes to action they are defenseless like babies. What's even worse - Bitten's werewolfs don't have regeneration. A simple knife can kill you. I have no idea what's the point of being a werewolf then?

I'm super mad they killed Antonio. Bitten has so many boring characters. You want to kill someone - kill Philip (along with his family) or Logan! First Peter now Antonio - I can't believe they are offing the most interesting characters. It's like the writers are trying to make sure Syfy doesn't renew Bitten for season 2. I promise If they kill Nick I'm done.

"You Tube"

Zoe is really desperate to get into Philip's pants. I guess he has to be great in bed cause I see no other reason why would she want to associate with him. So how long till the two of them end up in bed? Will Elena catch them in the act? Will she eat them in rage? Please say yes!

Also am I the only one who thinks the hacking scene was just terrible?

"The adventures of Zachary Kane"

I think Zachary Kane was this episode MVP. First he introduced us to Bondage Girl. She's crazy and I love her. I hope they won't kill her straight away. I really hate the idea that Elena is the only female werewolf in the universe. If Zachary changed Bondage Girl into a wolf she could become Elena's nemesis. Now that would be awesome!

And later thanks to Zachary we got a great action scene with Elena. Also how cool was when Elena grew a talon? More of such stuff please!


That's Logan's new name. I know he's going to be a father. Good for him. But when Jeremy calls you answer and obey. Does he not care that Antonio was killed? I think Logan might be going for the "Mutt" title. Also he really wants a daughter. We know how it works - at this point I'm sure he will get 100 % werewolf son.

"The return of Lady Sheriff"

She's back! She found out the missing hunter's body - I guess no one told Elena she should have buried it. Lady Sheriff wanted to see Jeremy's house. Her eyes were practically asking to kiss her. And yet Jeremy was too busy bleeding and being poisoned to act on it. Typical man. Oh well - next time perhaps?

Antonio - I miss you already :(

Nick - awww :( Hugs.

Elena - Antonio told her the boys need her and she needs to take care of them. Does it mean she will stay in Stonehaven for good?

Daniel Santos - so I guess he wasn't the third part in the conflict after all? Was he allied with the Mutts all along?

As always I loved the CGI wolfs - especially blonde Elena. I could just take her home and pet all day.

I give "Stalking" 6 out of 10. I think it would be best if Elena became the Alpha. Without her the Wolfies will all die. Did you hate this episode? Share you rage!


- Who will die next?

- Will you miss Antonio?

- Bondage Girl - should she become a regular character?
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