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Jan 22, 2016
Bitten: When does it actually start?
So, a curious thing happened at five this morning (apparently) my DVR recorded an episode of Bitten. It didn't say it was new or provide more than a general show description of what was going on. And I checked ahead, and low and behold, next Friday, same thing. I know I will figure it out when I get home tonight, but just curious if this happened to anyone else and if this is actually the new season.
Apr 08, 2014
Bitten "Ready" Review 4/07/14

Last night we saw the season's (series?) finale of Bitten. And it was freaking awesome! Too bad the good stuff came so late in the series cause Bitten will probably share OUAT in Wonderland's (which was far better show then Bitten) fate. Let's relive the most interesting moments of "Ready", shall we?

"Bedroom surprise"

The writers needed 13 episodes to kill Philip, but I think it was worth to wait. I was 100% satisfied with the outcome. Obviously, this scene was an allusion to "The Godfather" (another fantastic movie) The way the horse's Philip's ...Read more
Apr 01, 2014
Bitten "Caged" Review 3/31/14
"Saving Private Clay"

The penultimate episode of Bitten's season 1 belonged to Elena. And let's be honest she was amazing. I wish she was always like this. I give "Caged" 8 out of 10. I really enjoyed it. IMO it was one of 4 best episodes of the series. Now I have high hopes for season's (series?) finale. Fingers crossed!


Last time I was disappointed Elena only bit off two of Victor's fingers. Fortunately, this week she fixed her error and made sure that pedophile won't ever hurt anyone again. I loved how Elena ...Read more
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Mar 25, 2014
Bitten "Settling" Review 3/24/14
"The Mutts Strikes Back"

"Settling" was CRAZY episode. Unfortunately, Syfy released just 8 photos this week so my options were very limited. You will have to use your imagination.

"The cleaner"

Is it me or is Logan finally becoming a great character? So he's either a hitman or a big fan of Léon: The Professional (which is one of my favorite movies of all times btw). I'm sure it wasn't the first time Logan used a string on a human / werewolf being. The look on his face when Rachel called him was priceless. Also poor guy got ...Read more
Mar 18, 2014
Bitten "Descent" Review 3/17/14
"Weird Clothes & Bunnies"

First of all - "Descent" was a filler episode. It was setting a stage for things to come and so it wasn't very exciting. To be honest it was a bit boring. Let's call it necessary evil. Still there were few scenese worth mentioning.

"The break up"

It took 10 episodes, but Philip and Elena finally broke up. Or rather he dumped her after she admitted to having feelings for Clay. If Philip wasn't so boring I would probably feel sorry for him. However, he is the worst part of Bitten. So the sooner he ...Read more
Mar 11, 2014
Bitten "Vengeance" Review 3/10/14
"Werewolf Mafia"

It took 9 weeks, but finally we had a really great episode. It had everything I want from Bitten - steamy, hot sex, fantastic action scenes, drama and death. Why can't this show be like this every week?! Bitten, just when I'm ready to pack my bags and leave, you show me "Vengeance" and you rekindle my love a new. That's both frustrating and wonderful. I give "Vengeance" 9 out of 10. It goes without saying it was the best episode of the series up to this date.


Last week we had an awesome sex scene with Nick and Amanda. This week it was time for Bitten's protagonists to get hot and sexy.

Finally, Elena and Clay did it on screen (and it wasn't a flashback or sex dream like before). And it was pure perfection. Bravo! This scene had everything - great music ...Read more
Mar 04, 2014
Bitten "Prisoner" Review 3/03/14
Sex, talks and torture


"Are you trying to seduce me, Nick?"

"No, that part is already done"

For me Nick and Amanda meeting was the high point of "Prisoner". It was very sensual scene with a great background song. I loved it. I really wouldn't mind if Amanda became a regular character of "Bitten". To be honest the whole show could focus on Amanda and Nick antics - and I would be totally ok with it. More of them please!


So Miss Sweden, Zoe, Sylvie returned. She tried to mouth attack Phillip and she got burned. However, I suspect it's just a matter of time till Philip asks her for forgiveness and bedroom privileges. And can we really blame him? It's not like Elena is showing Philip much affection these days (no wonder since he's so boring).

Also Philip suspects Elena cheats on him with ...Read more
Feb 25, 2014
Bitten "Stalking" Review 2/24/14
"A like Amateurs"

When I finished watching "Stalking" my first thought was: "OMG This show is SO stupid! Why am I even watching it?!" Since then I calmed down a bit so I'll do my best to review this week's episode. Mind that I'm still angry.

"It's a trap!"

Oh Admiral Ackbar - where are you when we need you?! You would be valuable addition to Team Wolfies - cause our werewolfs are obviously plain stupid (Elena is probably an exception) First of all Daniel Santos suggests a meeting. That sounds like a trap to me. Then some guy unloads a big box wrapped in a familiar paper - looks suspicious, doesn't it? And finally Jeremy and Antonio spot a car accident on their way to Elena and Clay - that just screams: "It's a trap! Don't you touch that woman!!!" And yet Jeremy walks straight into ...Read more
Feb 18, 2014
Bitten "Committed" Review 2/17/14
"Eyeballs in the box"

First of all - I have to admit to mixing things up a bit last time. As it turns out Philip has two sisters (I think they mentioned that in the pilot) - Diane (Elena's BFF) and Becky. And Elena went for Becky's and not Diane's wedding. I'm sorry for misleading you gals and guys.

Wedding reception

To be honest I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping the Mutts would invade the wedding reception and slaughter Philip's family. Unfortunately, someone forgot to send them the invitation - or at least to put a ...Read more
Feb 11, 2014
Bitten "Bitten" Review 2/10/14
"Origin Story"

So here is episode that we've been all waiting for - the one which explains how Elena became a werewolf. After watching it I have mixed feelings. "Bitten" wasn't bad, but it certainly had flaws. This week's episode essentially consisted of two parts. The first one was a flahsback and the second one showed the current events. I'll discuss them separetly.


The story of Elena and Clay first meeting is pretty simple and if you read romance novels then it shouldn't be anything surprising. Clay is a college professor and Elena is a young girl who is looking for a job. Clay reluctantly hires her as his typist / assistant. Slowly Elena gains his trust and affection. They fall in love. However, the two of them show their true feelings only when Elena clears her desk after resigning. We have no idea how much ...
Read more
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