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  • I'm not sad that Bitten is gone

    Elena, a crying wearwulf. glad its finish. A female leading roll never had / is a good character, look at>

    The Blacklist, Homeland, The Vampire Diaries and some other. This ladies are absolute crap.
  • Season 1 was good, Season 2 was lousy.

    I liked Season 1, good acting, interesting characters, a show focused on adult werewolves and the humans that were in and around their lives. Season 2 became all about witches and black magic, which was boring to the extreme. There are already a plethora of shows out there about vampires, magic, witches, supernatural, etc. No need to add any more. But an adult werewolf show with a developed storyline and good character development was fun to watch. It reminded me of the potential that the Wolf Lake series had. Great story, mostly great characters, but a few that were lousy storyline aspects and sank the show. No loss on Bitten checking out at this point. Sad but true!!
  • meh, it's ok

    Some times I really like this series and other times, it seemed like a cheap knockoff of true blood. I'm not sure what season 3 holds, but I hope they don't bring in vampires.
  • More Fur ? How about more Pack

    I started watching the series on Netflix, and LOVED IT! Then I started reading the books they were awesome. I would like to see the series last longer than just the outline of the books. In order for this to happen I wonder if the writers of the series would consider bringing in more of a generational factor.

    In the book Bitten, Logan is dies and does not have a son on the way. That is a start at not staying along the book plot. But in season two Logan Dies and Leaves the show, how does this play out in season three?

    The book series is great but if you want to make the TV series a long term hit you will need to get creative and make the twists irresistible to wait for. I am so excited and can not wait for season three!!!!!!!!

    I do not live in an area where cable is easy to get and rely on basic ABC, CBS, NBC and the CW along with my Netflix for entertainment. In order to see my shows on my computer lag time and constant "sorry something went wrong try again later" can get extremely frustrating. Bitten is a series I would like to see continue far into the years to come.

  • enough with the heavy breathing!

    Loved the books, like the show, but I am about to give up watching it because I can't stand listening to Elena's heavy breathing anymore!!! That's all she does anymore!
  • little more fur please

    I enjoy the show very much except for one thing, not enough wolf fur! By now I m sure everyone either by desire or by being dragged kicking and screaming has seen the Twilight series. I have to say they did do Justice to the wolves in that franchise. I just think the show would seem more like a wolf show if it actually had wolves in it, a bunch of people saying they are "wolves" but running around and protecting the pack as people is just lame. And I don't understand why the cloths have to come off to wolf out just transform on the fly. the whole link between the pack would be more plausible if they were in fur and not matching color coded clothing. There is so much the producers,director,and writing team could do with this show, it could really be amazing maybe even the next walking dead! come on guys take it all the way!
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  • Hooked

    At first it didn't take much of my interest but after 5 episodes I'm hooked!!!

    And I'm touched on the revelation of Jeremy why Clay bit Elena. a fan of this show.

  • Budget cuts?

    Have they run out of money on this show? The Story is still fine but they have only had one werewolf transformation in 3 episodes. The only sign in episode 3 that this was indeed a show about werewolves was Elena's pointy nail. More an observation than a criticism.
  • Well ilove the main actress

    She is one Hott Mama O_o

    Anyway took some wille but the series started good and it seems new enemies confront the wolf pack and the adventure continue.

    Who is the new enemy and will the pack rescue the unborn child with mother?

    Well i dont lie the new way the series are made, brings apeal to mans eyes, i gues to woman too atleast if their not frigid. Just few series with sexual desire Banshee,GoThrones,Spartacus Gods of arena and posibly few more ^^

  • To Bite or Not to Bite....

    When this series first aired and I read the tagline I was a bit dubious. I grew up watching every werewolf movie I could get my hands on. I loved the vampires, ghouls, and gore-fest, such as Nightmare on Elm Street, could offer. However, over the last 10-15 years (or more) the main movie houses and publishers have shied away from making good werewolf, vampire, gore-fest movies. I realize that those types of movies can't be the only thing being made but come loves a good thrill and chill now and then. So when I first heard about 'Bitten' and read the very broad description of the show, I was left worried that here was another crappy made for television werewolf horror show. The tried that with Wolf Lake and a few others and they didn't work or as they started to get better the producers and money men pulled their backing. So when I sat down to watch the first episode I had this clear idea in my head of what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased that this was NOT 'that kind of show'.

    Instead of my preconceptions we fans were given a new look into the world of werewolves. I love the fact that they've kept the concept of the werewolves instincts, behaviors, laws, its world and its actions very much like the real wolves of our world. Having the Alfa-Male and the Alfa-Female of the pact. There being a pack hierarchy, how their young are raised. Its so much more believe able and understandable. I also love that this is a show directed at adults and not teenagers and joke on those early 20's and how we think were all grown up but still just children)

    I haven't read the books that the series is based on. I recently downloaded them and plan to read them soon. But even having never read the books I don't feel like I'm losing anything int he story line or its characters. I could go on and on but I'll shut up now and just say that I'm really looking forward to the next be nice to know when that will actually take place hint.
  • Bitten: The book vs the TV Series

    Rather enjoy this show so far. There are a few I guess director's changes that do NOT follow along the Book's story line. Certain characters killed before they were killed that kind of thing; however it honestly hasn't detracted from the plot/story like I first feared it might. Happy to see it's been given a Second Season and hopefully can have several more. Bitten could have the popularity and maybe even the same fan base that True Blood has/had only as a full on Werewolf series instead of a Vamp,Were; Fae series which True Blood was. Guess we'll only know for sure with the new season!
  • Bitten by inspiration!

    It's a unique show with good doses of action, gore and twists-and-turns. And thank goodness it's not another teen drama!

    It's definitely a must for the mature fans of the genre!
  • Hope this gets a season two

    Love it I sure hope season two comes along I also hate when you get into a new show and its cancelled or something .. this was a good show and characters.

  • Loved the books and now I love the series.

    So excited to have found this series. I watched every single one and am anxiously awaiting the next season.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this show.

    PLEASE make a season hate getting to love a show and then BAM its really like the cast, the setting, and love the story line...

    Really love dis show been watching it since day one really hopeing they make a 2nd season,The acting was Fantastic!! Clay&Elena make a really gud couple tew of mah favorite actors!
  • Mixed, but mostly positive

    Positive: love the setting. I think Jeremy, Antonio, Nick and Pete were really well cast ( Jeremy is missing the slightly Asian cast to his features, but otherwise spot-on. Stonehaven and surrounding areas are perfect. Faithfulness to the books so far is great. The few diversions make good dramatic sense to me. The series started out slow - maybe a bit TOO much adherence to the books - but by the 4th episode was really rolling.

    Negative: Laura Vandervoort is way too pretty, lacking the health girl-next-door qualities Elena should have. And frankly, her portrayal of one of my favorite strong female characters as kind of Hamlet with tits and fur often gets on my nerves. Grayson Holt is perfect as Clay. His performance captures the quietly brilliant, intense, super- dangerous qualities of Clay beautifully. BUT - he looks nothing at all like Clay. Clay should be the one who is model- gorgeous, not Elena. He should be seriously, dangerously hot. He's not. And that does get in the way of my enjoyment of the show. If I hadn't read the books this probably wouldn't bother me so much.

    Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives, and I'll keep watching.
  • acting supurb, action amazing, stories are so well written!

    I Love wearwolf, vampire, superhero and supernatural types of shows. I've watched all of them Hero's, Alphas, Grim, Vampire Diaries, The Origionals, Teen Wolf etc etc... I must say that bitten is probably the best show i've ever seen. The acting is amazing, the buildup is just perfect. I diddnt even start watching the show until 3 weeks ago I watched the entire first season on netflix and i have to say I'm TOTALLY HOOKED! I will be seriously dissapointed if they don't decide to continue this series. I do hope they take into consideration people like myself who are just getting into the show now. I'm sure there are alot of people like me who just saw the 1st season on netflix and have now become fans!!!!!!! If the series goes on I bet this show will become an extremely high rated show if not the best show of its kind on television!
  • Please let there be a second season!!!!!!!!

    this series has been breath taking!! I hate when a awesome series comes out and they not renew it for another season, Im just dying to know what happens next!! I'm glued to my couch every time i watch this and I am 100% positive it needs a second and third season!! I love the thrill of knowing that love has brought both Elena and clay back together and together I think they could do anything and bring down anyone, even Jeremy's Father!! I really do hope they decide to do a second season!!
  • Excellent

    Hooked with the show. Well written and perfectly acted.
  • plz second season

    I Love this show
  • Gave up :(

    Sorry but this is nothing like the books and for that alone I had to give it half a thumb down and the rest of the thumb down has to be for the miscasting of basically the entire cast. I am not disputing that they are good actors given the right roles but these were not them :(

    I love the original books by Kelley Armstrong and was looking forward to the show but I watched and kept on coming back hoping it would get better, it just didn't and I gave up after about episode 6. If they do renew I won't be back as a viewer.

    One of my new favourite shows of all time. Please renew for a second season.

    I loved this season! Please renew Bitten. I need my Clay and Elena fix!


    Early Season: I'm a WOTO nerd; I've read all thirteen books plus novellas atleast 6 times. I love Elena (although she needs more ponytails and tshirts). Clayton and Jeremy were poorly cast. Clayton's appearance is important to his character. He should look like a model with blonde curly locks. Think Chris Hemsworth with curly hair. Jeremy is reserved in his mannerisms and emotions. His mother is Japanese and he gets many of his physical traits from her. Think Ian Anthony Dale.
  • Please renew this show!

    I love this show already! I hope it gets renewed!
  • season 2

    I am looking forward to a new season
  • Brilliant Series

    Fantastic Series! i really enjoyed it

    Looking forward to Season 2!!

    DONT CANCEL BITTEN!! Renew for a second season! :D
  • Amazing

    I thought that the TV series Bitten was an amazing show. I am looking forward to a new season. My sister and I would sit and watch the show of of because I was not able to watch it when it was on tv itself. I believe that all of the characters were played by extremely talented actors and actresses. Please continue with a next season. I will definitely be watching it. Besides who wouldn't want to see all of the amazingly handsome people in this show.
  • I completely agree with Volvi-pathetic scripts

    Enemies that never get killed just get knocked out.

    Leblanc always carries weapons(knives and guns) yet the pack does not. Lame.

    Worst was in the season finale when Jeremy just lets James Williams walk away knowing more mayhem was on the way. Get real.
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