Bizarre Foods America

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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 11/4/13
      Andrew Zimmern finds out that America's Garden State is bursting with flavor. From Filipino favorites, like Dinguan, to the iconic Taylor Pork Roll, to Triploid Oysters, Andrew gets a taste of what New Jersey is really made of.
    • Houston
      Episode 10
      Andrew Zimmern gets a taste of Texas-sized personality in the vibrant city of Houston. From a tailgating feast featuring buffalo to a "blast and cast" that nets fresh duck organs and grilled redfish.
    • St. Louis
      Episode 9
      Andrew Zimmern visits St Louis, a city where the food reflects the diversity of the neighborhoods and the people who live there.
    • St. Croix
      Episode 8
      Andrew visits St. Croix, one of the lesser known Virgin Islands, where the local culture and food are a melting pot of flavors from around the Caribbean.
    • 8/12/13
      Andrew comes to Louisville where time honored food traditions and modern taste come together to make for some surprising flavors.
    • Rhode Island
      Episode 6
      Andrew Zimmern visits Rhode Island where New Englanders blend old traditions and experimental concepts to create a unique food culture. From clam cakes to monkfish liver mousse, he finds food in this tiny state is full of flavor.
    • 7/29/13
      Birmingham has more going on than barbecue and banana pudding. Andrew Zimmern visits the town where Greeks make grits, scientists create better sea urchins and big flavors put it on the culinary map.
    • Queens, New York
      Episode 4
      Andrew gets a global food experience without ever leaving NYC when he visits the borough of Queens.
    • The Third Coast
      Episode 3
      Andrew Zimmern heads south to the third coast, the Gulf Coast, for some southern hospitality and some of the best tastes of life.
    • 7/8/13
      Luaus may be a tradition, but Andrew Zimmern wants to find out what Hawaiians really eat. From dried octopus bile sac to crispy pork intestine to a traditional take on a raw fish salad, he gets a taste of Hawaii's other side.
    • 7/1/13
      Andrew finds out that the best foods in LA are hiding deep inside city neighborhoods where outsiders never go! From pig head tamales at a food truck in Watts to steamed chicken embryo in Long Beach.
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