Bizarre Foods America - Season 3

Monday 9:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Jan 24, 2012 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Portland
    Episode 10
    Andrew heads to Portland, Oregon, where free thinking foodies are pushing the limits when it comes to creating what to eat!
  • 4/15/13
    Andrew visits northern California where people are reinventing the way they look at food, from how they find it, to how it's developed, or even presented.
  • The Ozarks
    Episode 8
    Andrew makes a trip to the Ozarks where people are still living off the land and making the most of it by combining old traditions with new techniques.
  • 3/25/13
    Andrew Zimmern discovers that foods from the past may still be the best on a visit to Baltimore and Chesapeake Bay. From beef tongue sandwiches, to Korean boiled pig stomach and blood sausage, to barbecued muskrat and grilled eel.
  • 3/18/13
    From exotic ingredients to innovative techniques, Andrew Zimmern finds foodies in Chicago are pushing the limits. From a dish made with whale vomit, to soup that smells like a dead body, Chicago feeds his adventurous appetite!
  • Wisconsin
    Episode 5
    While in America's Dairy Land, Andrew Zimmern finds there's more to the food in Wisconsin than meets the eye. He discovers the science to making milk taste better, lamb organs in a traditional Serbian casserole and emu testicles.
  • 3/4/13
    There's a bounty of new flavors for Andrew Zimmern at Alaska's Inside Passage, including some that may be very hard to swallow! From fresh sea cucumbers, to pickled gumboots, to smoked hooligans, there's plenty for Andrew to try.
  • Iowa
    Episode 3
    Andrew Zimmern finds out there's more than meat & potatoes in Iowa! From a farmer raising the perfect pig, to a café offering new twists, to African immigrants adding homeland flavors, Iowa's home to a world of unexpected flavors!
  • Denver
    Episode 2
    Andrew Zimmerman visits Denver. And, still a wild frontier when it comes to food! He finds Rocky Mountain oysters at the ballpark, yak and elk served at an historic restaurant and pheasant cooked outside under the Colorado sky.
  • Washington D.C.
    Episode 1
    Andrew Zimmerman visits DC, but he skips the iconic landmarks to explore the history behind the food! Andrew finds fresh snakehead pulled from the Potomac, pupusas made the authentic way, or peanut butter sandwiches made with foie gras.