Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 1 Episode 0


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on Travel Channel

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  • The show was definitely finding its footing.

    The pilot episode of Bizarre Foods was a little rough around the edges. Andrew Zimmern hadn't quite found his unique travel voice or his cast iron stomach.

    Andrew (who, in later episodes, will carry the show) seemed tentative to try some of the more bizarre offerings. His fearless, I'll try anything attitude, is absent. He refuses several dishes and even spits out a bite of fruit he doesn't like. Somehow, this behavior doesn't reinforce the concept that the food "is just an acquired taste".

    I also believe this pilot took on too much. Andrew visits three countries in one episode. Each country could have easily sustained an entire episode on its own. Instead, each visit felt rushed. Andrew didn't have enough time to really explore different tastes and places.

    Overall, this episode is a little rough around the edges--but most pilots are. I'm glad this wasn't the first episode of the series I saw, but I am glad that I eventually saw it. Some of Andrew's charm is there, but he's missing most of his humor. By the time the first episode of the series airs, he's regained both of these. And, the series as a whole is stronger for it. However, this glimpse of him shows just how far his hosting skills have come.
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