Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 1 Episode 14

Best Bites

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2008 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew reviews his hosting style and thanks his many fans by analyzing what he thinks his fans like about his show. He explains his belief of how the best way to experience a people's culture is to sample their food. In this clip show of his favorite meals, he starts off by revealing his favorite markets such as the one in the Manilla where he tried pulutan, finger foods, such as balut (cooked fertilized eggs), shrimp pancakes, deep fried duck eggs and deep fried chicks. At the Taipei in Taiwan, he reruns the clips his experiences with unlaid chicken eggs and sampling chicken uterus and cock's combs. He also revisits cockles and whelks from the Swansea Market in Wales.
In the next segment, Andrew reveals that as so many popular dishes take over, many of the more older and traditional are being forgotten and soon to be lost, like the balu-balu, giant grub worms, he tried in Asia or the minced beef pie with green sauce from the F. Cooke Shop in London. He also adds the conch he tried raw from Tabago.
Andrew also commends and remarks on the crazy characters he has met in his journeys. He replays his footage to the ice cave with Mirch, Chris and Merlin from Alaska, who cooked wild ptarmigan as muffler meat on the engines of their snowmobiles. Andrew is also reminded of critter catcher Sterling Fryou who caught the giant Nutria rat in the Louisiana bayou for cooking meat.
Andrew's favorite scenes from the First Season include diving for octopus with Francisco Rios Raumea for his El Grillo Marines Restaurant. He also includes the Souse King Tony La Zarr from Tobago whose special ingredient was prayer for the souse he sold from his home.
Andrew also shows unseen footage from his shows seen internationally not shown in the United States. One scene involved his visit to the Papaya King in New York City where he actually tries hotdogs. He also reveals his visit to the multiracial Bobby Chin in Viet Nam who served him sea scallop and crab salad.
Andrew wraps the episode with outtakes from the new season. The quick montage reveals locations such as Russia, Iceland, Denmark, Chile, China, Bolivia and even Minnesota as he explores out door barbecues, buffets, a meat raffle and a female wrestling match for more worms, roasted grasshopper, cooked-up animal penis, stomped mushrooms, kakara (shark meat), more of Andrew camera smirks and even a re-encounter with armadillo. He closes with his bloopers, flubs, backyard fish freelancers and an encounter with a beachcomber posing as a food guru.
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