Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2008 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Located between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is Andrew's next stop as he tries the local cuisine merged from Spanish, Catholic and local Indian tribes. After a brief story of a Spanish conquistador who lost his heart to an Incan warrior, Andrew mentions that Chileans love beef and seafood. In the Ipico neighborhood of Santiago, he looks for and stops in at Ana Maria's Restaurant to meet local restaurateur Ricardo Price and chef and restaurant owner Ana Maria Zuniga. Andrew wants to try abalone, a tough mollusks she has softened by beating it within an inner tube. Andrew tries the meat with mayonnaise dressing as well as razor clams; enjoying both so much he wants to move upstairs into the location. Ricardo also takes Andrew to the El Peron to try a meat-mixed grill called periage. The meat is samples are cow udder or chunchillas and blood sausage all grilled on a periage at the table.
Reflecting on the beautiful plazas, museums and landmarks, Andrew is on to the Domino Restaurant. Chileans love street snacks and hot dogs are very popular. Joined by a friend named Eduardo Elazbun, they head to the Domino for a hefty hot dog loaded with avocado, tomato, mayonnaise and salad with onion and cilantro. It is then off to the Bayo Vista neighborhood and the fruit markets with melon, pineapple, mango and local fruits like lucuma and gulapo. Andrew tries a lucuma shake before off to the Puerto dela Cardos where Andrew samples fresh donkey milk, sweeter than goat milk, tasting the same as cow milk and possessing health benefits. Across the street from the local soccer meet, Andrew joins the soccer fans for a pre-game snack of cow's butt sandwich, an interesting meat choice.
Andrew reveals the Chilean culture is influenced by Catholic tradition, including the Feast of the Virgin Mary, and the Sunday family dinner is sacred. He is invited to the home of Julio Peralda for a dinner including barnacles, corn pie, seaweed salad and black mussels stuffed with cheese and sausage and cooked on a charcoal grill. Andrew reveals that the mussels are his favorite.
In the Chilean traffic, Andrew tries the country's fledgling taxi service to meet Mauricio Dell, a local radio personality and a visit to the El Mercado Centrale where the meat market has horse meat, a local delicacy. Andrew notes the vast fruit and vegetables and credits Chile for its fertile soil and stable weather for the abundance. At the seafood market, he finds conger eel which comes in red, white and gold varieties. The market has shrimp, fish, shark, barnacles, squid and sea squirt. Having sampled the oysters, Andrew is more intrigued by the sea squirt and muses on its alien appearance before sampling it.
Onward to Temuco with Mauricio, Andrew meets Moises Velasco and Christina Doty, owners of the Fundo Collanco Ranch. Andrew gets to witness the castration of the bulls, wincing at the act and sound of it. The testicles are cooked into becoming criadias, and the scrotum is chopped up into capuyo, cooked in an outdoor makeshift barbecue made from the front of an own plow blade. Andrew also tries a sampling of a dish made from lamb's blood mixed with onion, lemon, cilantro and garlic. It is said to promote virility, and Andrew muses his wife is over 5000 miles away back home. The cooked scrotum is made into an admirable soup served in a dinner with roasted lamb meat and canapés with chili and garlic oil.
In the hard to reach shore town of Quintay, an old whaling town, Andrew joins with the fishermen who supply the restaurants to go after conger eel. Not an eel but a white fish, they are caught by nets, spear or hook and line and can e cooked in a grill over hot coal right on the boat for an on-the-water meal. Andrew wraps his Chilean visit in the harbor town of Valparisio and an inclined transport ride up to Café Otoriola to meet Jose Raphael Estica and try conger eel soup served with vegetables and spices.
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