Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 4 Episode 5

Eastern Australia

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 12, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew is in Australia, what he calls the smallest continent and the largest country. Most of the people here live in cities along the coast and while the country about the same size of the United States, it has but two percent of the population. Andrew is in Sydney to meet Jean Paul Brunetau, the chef of the Deep Blue Bistro for "mod oz" or Australian cooking done modern style. Of the dishes, Andrew reveals that kangaroo tail has reduced cholesterol. He tries fried bonong moths and quangdong, a plant grown from the dung of the emu, the largest bird in Australia. He also has kangaroo tail soup, kangaroo tartar, kangaroo loin done rare and kangaroo skank with croquette. The emu meat is served in a plum sauce. Andrew calls it lightly gamy and bitter, finishing it off with a mango parfait with rye berry.
Andrew also discovers vegemite, concentrated yeast extract, which is a favorite Aussie food served as a snack or breakfast. In public, it can be served on toast with tomato or cream cheese, but it is a preferred taste. At Cowper's Wharf, Andrew has tiger pie, a meat pie with a crust served with mashed potatoes. Andrew also tries his hand at surfing at Bundi Beach with surf expert, Dave Hannigan.
At the Sydney Fish Market, the largest such market in the country, Andrew meets up with author and restaurateur, Neil Perry, to discover local fish, lobster, crab at whitefish at the Rockpool Restaurant. They also experience a firewater dish with flat bread and mud crab. After the break, it's onward to Rusty's Market to discover fruits and vegetables, particularly black sapote with a taste like chocolate pudding. Andrew calls it the most hideous difficult taste he has ever tasted. He also has sour soup from green apples and custard apple, which tends to spoil quickly. Andrew compares its taste as between melon and peach.
Andrew is soon off to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef made from living organisms. He meets Dan McCarthy, charter captain of the Moana, to see giant sea clams with diving instructor Andrew "Lurch" Wilson near Fitzroy Island. They try their hands at fishing, but despite the results, they have a dinner of coral trout, painted cray and spotty mackerel grilled like steak. During the experience, the tide threats to wash everything out. Andrew comments that the cray is the most tender of the dishes.
Andrew is then off to Duredo out in the Big Sky Country where Rob and Lena Lennon have a ranch for Wagyu Cattle. They show Andrew how to herd the cattle by motorbike. The meat of the cattle is known for having fat in the meat instead of on it. The experience ends with a barbecue in Andrew's honor before he ends his experience.