Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew is off to the fiftieth state, Hawaii, to visit the tourist resorts for their native traditions. In Oahu, he joins a family luau lead by Kenali and Vonn Logan where one of the dishes is roasted pig cooked with stones inside it within an imu (ground oven) with banana leaves covering it. Poi is created by roots from the taro plant; they're turned into a dough and made into a paste eaten with crab. In addition to the roasted pig, Andrew has raw bonefish and lua he'e (octopus).
In Maui, Andrew is a guest at Da Kitchen Restaurant where he's served teriyaki beef, kalui pork, noodles and Spam dishes. He confesses he's not a big fan of Spam. It's canned meat made from ham and pork sent to American GI's during wartime, but it was embraced as a taste treat by the Hawaiians who made several dishes from it. Andrew tries Spam musubi, but he shares it with others. He can only handle one bite of Spam upside-down cake before he has to go.
At Haleaka Mountain, Andrew goes hunting for wild boar with the natives, musing along with the experience until a boar is caught in a trap. Another one its caught, their meat cooked and smoked, but the organs eaten fresh by tradition. A dish called na'au is created by marinating the heart, liver, spleen and intestines.
On the slope of the Haleakuia crater, Andrew visits the Al'I Kula Lavender Farm, where lavender is produced for the food industry. It's good for stress, fatigue and insomnia. Chef Paul Lamparelli cooks it into lamb and chutney, and for his own restaurants, James McDonald grows his own to be added to goat meat.
Andrew also visits the Hawaiian fusion where Chef Roy Yamaguchi mixes Hawaiian dishes with European ingredients. Just for Andrew, he mixes fermented soybeans, escargot (snails), tofu and caviar, but Andrew also gets a taste of goat meat and a soup of goat intestines.
Andrew also heads to Molokai by boat to see whales, but he's actually treated with opiki (limpets), a mollusk that is scraped off the rocks and eaten raw. They are often over harvested and hard to find so they're not eaten as much, but they can be heated in a grill.