Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 3 Episode 6

Los Angeles

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2008 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew heads to the movie capital of the world where he reveals the mix of cultures moving here have created and centered several unique dishes in one spot. His first stop is at Ben Ford's Filling Station restaurant started by Ben Ford, the son of actor Harrison Ford. Ben shows Andrew how he creates headcheese in goose fact and then sit down for suckling pig. Andrew is joined by food blogger Eddie Lin for the meal before flying into Santa Monica for an arrival at the Typhoon Diner that in addition to fresh seafood also serves scorpions, spiders and insects on toast. Andrew also has White Sea worms and chambai ants with potato strings.

Despite the plethora of junk food stops, Andrew reveals that LA has many different and revolutionary health food restaurants in a of their own. He visits Mr. Wisdom's Hare Krishna Restaurant and Juice Bar for a health drink of wheat grass and barley, but he's stunned by the sour taste of a ground wheat drink called rejuvelac. Andrew also mentions places such as Euphora loves Rawvolution and Juliano's Raw which only serve dishes from fruits, vegetables and nuts, no meat, fish dairy or processed flour or cheese is allowed. He visits Ani Phyo at her raw food kitchen. She creates raw lasagna from pressed ingredients that have been blended and dehydrated. She also has a cheese called cheez made from garlic, salt, sunflower seeds, water and lemon juice. He tries a sun burger made solely from natural ingredients on flax bread, but when Ani tries to slip him durian in a coconut drink, he detects it. Durian is still the one thing he cannot stomach.

Andrew is onward to meet Lee Hefter, the executive chef for Wolfgang Puck, and they head to the Western Soon Dae Restaurant in Koreatown. Despite being chefs, they are uncertain what is served them as they muddle through blood sausage, liver and tongue. Still hungry, they make a stop at the World Famous Oki-Dog Restaurant for okie-bombs, tortilla sandwiches filled with hot dogs, cabbage, onions, fried sauerkraut, pastrami, cheese, mustard and pickles, but no mayonnaise as they discover. They also stop at a rolling taco truck for stomach, liver and intestine meats in tacos.

On his own again, Andrew heads to Beverly Hills to meet renowned Chef Nobu Matsushisa to sample his specialties, monkfish with caviar and harashi su miso, sea urchin roe in a shot glass with ponzu and quail egg. Dinner is Santa Barbara shrimp cooked for only four seconds and prepared sashimi- Andrew is joined by three cooking students to join him in a dinner of octopus triadatu, monkfish with caviar and the shrimp sashimi.

Andrew reveals that at least forty-three percent of LA is Hispanic and he is invited to the home of food blogger Javier Cabral whose family invites Andrew to dinner. The meal includes menudo (Mexican tripe), sauted huitlacoche (fried smut), marinated nopale salad unthorned cactus pads and chipolatas (grasshoppers). The food is Aztec and Mayan on origin with a European touch; Andrew tries to make blue corn tortillas but burns a few. He likes the meal so much he says he's going to return with several hundred Zimmerns bringing German-Jewish dishes.

Andrew saves the best for last to visit the celebrated Wolfgang Puck at the Chinois ne Main. He combines fresh produce with bold Chinese flavor and French technique. He watches and tries sizzling catfish treated with sea salt, pepper and corn starch. His meal is peking duck in plum sauce with duck's feet and cockscomb in bok chou. Andrew wraps saying he feels at home in LA as it becomes a city with fine dining.
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