Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2007 on Travel Channel



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Andrew: What's next for me? I don't know. Pine cones in Spain? Iguanas in Tabago? Piranhas in Ecuador? Who knows? You know what I say, if it looks good, eat it!

    • Andrew: Now, that's bizarre! (about bloated corn)

    • Andrew: There is very little that walks, crawls, swims or grows that hasn't crossed these lips.

    • Andrew: Basically, the weirder and more exotic anything is, the greater the chances are that somebody's gonna tell you it's good for what ails you.

    • Andrew: (about to eat armadillo) I have to tell you, the tail sitting there in the pot with the head makes the experience all the more interesting to say the least.
      Susana (his guide): Oh, it just reminds you what you're eating, no?

  • Notes

    • The opening after the montage involves the updated spinning dishes rather than the original opening.

    • Also Featured:

      Rudolpho Salinas
      Francisco Ramirez–Octopus Diver
      Monica de la Peña–Hualulco Delegation of Tourism (translator)
      Susana Trilling–Seasons of My Heart Cooking School (Local Chef and Guide)
      Don Fortino Rojas–Chef, Restaurant Chon
      Jose Marmolejo–Food Writer
      Patricia Quintana–Chef, Author, Restauranteur

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