Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

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  • Eats LIKE A COW

    Love the exotic and strange food but the eating ritual of AZ is absolutely disgusting. He never chews the food he rolls it over his tongue and he doesn't even give the food that respect he just stuffs and swallows. His nostrils are always flared as if he's holding his breath not to taste the food. The sound coming from his face is animal like. If he didn't eat like a animal maybe I could tolerate to watch the show.
  • Zimmern gets on my nerves something terrible

    Zimmern is a twerp - down to the green sneakers he occasionally wears. The appeal of this guy totally escapes me. He likes to hear himself talk and probably thinks he's witty, but his nerdy demeanor and square pronouncements are more than off-putting. It is quite visible on the face of some of his shows' participants that suffering his presence is painful. And, you can count on it that he'll mention at least once in every show that he's a "nice Jewish boy". Well, Zimmern, as a Jewish guy myself, I'm ashamed of you!
  • PETA get involved in Bizarre Foods America

    Several days ago this program was broadcast in our area showing a rabbit hunt that was totally disgusting. Andrew shot a rabbit and destroyed its midsection. The host spent all of 4 minutes laughing at this poor animal with Andrew joining in and excusing his poor aim. The same evening the show showed a bear hunting episode where bait was put out to entice the animals into the shooting area. This is totally cruel and against humane hunting. Needless to say, I turned to another channel and will no longer watch this program.
  • Why?

    Oh, dear. It's one thing to host a world travel show. I love travel, I love learning about cultures, and I enjoy trying something new to eat. But what on Earth possesses people, any people, to try and eat the intimate parts of cattle and insects, eyeballs, various sacs filled with fluid, and other things that are disgusting just to think about? One of the most disappointing things about this show is, oddly, the host doesn't tell you that much about the actual flavor of each item. He describes the part of the animal from which it's taken, which is bad enough, but after putting you through all this agony, he then chews a few times and invariably says, "Awesome." That's it! Not how spicy it was, not how squishy, not "It's sort of like halibut," nothing at all to help us viewers make our way through the maze of information. If you're going to show us nasty stuff, don't make it look like everything on Earth tastes the same. It can't. So if the host is not going to act as the viewer's friend, why bother? The only thing that's left is a bunch of things that will make you throw up. I'm going to stay dull and order a pizza, thank you. At least I know where it's been.
  • Good Lord, What Did His Mama Feed HIM?!

    Zimmerman himself unconsciously reviews his own fetish for ghoulish "food" by having adopted the word "ridiculous" to mean "delicious." I guess it's supposed to be "kewel" for supposed grownups to adopt valley-girlish, air-headed inspirations such as using ironic language to mean the exact opposite of its true definition, but all too often when adults do it the result is merely a Freudian slip.
  • Chewing!!

    I love this show! Love it! I do not however love the chewing sound that comes from his mouth when he eats something on the show, which obviously, is all the time. The sound of his saliva and the food crunching around in his mouth! I feel like he is right by my face slopping his food in my ear. Uh... Nasty and not necessary. I am still giving a good rating bc the show is awesome I just shake my head and almost change the channel at the sound. Yikes I can hear it now! Sorry A. Z.
  • I like food.

    This is a show you shouldn't take seriously. If you are a weak stomach kind of person, this show will not be for you. If you are a person that likes to be entertained, then look no further than Bizzare Foods. I have seen some very disturbing dishes of "food" and I have to say that I get a sick thrill watching the new and disgusting dishes that are shown around the world. Now most of what is being eaten on the show are things I would NEVER eat, but it is fun watching someone else take the bullet. This is a great show to watch if you feel like getting sick. Thank you.
  • Andrew Zimmern is on a search for "the world's most bizarre foods". Traveling around the globe with a camera crew, Andrew slurps up slugs, chows down on cow guts, bites into barbecued bat, and much more in the name of gastric curiosi

    He'll try pretty much everything twice, and
    it's impressive to watch. Having stumbled upon this show accidentaly during a Travel Channel presents Bizarre Foods marathon, I found that I could not look away. As a vegetarian, I have always found it difficult to imagine swallowing meat in general, and here is a guy who is willing to swallow things my carniverous friends wouldn't touch. There is an aspect of schadenfreude, and as much as it's interesting when Andrew remarks that he likes something that he's eaten, it's all the more enthralling when he doesn't, like the rotten mystery meat stored in its own fat... gross!
  • Cambodia

    I love this show, and I watch this show all the time. However, when I see him chomping on the food like a cow, I have to turn the channel for a few minutes. It goes against everything I was taught growing up. I wish he would stop t he chomping on the food like a cow chews on their cud.
  • "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" is definitely the most interesting show about food I've ever seen.

    What's the nastiest food you've eaten? Well if you thought that was nasty, watch Andrew Zimmern eat many bizarre foods from a variety of cooked animal penises to stinky tofu garnished with 1,000-year-old egg! Andrew Zimmern is a courageous fellow with a strange appetite. He'll try just about anything. But, of course, not all strange foods can be found in the United States, so he travels around the world in search of these delicacies that can't be found in our neighborhoods. Of course, he goes through some nasty foods, but it seems as though he's not afraid of anything. Each show is packed with tons of weird foods. Some will make you laugh; some will make you cringe; some may even make your mouth water. Who knows? I think this guy is the only guy who ever made eating brains look good to me! I recommend this show for people intrigued by this sort of thing. But, even if you aren't you may want to watch it anyway. It might become one of your favorite shows on television.
  • 'Bizarre' is a relative word.

    Me too love the show. But 'Bizarre' is a relative word. In YouTube I have seen a lot of bizzare food that are actually very famous and well known. As an example following site mentioned 'nahkham' as stinkiest food !

    I have doubts in these comments. Regional foods cann't be termed as Bizarre.
  • "If it looks good eat it, if it tastes good--get seconds"--Andrew Zimmern

    This fun and kooky travel show focuses on the eating adventures of a chef and professional traveler. Andrew Zimmern explores traditional cuisine in some exotic locales. However, as the name implies, Andrew doesn't eat tourist food. He eats the weirdest, most bizarre tastes he can discover. (Or at least the most bizarre by American standards).

    The strength of this show is in its host. Andrew is not only brave, but tolerant. When he doesn't like a flavor, he claims it's "an acquired taste". He's very careful to stress that, what might seem bizarre to Western sensibilities, is commonplace in his destination.

    Each episode blends Andrew's gentle sense of humor with his adventurous eating habits. He makes friends wherever he goes and manages to discover some truely unique recipes.

    This is not a cooking show! It is definitely a travel show wit ha focus on flavor. But, you learn an amazing amount about a country's culture through its cuisine.
  • oxtail

    he ought to try the oxtail soup, he would love it

    love his shows
  • Bizarre Foods stars Andrew Zimmern, a chef and culinary expert, who travels the world reviewing and revealing off-beat and exciting new dishs too radical for most people.

    I love this show. I've always been curious abut it, but I caught a few episodes and now can't stop watching. Andrew is like a culinary Steve Irwin, an likeable and funny guy who really knows what he's taking about. You just can't not want him to be your friend, and in my case, I'd love the chance to be by his side and actually try the dishes he's sampling. Maybe Travel Channel ought to hold a contest for a lucky someone to accompany Andrew to sample food. the dishes he reveals may look off-beat and be from parts of the animals one would never consider,but yet, if Andrew can appreciate these dishes, I think I'd have to trust him and try it as well.