Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Monday 10:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Feb 26, 2007 In Season





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    Oh, dear. It's one thing to host a world travel show. I love travel, I love learning about cultures, and I enjoy trying something new to eat. But what on Earth possesses people, any people, to try and eat the intimate parts of cattle and insects, eyeballs, various sacs filled with fluid, and other things that are disgusting just to think about? One of the most disappointing things about this show is, oddly, the host doesn't tell you that much about the actual flavor of each item. He describes the part of the animal from which it's taken, which is bad enough, but after putting you through all this agony, he then chews a few times and invariably says, "Awesome." That's it! Not how spicy it was, not how squishy, not "It's sort of like halibut," nothing at all to help us viewers make our way through the maze of information. If you're going to show us nasty stuff, don't make it look like everything on Earth tastes the same. It can't. So if the host is not going to act as the viewer's friend, why bother? The only thing that's left is a bunch of things that will make you throw up. I'm going to stay dull and order a pizza, thank you. At least I know where it's been.
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