Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern - Season 2

Monday 10:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Feb 26, 2007 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Delhi
    Episode 8
    For the last episode of the second season, Andrew heads to India for the cuisine of Delhi. In India, what you eat depends on your religion and Andrew is determined to try as much as possible, including a 36 course meal. Andrew's trip has him trying a variety of delicacies, including: frothed milk with silver foil, fruit sandwich, brain curry, liver stew, goat testicles, homemade yogurt drink, banana flowers and stems and a variety of lamb dishes.moreless
  • China - Guangzhou
    Episode 7
    Andrew makes his second trip to China, traveling to Guangzhou, a bizarre food Mecca. Here, he will see that almost anything that moves can be eaten.
    Some of Andrew's more bizarre bites include: chicken and duck feet, turtle soup, pigeon, scorpion, starfish, jellyfish salad, worm and hairy crab roe omelet, frog and fungus stir fry, and a variety of mushrooms and fungi.moreless
  • Chile
    Episode 6
    This long and slender country has coastline, urban landscapes and rural countryside for Andrew to explore. Andrew tries abalone, cow udders, Chilean hot dogs, donkey milk, barnacles, black mussels, conger eel and bull penis and testicles.
  • Bolivia
    Episode 5
    Andrew takes an unforgettable trip through Bolivia, where he discovers witches, potatoes and even llamas. Some of Andrew's dishes include: lamb's kidneys, tripe, bull penis soup, llama brains and tongue, pickled pig's foot, lamb jerky, rotted potatoes, armadillo, fried fish and fish heads.
  • Minnesota
    Episode 4
    Andrew travels through an exotic land he knows well, his home state of Minnesota. From sophisticated to casual, Andrew tastes a variety of local cuisines.
    Some of Andrew's adventures this week include: a Scandinavian market, a lutefisk factory, Cyrus' town dinner, the Minnesota State Fair, a "food on a stick" taste test, a meat raffle, a Native American reservation, and a lot of Minnesota's local delicacies.moreless
  • St. Petersburg
    Episode 3
    Andrew takes a cultural and culinary tour through the heart of Russia–St. Petersburg.
    Some of Andrew's more memorable foods include: pork tongue terrine, pickled vegetables, borscht, bear meat, lamprey and Russian caviar.
  • Iceland
    Episode 2
    Andrew travels to the land of fire and ice for a look at the amazing scenery and a taste of the delicious culinary delights.
    This week's featured foods include: rotted shark meat, cod, puffin, homemade cheese.
  • China - Beijing
    Episode 1
    Andrew enjoys the dynamic food scene in China's Beijing. This unique city has traditional food and east meets west. Andrew tries a diverse array of foods, from imperial cuisine to common hot pot street food.
    Some of the food Andrew samples include: cicadas, grasshoppers, seahorses, donkey, shark's fin, camel's paw, pig's stomach lining and a variety of animal's penises.moreless