Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern - Season 3

Monday 10:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Feb 26, 2007 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Surf It Up
    Episode 15
    From sand and sea, Andrew tries all of the delicacies the ocean has to offer. He travels around the world trying strange tastes from the ocean.
  • Sexy Food
    Episode 14
    Andrew and friends display and discuss some of the sexiest foods from around the world. Does chocolate really have mysterious side effects? What is it about oysters? Why do some people consume the intimate parts of certain animals?
  • Japan
    Episode 13
    Andrew travels to Japan where the locals are all adventurous eaters. In Japan, some of the food Andrew tries includes: live river eels, raw blue fin tuna, poisonous stonefish, raw sea squirt, eel, tuna eyeballs, a variety of mayonnaise dishes, octopus egg, cucumber egg jerky, turtle blood cocktail, seafood and snake ice cream, pig's windpipe, cow uterus, raw horse meat, five year old sushi, goya fruit stir fry, squid ink soup, giant sea snail, sea snake, and raw goat testicles.moreless
  • Uganda
    Episode 12
    Andrew visits with the friendly locals in the pearl of Africa. The food is simple and fresh. Some of the local delicacies include: lung fish, flying white ants, steamed green plantains, braised goat, grasshopper, squirrel, steamed goat innards, fish and chips, mixed grill barbecue, raw crocodile, and sugar cane rat.
  • Holiday Special
    Episode 11
    Andrew is throwing a special holiday party with friends from around the world. They join Andrew to share special foods and customs. Andrew also reflects back on how he met each of his guests in past episodes. Foods featured in this episode include: braised dried oysters with Gobi desert hair, historical English goose, stuffed pigs' feet, sweet potato starch, cow testicle soup, rabbit, Swedish meatballs, Ecuadorian shrimp, cuddlefish eggs, pork intestine soup, tobacco wrapped cheese, and porcupine.moreless
  • Maine
    Episode 10
    Andrew visits the East Coast where residents are adventurous eaters of mostly local ingredients. Along the way Andrew tries sea cucumber, fiddleheads, beaver chili, ramps, stinging nettles soup, forest vegetable salad, lobster, whelks, an entire cod chowder (including cod sperm), monkfish head stew, june bugs (three ways), oysters, snails with marinated flounder roe, and moose terrine.moreless
  • Ethiopia
    Episode 9
    Andrew travels all over the African country of Ethiopia where food is often difficult to find. Still, he manages to find plenty of interesting dishes to try. In Africa, some of the bites Andrew tries include: enset or false banana plant dishes, raw beef (kickpa), cheese (ibe), unfiltered honey, crepes, ox intestine with goat stuffing, coffee, sorghum popcorn, raw camel meat, and raw camel kidneys.moreless
  • Hawaii
    Episode 8
    Andrew explores all of the wonderful local cuisine that Hawaii has to offer. He certainly looks beyond the typical tourist fare. Some of Andrew's dishes include: poi, octopus, raw bonefish, roasted pig, spam salad, spam sushi, pinapple spam upside down cake, wild boar na'au (organs and blood), lavender seasonings on lamb and fish, raw Maui onions, roasted goat, snails and fermented soy beans, and goat intestine soup.moreless
  • Halloween Special
    Episode 7
    Andrew throws a very special Halloween party for his fans. The main attraction? Some terrifying treats and some great discussion about food.
  • Los Angeles
    Episode 6
    Andrew travels in the US to Hollywood. LA's diversity in people, culture and food is perfect for Andrew to explore. Some of Andrew's bites include: head cheese, baby pig (including ears and eyes), scorpions, worms, ants, wheat grass, raw lasagna, Korean blood sausage, Korean pig organs, Okie bomb hot dog, monkfish liver with caviar, sea urchin, Santa Barbara shrimp sashimi, octopus, menudo, cactus, grasshoppers, flan, and some very special pizza.moreless
  • Paris
    Episode 5
    Andrew travels to Paris for bizarre European gourmet delights. Some of Andrew's adventurous eats include: organ terrine, tripe terrine, head cheese, lardo, pressed duck, blood sausage, pigeon, mustard, black footed ham, truffles, cheese, rabbit livers, bacon and eggs ice cream, lamb's tongue, sea urchin, and snail caviar.
  • Samoa
    Episode 4
    Andrew is an honored guest in the South Pacific when he visits the island of Samoa. From traditional ceremonies to deep sea fishing, Andrew discovers all the weird foods that the islands have to offer. Andrew tries sea slugs, pork sandwiches, mutton, eels, tuna heart, palolo (sea worms), yellowfin tuna, giant clam, tree sap, grubs and fruit bats.moreless
  • Goa, India
    Episode 3
    While India isn't known for its tropics or its beaches, the tiny state of Goa should be. Join Andrew as he explores the diverse cultures that blend in Goa to form a unique Indian state. Andrew tastes pickled mangoes, bora berries, pig organ sausage, pickled mackerel, vindaloo, fish roe cakes, Bombay duck (fish with bones), pomfret and prawns, chickpeas, chili fritters, pork stew with blood, and cow urine with herbs for weight loss.moreless
  • Sicily
    Episode 2
    Andrew heads to a tiny Italian island where they have their own food history, one that the residents are very proud of. Andrew dines on cow's stomach, mystery meat, cow spleen, sardine meatballs, beef cheeks, artichokes, chocolate rabbit, tuna eggs and sperm, and sea snails.
  • Phuket, Thailand
    Episode 1
    Andrew travels to the bustling beach town Phuket in the southern strip of Thailand and dines on the local seafood delicacies. Some of Andrew's delights are insects, squid jerky, stingray, wasp larvae, sea cicadas, flavored cashews, red weaver ants, forest lizards, fish stomach sauce, fish curry, and sea whelks.