Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 19, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew calls Singapore a cultural place with a fususion of culture and food style. He turns up at hawker stalls with street vendors to meet Chef Violet Oon. She takes him to the People's Park for bak kut teh, a pork rib tea with spices and a mixed organ soup of liver, kidney and pig's tail. On to Adam Road, they look for rojak, an indian salad, and sup tulang, which is mutton marrow in a blue spicy gravy. With it, Andrew is treated to shrimp in flour batter.
Onward to an area settled by the Chinese, Andrew experiences herbal remedies and medicinal foods. Here, fish are used to help heal after surgery, and pulverized pearls in freshwater are used on the skin. Tiang Wang Lee is the founder of the Imperial Herbal Sinchi Cafe where Andrew recieves a Chinese remedy after a physical. He gets menthol tea for his sinus, crocodile soup and deer penis, different parts for different remedies.
Onward to Little India, a Hindu community, Andrew meets Anita Kapoor, a local television personality for a visit to the Valli Flour Mill where spices are ground up for sale. Andrew discovers banana leaf apolo, fishhead curry and ikan mera (red fish) of which Andrew samples the eyeball.
The region eats a lot of fish and seafood, so Andrew is off to meet Rosemary Lau, the Changi Fishery Owner and Chef Yeo of the Tian Jin Hau restaurant. Andrew is treated to steamed sharkhead, boiled mud crabs, chili crab and pepper crab.
Andrew comments that the old food from the past is preserved and remembered, and to prove it, he meets Damien D'Silva at Big D's Grill Restaurant for soup made from pig stomach, liver, kidney and other parts. He has Loh Kai Yik made with pork which takes so long to prepare and no one ever tries, and Hati Babi bunkus, a hot pork wrap, for dinner, joined by Damien's friend, Daniel Sinh.
Onward to Peranakan in the Katong district, Andrew catches up with Ben Seck, a Peranakan cuisine chef to discover Buah Kelak which is detoxified in volcanic ash and used in chicken and shrimp paste. Daisy Seah, the chef and owner of the true blue restaurant prepares Andrew otak-otak, a dish made from fish, capping Andrew's visit to the country.