Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 3 Episode 15

Surf It Up

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

In this episode, Andrew reviews seafood dishes from previous episodes and locates it around Miami, Florida. Commenting that most food comes from the ocean, he reviews footage from previous episodes including fresh octopus in Korea, sea slug in Samoa, stomefish in Tokyo, sea squirt in Chile and what he calls the most unusual - sea cucumber. He also recalls the giant sea shells from Tobago, conch diving and mangrove worms in the Philippines.
Andrew peruses the art deco architecture of Miami created after the a hurricane in 1962 as he heads to Chet's Restaurant in Pensacola for batter-fried mullet roe. While there, he recalls his trip to Iceland for lobster soup, going on the catch for octopus in Mexico and Phuket, Thailand's fish stomach sauce. He also tries sea cicadas.
Andrew calls Japan the ultimate in sea food. They have funazushi which is fish which has been aged for five years. In Sicily, cuttlehish are eaten whole just as Andrew had the limpet shellfish in Molokaii, Hawaii. He also recalls deep sea fishing in Samoa for yellowfin tuna to be made into sashimi and paollo.
Andrew goes on to recall footage of puffin hunting on a remote island in Iceland. He recalls the experience thrilling before repeating his footage of diving off the the Great Austalian Barrier reef for coral trout.
Andrews reviews a few of the restaurants in Florida located at seaside. On his way, he recalls having painted crayfish, pomfret and king prawns in India. Flashback footage includes Goanese fish and chips, chickpea sandwich and chili fritters at Calanqute Beach in India.
In miami, Andrew locates the Love Food Cafe which has been in business for over twenty years on the same site. Before closing the show, he recalls his lobster fishing trip in Maine.