Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 4 Episode 10

Survival Special

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 16, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew is going to be getting a chance to survive on a deserted island with no tools and just a few tools. Before he gets that far, he heads to the mountains of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for training with Myke Hawke, a survivalist-trainer in the US Army Special Reserves. For four hours, Andrew gets four-days worth of instructions in making fire, catching game, creating shelter and making tools. He is shown how to find food in the form of tiny lizards, larvae and artichoke-tasting tree celery. He is shown how to create a structure and bedding for four men within an hour. On the exercise, Andrew will only be allowed a machete, knife, fifty-feet of cord, a change of clothes, iodine, lamp, fish hook and magnesium bar as well as how to make bowls, pots, spoons and sticks from bamboo.
For the exercise, Andrew is left on a beach at the base of a mountain with freshwater streams. He'll be there for two days and two nights with Hawke watching in case of emergency. The camera crew will not be able to help or contribute. Andrew pitches camp near a stream and goes hunting for food and material before creating his structure. He picks through the critters in old wood but discovers plantains or wild green bananas that will be edible when cooked.
Andrew catches and eats a grasshopper while making his structure. It tastes like food, but he's upset for not saving his power bars. He gets his shelter and fire up before nightfall. Watching from afar, Hawke reveals Andrew has made good time, but the structure is too big. For food, Andrew finds coconuts and opichi (recalled from the Hawaii episode). Hawke comments Andrew is doing good, giving him three out of five stars.
At night, Andrew needs a fire before the insects start bothering him. He's pleased with himself for getting it under an hour as it took Hawke. He tries catching fish in a tidal trap, but h roasts the plantains as he saw in Uganda, comparing their taste to pretzels.
Andrew tries to use thorns and twine into fishing spears for crayfish, but he drops his spear and won't get another chance to try. He stocks up on wood for the fire. Meanwhile, Andrew calls the night a bit creepy, but Hawke is watching on infrared. In the morning, Andrew is exhausted. Hawke realizes that Andrew slept too late and will be hungry for breakfast. The tidal trap Andrew built is too low to catch anything. Hawke follows Andrew to keep him from getting lost in the jungle, but comments that Andrew forgot his canteen of water. Andrew instead finds citrus palms, which are a little bitter, but will sustain him.
For food, Andrew finds cactus, pigweed and more chitens, a type of shellfish. Hawke comments that Andrew brought a lot of other knowledge with him, but Andrew is enjoying his experience, finding it ironic that he's having the same kind of food that would cost a fortune in a restaurant. In the morning, though, Hawke has promised to bring breakfast and he brings Alicia Rodriguez, the chef of the Floating Restaurant. Andrews bows to her presence. He promises to take Hawke on one of his trips in return for the experience.