Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew heads to Tanzania, calling it the birthplace of mankind. In the town of Arusha, he stops at the Slow Gow Restaurant for supu, a dish of cow and goat meat with plaintains and spices. He also tries cow hoof, cow skin and intestines which are chewy and undercooked to his tastes. George, a local guide, shows him to the nearby Ngorongoro crater, the site of many migratory animals. Andrew experiences a dish called melinda made from boiled okra. Andrew says its very slimy, with the texture of spinach and vaseline.
Edward Ngobet, the Masai cultural gude, gives Andrew a review of tribal traditions and rituals. Cows are revered and urine is used like a cleanser. Cow feces are used to fix holes on homes. Andrew stays with the Masai; he gets to sample a drink of cow milk and blood taken from the cow while it is still alive. The drink is supposed to be healthy as is the clotted material. The natives also drink goat and sheep blood, which andrew remarks tastes more mellow. He also tries goat kidneys.
Andrew calls the Masai a patriarchial society. The women work while the men hunt. Andrew struggles with milking a cow and tries ugali, a stiff porridge of maize, flour and soul milk cooked over a fire. The sour milk of the tribe he remarks taste like sour cream. He also helps to herd cows to the best of his ability.
Andrew also experiences orpul, a ritual of eating meat. He is taught about a few of the medical plants the tribe uses before viewing the preparation and cooking of a butchered cow, sheep and goat made over a fire started with elephant poop. The meat is roasted slowly and there is a hierarchy as to how it is served and the order it is eaten. He also samples a tonic of blood, herbs and bark cooked from the stomach. The trine eats as much meat ove five days as per custom.
Andrew is then off the slope of Mount Kilimanjero to live with the Chagai, the third largest ethnic group. Coffee and beans are produced in large ammounts here. Bar owner Juliana Ndelyanaryu gives Andrew mbege or banana beer, which is made from cooked bananas fermented over seven days. Grass is used as a sieve in its creation. Andrew remarks on it tasting sweet.
Andrew meets Chagai widow Emily Lyimo. She creates a soup called kiburu from banas and bean blended with dirty water. Andrew calls the taste earthy. He also samples matoki, a starchy banana. He also samples a dish of onions, beef and goat meat with blood. Andrew says it smells like beef soup bout looks like blood. As he departs, he calls the African people the most generous of hosts and the most fulfilling of experiences.