Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Season 1 Episode 6

United Kingdom

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2007 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Andrew visits Great Britain to disprove the notion that the country has nothing to offer to the culinary experience. Long the source of many stories about bad food, Scotland is the home to one of the dishes with the worst reputations. That dish is haggis, and Andrew heads to Edinburgh, Scotland and Sandy Crombie of Crombie's of England to watch it prepared. The dish is lamb's stomach stuffed with pluck, a combination of the lamb's chopped heart, liver and lungs with tats and peeps (potatoes and turnips). The dish swells when cooked and even explodes on occasion. Andrew observes its preparation and even learns that the famous poet, Robert Burns, once wrote an ode to it.
Andrew is off to visit Chef Neil McGorman of East Haugh House, north of Edinburgh and joins him for a pheasant hunt with a nearly unresponsive hunting dog. Andrew bags one, a male, which produce the best meat, and delivers it to Chef Jeff Bland of the Balmoral who prepares it for him. Andrew is joined by Danielle Ells, a culinary columnist, to sample the pheasant served with stirlet, mashed potatoes in haggis and covered in oatmeal.
In Swansea, Wales, the hometown of the poet Dillon Thomas, Andrew visits the Swansea Market and reveals bones, heart, kidneys and pluck used in recipes. The market also has wild game such as partridge, wild pheasant and pigeon. Joined by Carol Watts, Andrew tries a dish called faggo consisting of pig heart, liver and fatty meat as well as cockles, a type of mollusk, laverbread, toast with seaweed paste, and whelks, a sea snail served with pepper, vinegar and sea salt.
In Central England, Andrew visits the Cotswolds to meet Chef Rob Rees for jugged rabbit, which is stewed in its own blood and served with meatballs made from hearts, liver, pork and spice. Andrew discovers Christmas Pudding made from a recipe unique to every family from several different ingredients and held together by eggs, molasses and brandy alcohol.
Andrew heads to London, calling it his favorite town, and the most famous department store in the world, Harrods. He of course heads straight for the food hall. Recommending sampling, he tried scallop, small octopus and jellied eels. Andre Dange, the marketing manager, introduces him to English sausage, salami, headcheese and beef tongue. In the Lower East End of London, Andrew visits F. Cook's Shop to catch up with Chris Champion for a meal of minced beef pies with Cook's special green sauce and a side order of stewed and jellied eels.
At the Borough Market, active since the 13th Century, Andrew reveals traditional recipes with new twists. At Neal's Yard, he samples unwashed rind cheese, a delicacy, then accompanies Chef Lawrence Johns back to Market to sample bangers, a type of sausage when a pigeon marks him. Swearing vengeance at it, he and Chris are back to the restaurant ox heart cooked so thin that it becomes tender when cooked. He has herring roe on toast and then gets his comeuppance with the dish he's been waiting for, baked pigeon, naturally tenderized and served with bacon and cabbage.