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Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Episode One Hundred And Forty One
      Sketches include a doctor seeing an elderly patient with an unusual hearing problem, Super Dave Osborne performs his latest stunt at a baseball park and an interview with a European sex expert.
    • Episode One Hundred And Forty
      Sketches include a man trying to propose to a woman at a restaurant but a drum player drowning out his every word, a man is mugged for his credit cards and ID, four men have a meal and leave a very meager tip for an irate waiter, a college dean meets with a college football star who is thinking of leaving college early and turning pro, a look at marriage proposals in a "Yesterday, today and tomorrow" viewpoint, an episode of "The Don King Family" and Howard Hughes takes questions in "Face The Press".moreless
    • Episode One Hundred And Thirty Nine
      Sketches include "Artist At Work", a funeral sketch using audience suggestions, a man comes home to be intimate with his wife but makes an unfortunate mistake, a parole board question convicts up for parole and a couple have a misunderstanding over a cleaning woman.
    • Episode One Hundred And Thirty Eight
      Sketches include a competition for mixed pairs with an unusual criteria, a look at the Stallone Cable Network's "Mr. Rambo's Neighborhood", two women meet and compare how they deal with potential muggers, a man and woman meet clandestinely at a restaurant and John shows multiple takes of a skin tailor sketch.moreless
    • Episode Oe Hundred And Thirty Seven
      Sketches include a review of the show Bizarre itself by movie critics, Bob is shown taking jokes from the audience for silver dollars, a sexual surrogate receives her latest client and hears his many problems and an episode of "Everyone's a Doctor".
    • Episode One Hundred And Thirty Six
      Sketches include Super Dave Osborne giving a personal message to his fans, a Hollywood agent who represents society's low lifes, a Bizarre wedding in the eighties, another program from the Stallone Cable Network and an oration from the Reverend Tee Vee Seewell.
    • Episode One Hundred And Thirty Five
      Sketches include a man reading his son a bedtime story, a surgery is needed due to a freak accident but laughter derails it, the Harrison Ford clinic, Willie Tyler guest stars and a heavyset woman breaks up with a man though the sketch seems familiar.
    • Episode One Hundred And Thirty Four
      Sketches include Super Dave Osborne clearing the air about sensationalizing his childhood through a book he recently released, Tom struggles to introduce a sketch about a hotel opened by Richard Nixon and is joined by an audience member, a visit with the Jokesters family and a man tells his wife that he will give up smoking on his doctor's advice.moreless
    • Episode One Hundred And Thirty Three
      Sketches include an anniversary party interrupted by Stallone-o-gram, "As Bizarre Turns", two bar patrons discuss what they do for a living and a "Coming Home" sketch flows into a confession sketch with Tom.
    • Episode One Hundred And Thirty Two
      Sketches include a visit with a Bizarre photographer, Al's Almost Shop, Willie Tyler guest stars and Bob receives an award for his guest star work.
    • Episode One Hundred And Thirty One
      Sketches include a nudist colony sketch compromised for regular television, the Newly Crime Game, a visit with the Jokesters family and Super Dave Osborne leaves the hospital to clear the air that he is faking an injury.
    • Episode One Hundred And Thirty
      Sketches include a studio executive changing her mind about testimony in court, a couple celebrating their seventeenth anniversary have their words tested by a lie detector, another "Really Good Sex" segment and a problems in the single dating world sketch.
    • Episode One Hundred And Twenty Nine
      Sketches include businessmen trying a variety of methods to help a friend with a bad headache, a Bizarre talent search, a Holiday Hair promo spot and a visit to a ventriloquist supply store.
    • Episode One Hundred And Twenty Eight
      Sketches include Super Dave Osborne preparing to open a new home for senior citizens he built, a visit to The Real You Personality shop, GI's at a bar are told it is last call, a visit with the world's first and oldest bodybuilder and an interview with Bo Derek is replaced by an interview with an audience member.moreless
    • Episode One Hundred And Twenty Seven
      Sketches include a conversation among circus freaks, a husband and wife quarrel over the wife's compulsive shopping habits, a visit with the Jokesters family and a radio play is shown with emphasis on the sound effects.
    • Episode One Hundred And Twenty Six
      Sketches include a man cutting through a line-up to use the telephone, a man tries to deal with the source of a strong wind, Victoria Jackson guest stars and "Celebrity Housing".
    • Episode One Hundred And Twenty Five
      Sketches include a couple in bed dealing with the woman's desire for ice cream at three in the morning, a prisoner talks with his attorney using recording star names for foul words, another episode of "Really Good Sex" and Super Dave Osborne receives a Stuntman of the Century award.
    • Episode One Hundred And Twenty Four
      Sketches include alcoholics and one person who isn't an alcoholic, a celebrity food diner that leads into a honeymoon sketch, past celebrity greats are shown teeing off on a golf hole and John picks an audience member to participate in an unusual contest.
    • Episode One Hundred And Twenty Three
      Sketches include a look back at an older skit, another visit with the Jokester family, "Cable For All Gays" and a women sees a psychic about her missing husband.
    • Episode One Hundred And Twenty Two
      Sketches include "A Visit With The Bizarre Plumber", Super Dave Osborne attempts his latest stunt in an outdoor kitchen, a couple writes each other letters at the same time about their radically different future plans and an episode of "The Rock Star and the Model".
    • Episode One Hundred And Twenty One
      Sketches include a man confessing his past misdeeds to an audience, two couples try to cure a persistent case of hiccups and a cast member questions repeating a past skit.
    • Episode One Hundred And Twenty
      Sketches include an unusual police line-up, an interview with an inventor showing new ways to communicate, a marriage counselor sees a couple with marital problems and a wife is sick of the way her husband treats her.
    • Episode One Hundred And Nineteen
      Sketches include a visit to a gift card shop that sells tasteless gift cards, Super Dave performs a fire walking stunt, a visit with a family named the Jokesters from Jokestown and two women visit a club with male strippers.
    • Episode One Hundred And Eighteen
      Sketches include " Cedars of Shtick Hospital", Bizarre instant vacations and "Life of The Rich And Bizarre".
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