Bizarre - Season 1

Showtime (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • Episode Twenty One
    Episode Twenty One
    Episode 21
    Sketches include a senator is lobbied about gun control, a stripper talks with a club patron about her plans, a woman talks how her marriage is becoming boring, two office works get very competitive, a scientist says he has proofs frogs have ears in their hind legs, a newlyweds sketch is redone with a studio audience member and John interviews the mother of a hot basketball prospect.moreless
  • Episode Twenty
    Episode Twenty
    Episode 20
    Sketches include a poker sketch where the swear words have been replaced by names, an unusual police lineup, a dancer meets with a young man back stage, a customer at a bar thinks he is being mocked, a surgery sketch gets an unforeseen complication and a western sketch where two men get surprises when they see their previously unseen brides arrive by stagecoach.moreless
  • Episode Nineteen
    Episode Nineteen
    Episode 19
    Sketches include a very short man running for President of the United States, a man tries to buy flowers at a floral shop with a check, a sheriff's sketch of a man suspected of assault looks nothing like what is described to him, a fisherman visits a small shop with a long list of items he needs, a return to the sheriff from a previous sketch and another inaccurate sketch, a movie producer interviews a multi racial, bisexual, limping actor for an upcoming movie and John tries to close the show with a funny story though rain may interrupt him.moreless
  • Episode Eighteen
    Episode Eighteen
    Episode 18
    Sketches include an interview with a Mafia informanant whose identity is disguised, two woman puzzle over the identity of the man in the elevator with them, a man with a blender invention looks to win a prize for a thousand dollars, John interviews two women who have had different types of cosmetic surgery and a forum on television comedy hosted by a comedy expert.moreless
  • Episode Seventeen
    Episode Seventeen
    Episode 17
    Sketches include a man seeing a doctor about an unusual reaction to medication, a man who claims frogs have ear drums in their hind legs, a historically themed panel segment, a doctor advising a man nervous about an upcoming surgery and an improv operation.
  • Episode Sixteen
    Episode Sixteen
    Episode 16
    Sketches include a game not going to a director's satisfaction, an interview with the world's first trisexual, a couple is on the verge of divorce, a man visits a shop run by a Jewish woman who guilts him into buying items, a man makes an unusual bet at a roulette wheel, a report from Camp Missing and John gets tips from a make-up artist.moreless
  • Episode Fifteen
    Episode Fifteen
    Episode 15
    Sketches include a man determined to beat his wife at ping pong, a visit with Pinocchio and his wife, John interviews a man recently reunited with long lost dog, a woman visits a crooked optometrist, a man is shown at home where nothing is as it should be and John is visited by a pair of tough talking mobsters.moreless
  • Episode Fourteen
    Episode Fourteen
    Episode 14
    Sketches include couples communicating through an unusual method, a dog show not for normal dogs, a non controversial parade in San Fransisco and a movie character running for President.
  • Episode Thirteen
    Episode Thirteen
    Episode 13
    Sketches include an audience member doing John's opening monologue, a visit to Fantasy Island, a man is mugged but is asked for something unusual in the act, a man visits his doctor with a most unusual speech problem, a religious panel discusses the idea of brotherhood, two construction workers discuss lifestyle choices and an interview with the parents of Ronald Reagan.moreless
  • Episode Twelve
    Episode Twelve
    Episode 12
    Sketches include Karl Malden seeking a cure for his insecurity, an interview with Sam Khomeni, brother of the ruler of Iran, a man brings his girlfriend home to meet his unusual family, a fight between two gangs is broken up by a group of priests in an unusual way, a segment featuring the oldest stuntman in the world and people at a party celebrate the fact they are married.moreless
  • Episode Eleven
    Episode Eleven
    Episode 11
    Sketches include John doing impressions with the aid of an audience member, outtaks from auditions for "The Muppet Movie", an interview with the author of a speed looking book, a wardrobe problem with a female cast member arises on set and a door-to-door psychologist encounters resistance with a woman and her husbandmoreless
  • Episode Ten
    Episode Ten
    Episode 10
    Sketches include a police officer stopping a female motorist for an unusual violation, a couple visiting a doctor but mistakes are made by the husband, Steve Allen interviews Eddie Vane, a very tall jockey, a police officer uses sign language in dealing with a hostage situation, a man is begged by his mother to give up the violin for boxing, a woman meets with a sex surrogate and a security guard gets trigger happy late at night.moreless
  • Episode Nine
    Episode Nine
    Episode 9
    Sketches include a neighbour who seems to borrow everything from his fellow neighbour, a visit with "the family of insults", the Roasters, an NFL general manager deals with a cheerleader controversy, the Dannon Family Yogurt Theatre, a bartender makes fun of a patron's speech pattern and a gift shop owner shows a customer some of the unusual wares he has for sale.moreless
  • Episode Eight
    Episode Eight
    Episode 8
    Sketches include a restaurant who have very specific reservations for tables, a television repair shop that does work on not just the television, an elderly couple discover they haven't been as faithful as they thought, John talks with the star of an adult oriented movie and the show cast present John an award for the longest sketch introduction ever.moreless
  • Episode Seven
    Episode Seven
    Episode 7
    Sketches include a funeral for a magician who performs after death, a tailor shop and its unusual way of handling customers, a sketch interrupted by a test signal that is really a test, John does a "new" sketch that looks oddly familar to another show, a talk show segment with two sets of identical twins and one set that aren't quite identical in appearance, a foggy interview with Expos outfielder Ron LeFlore and a man in the electric chair whose last chance is in the hands of a man who stutters badly.moreless
  • Episode Six
    Episode Six
    Episode 6
    The episode's sketches include math examples in school using well known celebrities, a visit to a watch sales and repair shop, a gorilla robs a local produce store to the surprise of his friends, a male secretary encounters sexual harassment, a family that roasts its own members, a man tries to wash up but finds the fixtures aren't working properly and a visit to a acupuncturist.moreless
  • Episode Five
    Episode Five
    Episode 5
    Sketches include men digging underground and finding books at an unusual location, an interview with the winner of a women's body building championship, an elderly man waits to see the doctor, a man and woman have dinner at a restaurant and talk about their age differences, a male hair dresser takes care of his latest client and a documentary called "Scared Thin".moreless
  • Episode Four
    Episode Four
    Episode 4
    Sketches include John welcoming a representative from China to the show, Super Dave Osborne's latest stunt, a woman reports a crime in unusual terms, a coach gives a halftime talk to an odd looking professional basketball team and the local police demonstrate the lastest method of apprehencing crooks.
  • Episode Three
    Episode Three
    Episode 3
    Sketches include a sports equipment store that sells very large and small items, a play reviewed by two professional wrestlers, a smog shrouded interview with the mayor of Los Angeles, an interview with a Cadillac spokesman about new models and a restaurant dinner that has people borrowing items constantly from the two.moreless
  • Episode Two
    Episode Two
    Episode 2
    Sketches include a couple dealing with secrets just before marriage, Super Dave in New Mexico to do a stunt involving arrows being shot at him, a very sensitive airport metal screener, a commentary by John Byner on nuclear power, a vampire visiting a doctor sketch that evolves into celebrity impersonations and a husband thinking his wife is unfaithful with good cause.moreless
  • Episode One
    Episode One
    Episode 1
    In the first episode, sketches include parents dealing with a problem child, Super Dave performs his first stunt, a sketch involving stereotypes and a visit to a football training camp headed by George Allen.
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