Bizarre - Season 2

Showtime (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • Episode Forty Six
    Episode Forty Six
    Episode 26
    Sketches include a cult leader talking with disciples about the ways of his religion, a racing car driver answers charges that he is in a homosexual affair, a clip is shown of Super Dave performing his latest stunt in Colorado and the stuntman is interviewed a week after the stunt and an audience member is chosen for a 'This Is Your Life' segment.moreless
  • Episode Forty Four
    Episode Forty Four
    Episode 24
    Sketches include a visit to a glass plane manufacturing office, auditions for a part on "Fantasy Island", a horse trainer protests a winning horse's run on allegations it was done with the aid of illegal drugs, a man tries to pick up a controversial personalized license plate, Dullahue interviews a woman married to a dead man and a sketch with an elderly man getting into bed with a much younger woman ends early on the producer's request.moreless
  • Episode Forty Three
    Episode Forty Three
    Episode 23
    Sketches include John opening the show with an odd appearance, "Yoga For Health", a pro athlete seeks a renegotiation of his contract, a doctor converses with a cleaning lady, a couple's celebration of their wedding aniversary is interrupted by Gayogram and two elderly men try to escape from their prison cell.moreless
  • Episode Forty Two
    Episode Forty Two
    Episode 22
    Sketches include a scientist unthawing a man frozen to cure a disease he had long ago, Tom Harvey interviews a family that all have unusually large body parts, a man and woman from a conservative film group view an upcoming film for critiquing purposes, Bizarre presents "The High Anxiety of a Blazing Snow White", a visit with the Bigots family and the closing remarks are interrupted for a clothing change.moreless
  • Episode Forty One
    Episode Forty One
    Episode 21
    Sketches include Diana and Charles exchanging vows, a patient and psychiatrist have trouble figuring out who is who and an expert in home security is interviewed.
  • Episode Forty
    Episode Forty
    Episode 20
    Sketches include a superhero having to use the washroom at the last minute, a writer talks with a Hollywood producer about his script, a kids baseball team gets a pep talk from their coach, a lawyer meets with a client who is a menacing convict, Howie Mandel guest stars and an interview with a scientist who works with rats in his research.moreless
  • Episode Thirty Nine
    Episode Thirty Nine
    Episode 19
    Sketches include two drunk men going to court about a car accident, a destitute man is invited to eat at a restaurant, a visit with the Bigots family, two women pretend to be men to be hired for a job, an interview with a tanning salon owner and an aspiring author shows his manuscript to a famous, though struggling, author.moreless
  • Episode Thirty Eight
    Sketches include a ship in a bottle is used to open the show, a professor tries to help two pandas mate, a game of poker is interrupted by a KKKogram, a music store owner deals with a disgruntled customer, Howie Mandel does stand-up comedy and John answers the charge that his audience is filled with family members.moreless
  • Episode Thirty Seven
    Sketches include a man visiting a New You shop for body changes, John interviews a female golfer answering charges she is too sexual in her play, an interview with Hollywood's oldest stuntman, a visit with the Bigots family and a short talk show segment with the Elephant Man.
  • Episode Thirty Six
    Episode Thirty Six
    Episode 16
    Sketches include a near sighted woman throwing darts at balloons, a funeral for a professional wrestler, an interview with a White House shoe shine man, a woman visits a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in unusual procedures and a wedding for a game show host.
  • Episode Thirty Five
    Episode Thirty Five
    Episode 15
    Sketches include Super Dave Osborne using a roller coaster in his latest stunt, a marriage counselor uncovering troubles for a quibbling couple, Murray Langston (The Unknown Comic) does a comic bit and the Ash family is visited.
  • Episode Thirty Four
    Episode Thirty Four
    Episode 14
    Sketches include a gym workout with unusual equipment, the All Fat news network, a dinner is interrupted by a Mafiagram message, Super Dave performs his latest stunt and a vaudeville brothers act with one member deceased but performing.
  • Episode Thirty Three
    Sketches include "Abscam Camera", an interview with Santa Claus, a man tries to leave early in the morning but the woman he's with objects, a visit to a suicide boutique and John brings out Rufus, a dog puppet, to do impressions.
  • Episode Thirty Two
    Episode Thirty Two
    Episode 12
    Sketches include the world's first robot magician, an editorial by the Godfather, a blind date goes awry under unusual circumstances, a visit with the Bigots family, an episode of "The Truth Hurts" and John meets with an artist who has made a work from sand grains.
  • Episode Thirty One
    Episode Thirty One
    Episode 11
    Sketches include a studio president talking with Cheech and Chong about their next movie, a toymaker gets help from two dolls while he sleeps, a look at a criminal unemployment office, a man visits a slow food diner, a woman thinks her ex-husband is spoiling their son far too much and a silent look at a day in the life of a baseball manager.moreless
  • Episode Thirty
    Episode Thirty
    Episode 10
    Sketches include a doctor checking on an inmate who is protest fasting, a man who is shown an apartment with unusual furniture, an interview with a famous movie critic, two women eating at a restaurant discuss men and relationships and a look at what Bert Parkes is doing after hosting Miss America pageants for years.moreless
  • Episode Twenty Nine
    Sketches include a fast food restaurant that slows down for one order, a psychic predictions are highlighted, a Bizarre take on several movies put together in one sketch and Redd Foxx buries a well known show at a cemetary for canceled shows.
  • Episode Twenty Eight
    Sketches include an interview with a popular Mexican professional baseball player, a couple decides to tell their child he was a test tube baby, "Yoga For Health", prison inmates talk about the "deplorable" conditions of their life and a visit with the Bigots family.
  • Episode Twenty Seven
    Sketches include a network executive speaking about accusation of drug use in the entertainment industry, a man helps a couple he is friends with deal with their daughter's request, a karate match with unusual injuries, the press secretary for God takes questions from a press panel and a florist shows celebrity themed plants to a customer.moreless
  • Episode Twenty Six
    Episode Twenty Six
    Episode 6
    Sketches include a man making an order for a meal under unusual circumstances, a robbery at a clock shop is foiled, a lawyer litigates for animals involved with Hollywood stars, Super Dave Osborne performs his latest stunt, the show's stunt coordinator show how some stunts are performed and Henny Youngman stops by for a stand-up comedy bit.moreless
  • Episode Twenty Five
    Sketches include a visit to the chiropractor, an ice cream shop where the owner communicates with T-shirts, a lingerie party for housewives that ends oddly, a criminal sketch where the language is modified to appease the censors, Howie Mandel appears in a comedy spot and John is interviewed in his dressing room by a female reporter while nude.moreless
  • Episode Twenty Four
    Sketches include a hospital patient visited by Strip-O-Gram, two couples play a party game called "Who Am I?", Super Dave performs his latest stunt, a man and woman discuss when is the proper time for going to sleep with kids and a lecture on television immorality by the Reverend Tee Vee Seewell.moreless
  • Episode Twenty Three
    Sketches include a man visiting a morgue to identify a friend through unusual means, a zany Japanese inventor, a Hurtz rental store that has a wide and unusual range of items for rental and John welcomes a fan to the show.
  • Episode Twenty Two
    Episode Twenty Two
    Episode 2
    Sketches include a kid visiting a sick Babe Ruth, John does his version of Father Guido Capalucci, a divorce ceremony is held at a church, an elderly man has a bare knuckle fight with his son for fun, a man grumbles that his unusual house upsets his wife, a person visits "McDoctor In The Box", a sketch is interrupted by John seeing an extra wearing his stuff and a man and woman communicate with tear away T-shirts.moreless
  • Episode Twenty One
    Episode Twenty One
    Episode 1
    Sketches include two women forced to dress in a very small dressing room, a man receives an unusual package at home, Super Dave Osborne attempts to jump from the CN tower in his latest stunt, two rival faith healers meet at a bus stop and John interviews Billy Barty who debuts his new music album.moreless